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Taurus Man and Libra Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

Taurus Man and Libra Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

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Taurus is Fixed Earth, and Libra is Cardinal Air. There is no Ptolemaic aspect between these two signs, so how compatible are they?

Although it would seem like a Taurus man and Libra woman combination have nothing in common, they can get along very well together.

The reason that they are a good match is that they are both ruled by the same planet, Venus.

Venus gives both of these signs a love of beauty and harmony. Venus’ rulership also gives a strong incentive for both of them to avoid conflict and work towards getting along.

This goes a long way towards smoothing over any difficulties that may arise because of their differences.

Taurus man, Libra woman: Strongest points of compatibility

  • A mutual love of beauty and harmony
  • Her diplomacy
  • His steadfastness
  • Mutual fascination
  • Her initiative
  • His determination

Important traits of a Taurus man in relation to a Libra woman

Taurus Compatibility Chart and Zodiac Sign Percentages

Venus is a bright and beautiful planet, but she can only be seen in the evening, just after sunset, or in the morning, right after sunrise.

When she is seen after sunset, she is known as the Evening Star, and when she is seen before sunrise, she is known as the Morning Star.

The character of this planet is very different depending on whether she is the Evening or the Morning Star.

As the Evening Star, she is calm and restful. As the Morning Star, she is busy and sociable.

The Venus that rules Taurus is the Evening Star. This makes a Taurus man quiet and slow-moving.

He enjoys the pleasures of life, good food, good sex, a pleasant house in the countryside, a comfortable chair, a comfortable bed, etc.

He notices and appreciates beauty and value.

While a Taurus man usually works steadily at his job, he tends to lack energy when he is at home. His worst faults are laziness, stubbornness, and possessiveness.

Important traits of a Libra woman in relation to a Taurus man

Libra Compatibility Chart Zodiac Sign Percentages

The Venus that rules Libra is the Morning Star. Libra loves beauty and harmony as well, but rather than sitting back and enjoying lovely things, she goes out of her way to create them.

In particular, a Libra woman desires to create harmony in social situations.

Sometimes astrology texts cast Libra as weak-willed and indecisive. While a Libra woman may be somewhat indecisive, she is far from weak-willed.

Libra is a Cardinal sign, like Aries, Cancer, and Capricorn. These are the signs in the zodiac that like to take charge and be in control.

Underneath her charm and good manners, a Libra woman is almost always in complete control of whatever situation she is in.

The reason a Libra woman may seem indecisive is that for her harmony is more important than anything else, including getting her own way.

She hates unpleasantness, and she will do almost anything to avoid it.

Taurus man, Libra woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship

Whether a Taurus man and Libra woman will get together as a couple will depend entirely on whether she finds him attractive.

A Taurus man will very likely find a Libra woman attractive.

She almost always looks her best when she is in public, and it would be hard for him to not be attracted to her.

Whether she will find him attractive is a different matter. A Taurus man is not her usual type, but she may like his quiet, gentle demeanor.

If she likes him, she will indirectly make the first move. This will be a good thing because a Taurus man often has trouble taking the initiative.

If the Libra woman makes the first move, everything will go smoothly between them.

She will indirectly call all of the shots, and he will go along with them. If she doesn’t make the first move, they will not get together at all.

Taurus man, Libra woman: Sexual compatibility

A Taurus man and Libra woman have good sexual compatibility and will get along just fine in the bedroom.

A Taurus man is an excellent lover. He is sensual and considerate, and he knows how to please a woman.

A Taurus man is not wildly passionate, but a Libra woman is not really looking for that anyways.

He will take great care to make the bedroom luxurious and comfortable, and she will appreciate that very much.

Taurus man, Libra woman: Marriage and family life

If a Taurus man and Libra woman have a relationship that lasts long enough that they marry, their marriage will be a good one. They also make a good team as parents.

Just as it was when they were dating, a lot will depend on her. She is the one who will take the initiative in everything they do together.

Generally, a Taurus man will go along with her in spite of his stubbornness. This is because a Libra woman has a rare gift.

She is skilled at making a man think that what she wants is his idea, with him being none the wiser.

In many ways, a Libra woman will be really good for a Taurus man.

She is one of the few signs that can get him to do things without upsetting or annoying him.

It is hard to resist a Libra woman when she has her mind set on something.

A Taurus man and Libra woman will balance each other very well as parents. He will be steady and stable, and she will have the energy to keep tabs on what the children need and what they are doing.

They may have some trouble when the children are teenagers, especially if the children start to rebel or become argumentative.

Neither a Taurus man nor a Libra woman will have any tolerance for such things.

Taurus man, Libra woman: Working together

A Taurus man and Libra woman work surprisingly well together.

A Libra woman has amazing social skills, and she will learn very quickly how to get a Taurus man to do things.

She has absolutely no qualms about manipulating him if she wants him to get something done.

Despite this, she will not push him overtly or interfere with the way that he wants to work.

So long as he is moving, she will stand aside and let him do things his own way.

Typical fights between a Taurus man and a Libra woman and how to resolve them

Neither a Taurus man nor a Libra woman is prone to fight. This couple will tend to avoid conflict at all costs as they are both ruled by Venus.

On the other hand, this does not mean that everything will always be smooth and harmonious between them.

If they do argue it will likely be because of a lack of communication.

Her flirtatiousness and his jealousy

Libra women flirt. They cannot help it. It is as natural to them as breathing.

In most cases, these flirtations do not go anywhere. Despite appearances, a Libra woman cannot be persuaded to do anything that she does not want to do.

She is skilled at getting out of situations that go further than she would like and doing so with charm and grace.

The problem is that a Taurus man tends to be very jealous and possessive of anything or anyone that he sees as “his.”

This would include his wife or girlfriend. He will not take kindly to watching her flirt with another man.

This is a problem that is not easily solved. He cannot help his feelings of jealousy any more than she can help flirting.

If these two are going to get past this problem, they will need to communicate and talk about it.

The advantage that they will have is that a Libra woman is a natural diplomat and negotiator.

If both of them are completely honest about their feelings and their behavior, she will be able to help them come to some sort of compromise that they both can live with.

Failure to communicate in order to avoid conflict

Because both of them hate conflict, they will go out of their way to avoid it at all costs. The problem is that this can backfire on them.

Even the most compatible couple will have areas of disagreement from time to time. That is part of the nature of two adults trying to live with each other.

There are small problems that are easy to ignore, and there are big problems that could put the relationship in danger.

The thing is, that sometimes the little problems can turn into big problems if they are not addressed, like a scratch that becomes infected.

Other signs will usually speak up before things get to that point, but with a Taurus man and Libra woman, they may not say anything until it is too late to save the relationship.

This is particularly dangerous in this pairing because if a Libra woman gets unhappy enough, she will just leave without explanation or giving some sort of polite lie as an excuse.

If this couple is to remain together, it is essential that both of them force themselves to speak up when there are problems.

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A Taurus man and Libra woman are very different from each other, but they are connected by the fact that Venus rules both of these signs.

This Venus connection can go a long way towards forging these two together as a viable couple.


Tuesday 12th of July 2022

Why is this stuff always so accurate? It defies all logic.


Thursday 14th of January 2021

This is crazy!!! My boyfriend is a Taurus and I liked him at first sight and asked him out, which is NEVER anything I do. 3 years later I've never experienced love like this. We never fight but if we do, they are just general disagreements or lack of communication and then we're back


Sunday 7th of May 2023

@Tiana, same with my boyfriend I’m a Libra he is a Taurus if I talk to any guys he gets jealous or flirt our relationship is amazing we hardly ever argue If we do it’s because we don’t communicate enough or say what’s bugging him or me he is awesome though I love him so much we love each other alot


Saturday 8th of April 2023

@patience, I agree I'm a libra female dating a Taurus male and I took the initiative to even speak because I was very attracted and we are just fine but I do like to flirt and he will get jealous

Trisha Young-Solomon

Monday 5th of October 2020

I am a libra woman married to a Taurus man and he is an awesome man.I jumped off the relationship He wouldn't have never approached me if I didn't ask him out.Was attracted to him from the 1st moment that I saw him but it took me 4 years before I got up to nerve to ask him out.

Inigo Montoya

Monday 7th of September 2020

Taurus men are not impatient They just can't stand it when People don't get to the point.


Saturday 30th of December 2023

@Venus, That is purely a question of perspectives... I call a cat a cat.


Saturday 10th of June 2023

@Venus, Hahaha, good point! Well it's a question of perpective... It must be a Taurus from the first decan though,like my sister, she is sometimes full of s..t. I am myself a 2nd decan Taurus and I am quite different than her! That said, real Taurus are often right and push people to non-sense 😆


Friday 2nd of June 2023

@Bernie, What if Taurus are bringing the non-sense and bullshit?


Saturday 22nd of April 2023

True, also they no tolerance for non-sense and bullshit...


Sunday 3rd of May 2020

Librans don't determine if the relationship will kick off between Taurians & Librans... being a Taurus guy, I attracts lots of libra ladies but I end up friendzoning them because they are too unstable for my liking.


Friday 15th of January 2021

No doubt. As libra women we love to flirt .. that's 100%true


Wednesday 26th of August 2020

we are not unstable, we simply weigh out our options and take our time making decisions, which Taurus dislikes because they are impatient