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Sun Trine Venus Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

Sun Trine Venus Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

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Sun trine Venus is one of the nicest synastry aspects that can occur between two birth charts.

The Sun shows our ego and our primary sense of self. This is why Sun Sign astrology works, even though it does not show the whole picture.

Venus is the planet that plays the most important role when it comes to starting and maintaining relationships.

A trine is the aspect of harmony, and planets that are trine understand each other on a deep level

Sun Trine Venus in Synastry

In most cases, the Sun trine Venus in synastry will by itself indicate strong compatibility between two people.

The two will like each other, pure and simple. They will feel like they have a lot in common and enjoy being in each other’s company.

Even if the two are incompatible by Sun Sign, Sun trine Venus will make them compatible.

This aspect will be helpful no matter what the relationship is between the two. It will enhance romantic relationships, but it will also strengthen the bonds of friendship and family.

There are a few sign combinations that will modify the meaning of this aspect.

Sun in Leo and Venus in Aries

The Sun is strong in its own sign in Leo and is exalted in Aries.

Venus is not happy in Aries, and this person may have chronic difficulties with relationships. Yet, because of the strength of the other person’s Sun, and the special privileges given to it by Aries, this person can really help.

A person with Venus in Aries have a better chance to have strong and healthy relationship with someone whose Sun is in Leo than with any other Sun Sign.

Sun in Aries and Venus in Leo

This combination is a difficult one, and could indicate a one-sided attraction.

The Sun is strong and self-sufficient in Aries, and Aries rejects Venus. Venus is in the sign ruled by the Sun, and will look at the Sun in Aries with affection and adoration.

This could lead to problems if both of them are not clear on the relationship they want with each other.

Sun in Virgo and Venus in Taurus

This combination will be less helpful than would ordinarily be the case with this aspect.

Venus rules Taurus, so it is strong and comfortable in this sign, but it has a complicated relationship with Virgo.

On a practical level, the person whose Sun is involved will tend to be over-critical and put unnecessary conditions on the relationship. If this person can learn to relax and learn to trust the other, things will be okay between them.

Sun in Scorpio and Venus in Pisces

This is another situation in which Venus is strong, but has a complicated relationship with the other person’s Sun.

In this case, the person whose Sun is in Scorpio will bring in deep and sometimes dark emotions that could trouble Venus in Pisces.

This can make this aspect much less helpful than it would ordinarily be.

House Position

The helpfulness of this aspect will depend somewhat on the houses that the Sun and Venus fall in each other’s charts.

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Man’s Sun Trine Woman’s Venus Relationship

This aspect and gender combination is really good for a traditional relationship.

She will be supportive of him and will enjoy helping him to shine. He will bask in her attention and will do almost anything to win her admiration.

Even if she has her own career, she will not steal his spotlight. There will be little competition between the two unless there are other aspects that indicate it.

It will be important to consider the aspects his chart makes with her Sun in order to determine whether the support on her part is healthy for her. This aspect has the potential to make it difficult for her to get her needs for attention met.

Woman’s Sun Trine Man’s Venus Relationship

In this case, she will be the one to shine, and he will be happy to support her. This could create a bit of a gender role reversal, depending on the other synastry aspects between them.

By itself, this aspect is a harmonious one, and it does not generate competition or friction.

On the other hand, friction can come from other aspects. The Sun trine Venus can cover up other problems between the two of them.

They will both tend to avoid conflict, so they may not speak up if there is a problem. In particular, it will be important to make sure that he is getting his needs met in the relationship.

Sun Trine Venus in Friendship

Sun trine Venus is an excellent aspect to have in friendship synastry. The two enjoy being together, and their interactions are harmonious by nature.

In most cases, the person whose Venus is involved will tend to play a supportive role and help the other person to shine.

If their gender and sexual orientation allow for the possibility of a romantic relationship, one or both of them may feel like they have a crush on the other.

This crush may or may not lead to anything more between them. Either way, it will not cause problems for the underlying friendship.

Any attraction will be gentle and easy. It will not lead to anguish or heartbreak, even in the case of a one-sided crush.

How to Tell if the Sun is Trine Venus in Synastry

Signs that are trine are of the same element, Fire, Earth, Air, or Water. Below is a graphic that shows the trines by element:

Earth, Air, Water and Fire Trines by Zodiac Sign in Synastry

If one person’s Sun and the other’s Venus are in the same element, there is a “Whole Sign” trine between these planets.

The trine will be much stronger if it is within orb, which is the allowable margin of error. For aspects between the Sun and Venus, the orb is twelve degrees.

If the Sun and Venus are within twelve degrees of a perfect trine but in signs that are not of the same element, this is called a “cross-sign” trine.

In the case of the Sun trine Venus, the planets will be either in signs that are square or that have no Ptolemaic aspect between them. For practical purposes, this will neutralize the positive impact of this aspect, but it will also cancel the negative impact of the other Whole Sign aspect.

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The Sun trine Venus is an excellent aspect to have between two charts. It brings harmony and the ability to enjoy each other’s company.

It also brings a supportive element to the relationship, in which the person whose Venus is involved will help the other to shine.