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Sun Trine Mars Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

Sun Trine Mars Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

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In synastry, the Sun trine Mars is mostly positive.

The Sun represents our ego and identity. It also represents our vitality.

Mars shows how we go about getting our needs met and handle conflict. In synastry, it can also bring chemistry and sexual tension.

A trine is a harmonious aspect. In synastry, it shows areas in which two people get along with each other.

Sun Trine Mars in Synastry

The Sun trine Mars in synastry creates a bond between people that is centered around activity. The two enjoy doing things together.

They energize and encourage each other in accomplishing their goals and in getting things done.

If they are working on a project together, they will intuitively find ways to combine their efforts. This is an excellent aspect to have between co-workers or business partners.

In a more personal relationship, they can mitigate or even avoid any conflict between them if they can find an activity to do together.

Mercury and Venus are never far from the Sun, so it is likely that the two will have also have either Mercury trine Mars or Venus trine Mars or both. If so, it will enhance the positive effects of this aspect.

There are a couple of sign combinations that will change the meaning of this aspect somewhat.

Sun in Aries, Mars in Leo

This is the most positive sign combination for this aspect.

The Sun rules Leo and Mars rules Aries. This increases the bond between the two which will strengthen their relationship.

They will greatly enjoy sharing adventures and meeting challenges together.

Sun in Libra, Mars in Aquarius

This combination adds an element of negativity to this aspect.

Libra is hostile to Mars, and Aquarius is hostile to the Sun. This will create a complicated relationship between the two.

They like and dislike each other at the same. They can work together, but there will be far more disagreements then there would be for other sign combinations of this aspect.

House Position

To fully interpret the Sun trine Mars, it is important to consider the houses that these planets fall in each other’s charts.

For more information, see:

Sun in Houses Synastry Meanings: 1st through 12th House

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Man’s Sun Trine Woman’s Mars Relationship

The Sun trine Mars in a romantic relationship is quite helpful.

Any relationship beyond the casual dating phase involves practical matters that require joint effort. This aspect will help any such joint effort to go smoothly.

Yet, even during the dating phase, this aspect will help the two find activities to enjoy together and it can generate sexual attraction.

When it is a man’s Sun trine a woman’s Mars, she will be able to support his work and his ambitions in an active and practical way. She will do things that will help him to shine.

She will also be the one who is most likely to take the initiative when it comes to making decisions or moving the relationship to the next level. This will not feel threatening to him in any way, and it will be one of the things that he finds attractive about her.

There may be competition in this relationship, but it will not be destructive. It will be just be one of the ways that they interact with each other, and both will have fun with it.

This is a great combination for a couple who decides to into business together.

Woman’s Sun Trine Man’s Mars Relationship

Just as is the case when the genders are reversed, a woman’s Sun trine a man’s Mars is an excellent aspect which will support the relationship.

They will work well together when it comes to joint projects, and they can make great business partners. This aspect also can improve their sex life.

In this case, however, it will be the man who takes the initiative in the relationship and who will tend to make most of the decisions.

Yet, these decisions will not be one-sided. He will expend great effort to further her career and ambitions and to help her to shine.

There may be some friendly competition between them, but it will be less likely than when the genders are reversed.

She will enjoy his masculinity and find it very attractive.

Sun Trine Mars in Friendship

The Sun trine Mars is a great aspect to have in friendship synastry.

These friends may not be the ones who will provide each other with a shoulder to cry on unless there are other aspects to indicate this. They will, however, be the ones who will have each other’s backs, no matter what.

They will also be there for each other for anything that they might need on a practical level, such as helping each other to move or complete a home improvement project.

There may be a friendly competition between them, especially if they are involved in a sport or other type of physical activity. This competition will be a part of their bond and both will enjoy it.

How to Tell if the Sun is Trine Mars in Synastry

Signs that are trine have the same element. This gives them a natural affinity towards one another.

The graphic below shows the trines by element:

Earth, Air, Water and Fire Trines by Zodiac Sign in Synastry

A Whole Sign trine between planets will have some impact, but it will be weaker than a trine by degree. The orb, or allowed margin of error, for aspects between the Sun and Mars is twelve degrees.

The closer the aspect is to exact by degree, the stronger it is.

If the Sun and Mars are within twelve degrees of a trine but are not in the right signs, this is known as a “cross-sign” aspect.

In the case of the Sun trine Mars, a cross-sign aspect is complicated. This is because the planets will be in signs that have difficulty with each other. The best way to interpret this is that the trine by degree will lessen the animosity between the two.

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The Sun trine Mars is an excellent aspect in synastry for any type of relationship.

The bond created by this aspect will involve shared activities that each of them enjoy. This is also a great help if the two must work together in any way.

There may be an element of friendly competition in the relationship that will serve to bring the two together.