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Sun Sextile Sun Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

Sun Sextile Sun Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

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Sun sextile Sun is a good aspect to have in synastry. It is a good indicator that two people are compatible with each other.

Most people start learning about astrology through Sun Signs. While there is much more to astrology than one’s Sun Sign, it does play an important role in defining who we are.

This is because the Sun represents our ego and our sense of identity. In relationships, it can be a source of strength, but it can also be a barrier, especially when pride gets in the way.

A sextile is a pleasant aspect. Planets that are sextile are friendly with each other. They also give each other perspective and balance.

Sun Sextile Sun in Synastry

People who have Sun sextile the Sun usually get along quite well with each other. Generally, when reading Sun Sign compatibility articles, the signs that are sextile will be listed as highly compatible.

By itself, this aspect tends to promote friendship. If it is combined with other aspects that generate chemistry, however, it can give stability and durability to a marriage or long-term romantic relationship.

This aspect will minimize conflicts between people, as they will instinctively know how to relate to each other. They are similar enough to understand each other, and they are different enough to complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Whenever there is an aspect between the Sun in the charts of two people, it is important to look at the other aspects between their charts. It is especially important to consider the aspects of Mercury and Venus. These planets are never far from the Sun in any person’s birth chart.

There are a couple of sign combinations that also require special consideration.

Aries and Aquarius

The Sun is strong in Aries but has trouble in Aquarius.

People who have the Sun in Aquarius often struggle with feelings of being cut off from warmth and energy. This can at times lead to difficulties with cynicism and bitterness.

People with the Sun in Aries have warmth and energy in abundance. Indeed, at times they can get too hot!

This is good for the person with the Sun in Aquarius, but they can also find it annoying as well.

Leo and Libra

While the Sun in Aquarius struggles with feeling the warmth of the Sun, Libra has trouble with developing a sense of their own ego and identity. It is easy for them to lose themselves in trying to accommodate another.

The Sun shines brightly in Leo, and Leo announces their pride with a mighty roar. This is good for Libra if they can relax and enjoy it.

Libra can sometimes feel scandalized by this, and they can also get overpowered if they are not careful.

House Position

The house that the Sun is in each other’s charts will also color the meaning of this aspect.


Sun in Houses Synastry Meanings: 1st through 12th House

Man’s Sun Sextile Woman’s Sun Relationship

Sun sextile Sun is quite helpful when it comes to a romantic relationship.

Unless there are other aspects that indicate this, this is usually not a situation of “love at first sight,” though. Generally, they start off as friends, and the romantic elements grow over time.

Even if the relationship leads to marriage, there will always a sense that they are each other’s best friends as well as their spouses.

They understand each other, but they are different enough that they balance each other as well. Each of them will have what the other lacks.

Even if there are other aspects between the two that might indicate conflict or poor communication, Sun sextile Sun will give an underlying sense of harmony. This aspect will greatly reduce the chance that pride will get in the way of working through their issues.

Sun Sextile Sun in Friendship

The most basic meaning of Sun sextile Sun is a sense of friendship and companionship. So, this is a great aspect to have between friends.

Indeed, any relationship in which this aspect is present will have a strong element of friendship as well.

If the two are of the right gender and sexual orientation for a romantic relationship to form, this friendship could very well develop into something more.

On the other hand, it is not an aspect that creates an overwhelming attraction. If a romantic relationship between them would be inappropriate for some reason, such as one or both of them were married to someone else, there is little danger that the two would cross any boundaries.

The Sun has a wide range of functions besides holding our ego and our identity. It also governs the Heart on a metaphysical level. This is where loyalty and courage come from.

Friends with Sun sextile Sun will be fiercely loyal to each other and will go to great lengths to protect each other.

How to Tell if the Sun is Sextile the Sun in Synastry

The graphic below shows the signs that are sextile each other.

Fire, Earth, Air and Water Sextiles by Zodiac Sign in Synastry

If the Sun is sextile by sign, the influence of this aspect will be present.

The orb, or allowable margin of error, for the Sun is quite wide, seventeen degrees. The closer the Sun is to an exact sextile with the Sun, the better and stronger it will be.

Because the Sun has such a wide orb, there is a good chance for cross-sign sextiles, which is sextiles coming from the wrong signs. For practical purposes, unless the cross-sign aspect is very close, within three or four degrees, it is probably safe to ignore it.

If it is close, this will mean that the two will get along better than the overall synastry would otherwise predict.

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The Sun sextile the Sun in synastry gives powerful and positive testimony that two people are compatible. It almost always indicates a feeling of friendship.

It can strengthen other relationships, such as romantic ones, as well, which will always have some elements of a close friendship as well.

This aspect will strengthen other positive synastry aspects and will mitigate negative ones.