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Sun Opposite Venus Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

Sun Opposite Venus Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

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The Sun opposite Venus in synastry is a mixed aspect. On the whole, however, it is more positive than negative.

The Sun represents who we think we are in the world. It also shows how we try to shine.

Venus is the main planet involved in forming and maintaining relationships. It represents our capacity to love and to put other people before ourselves.

An opposition is a difficult aspect, but it plays a special role when it comes to relationships. It can cause friction, but it can also help people to balance and complement each other.

Sun Opposite Venus in Synastry

The Sun opposite Venus in synastry indicates that, on some level, the two people are good partners for each other. Yet, it is because of their differences rather than their similarities. They have the potential to balance each other well.

While their differences can be a source of strength for their relationship, they can also be a source of conflict.

For any relationship to work between them, they will need to learn to compromise and listen to each other.

In an individual’s birth chart, Mercury and Venus are tied to the Sun. Venus can never be more than forty-five degrees away from the Sun, and Mercury can never be more than twenty-eight degrees.

This means that if the Sun is opposite Venus in synastry, there are likely to be other aspects between the Sun, Mercury, and Venus in the two charts. It will be important to consider these aspects as well.

The signs adjacent to opposite signs tend to be incompatible. This means that there is a good chance that in reading Sun Sign compatibility articles, people with Sun opposite Venus will read that their Sun Signs do not get along with each other.

If this is the case, the Sun opposite Venus will make them much more compatible than they would otherwise be.

In addition to considering other aspects between the charts, the signs of the planets will also color the meaning of this aspect. There are two combinations in particular that are important to look for.

Sun in Libra and Venus in Aries

This is the best sign combination for this aspect, but the two may not realize this at first.

The Sun is weak in Libra and strong in Aries. Venus is weak in Aries and strong in Libra.

The person whose Sun is in Libra will have a hard time asserting themselves and allowing their light to shine. The person whose Venus is involved will tend to be a little too aggressive for the health of their relationships in general.

When they get together, they will be able to help each other. The person with the Sun in Libra will be able to absorb and temper the person with Venus in Aries. The person with Venus in Aries will help the person with the Sun in Libra assert themselves.

Even though this is a good combination, it may not always be a harmonious one. Yet, the tension will be good for both of them if they want to grow and change.

Sun in Aries and Venus in Libra

This is the most difficult combination of this aspect.

Aries gives honor and support to the Sun, and Venus is the ruler of Libra. Yet, Venus is very uncomfortable in Aries, and the Sun is stifled in Libra.

The two people involved are quite strong with respect to these planets, so they do not feel the need for outside help. Furthermore, the last place they would seek help would be from each other.

Still, there is a lot of truth to the saying that “opposites attract,” and this combination does have a lot of chemistry. This could produce a rather volatile combination.

House Position of the Sun and Venus

The Houses that the Sun and Venus occupy in each other’s charts will show the area of life in which the two have the greatest impact on each other.

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Man’s Sun Opposite Woman’s Venus Relationship

When a man’s Sun is opposite a woman’s Venus in a romantic relationship, they will have a polarity between them that goes along traditional gender lines.

His ambition and desire to shine will run counter to her need for love and affection. She will tend to be the one who will put the most effort into keeping the relationship together.

This could create tension between them, and he may feel torn between his own goals and the relationship.

Even so, in many cases, this tension is good for both of them in terms of personal growth. He will push her to focus on her own goals, and she will push him to developing a work-life balance.

Woman’s Sun Opposite Man’s Venus Relationship

In this case, it is her goals that will run counter to his relationship needs.

He may struggle with her career and with her desire to shine. She may feel like he is needy and does not give her space to be her own person.

The tension that this creates will help both of them to grow as people. Everyone needs a chance to shine, and everyone needs other people.

In learning to compromise with each other, they both have the opportunity to find balance in their lives.

Sun Opposite Venus in Friendship

In friendship situation, the Sun opposite Venus tends to be more negative than positive.

One of the ways that this aspect can play out is that the person whose Venus is involved will want a closer friendship than the person whose Sun is involved.

If the gender and sexual orientation of the two mean that there is a possibility of a romantic relationship, this could indicate a one-sided crush.

As discussed above, however, the other aspects between the charts will change the dynamic of this aspect. It is particularly important to consider the other aspects between the Sun, Mercury, and Venus.

How to Tell if the Sun is Opposite Venus in Synastry

An opposition is based on the principle of polarity, so if the Sun and Venus are in opposite signs, the Whole Sign aspect will have some impact. The graphic below shows the signs and their opposites:

Opposites by Zodiac Sign in Synastry

For the aspect to be of full strength, however, the planets must be within twelve degrees of a perfect opposition. The closer the planets are by degree, the stronger the aspect.

The Sun and Venus can be within twelve degrees of an opposition from signs that are not opposite. This is known as a “cross-sign” aspect.

With the Sun opposite Venus, the aspect being across signs in synastry changes the meaning from mildly positive to mostly negative.

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In synastry, the Sun opposite Venus brings both tension and chemistry. It is better for romantic relationships than it is for friendships.

In either case, the two will need to find a balance between Venus’ need for love and affection and the Sun’s need to shine.


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