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Scorpio Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

Scorpio Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

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Scorpio Season is here from 24 October until 22 November!

Following on the heels of the light and breezy sign of Libra, Scorpio takes the relationship themes of the last month and transforms it into something much more intimate and powerful.

Luckily for us, we had a fairly intense Libra season to start with, so we are more than prepared for what’s coming!

Scorpio Season 2020

The Horoscope for Scorpio Season 2020 focusses on how we share power, what control means to us and our key obsessions.

Scorpio Season is all about making friends with our shadow, inviting them for tea and finding out – without fear – what we truly desire.

Keywords for Scorpio Season are: intimacy, depth, power, control, obsession, jealousy, intensity, sensitivity, perception, psychic, shadows, drama, trauma and transformation.

Element & Mode

As you may know already, Scorpio is a water sign. However, out of all the water signs, Scorpio has to be the most controlled.

They don’t reveal their feelings too easily, and can even appear cold or remote.

However, this is one of the most sensitive signs you could possibly get! Beneath all of that control lies a tender heart that just wants to love and be loved.

Hence, Scorpio is also associated with relationships in general. But not just any relationships – deep, close and transformative ones.

Scorpio is all or nothing – in every area of life!

The mode of Scorpio is fixed, which means that this season, the feelings we have and the intentions we set – they can last a long time.

We might hold onto things, especially our emotions, and our challenge is to release any grudges whilst maintaining a sense of true commitment.

Ruling Planet

There are two ruling planets for this sign: Pluto and Mars.

Mars is still Retrograde until the middle of November and stays in his shadow phase for quite some time.

This Scorpio season has an edge to it, a frustration – and plenty of tension!

We have to be ever so careful with our anger, and explore what is driving it. Fear? Hurt?

Pluto is also still very close to Saturn and Jupiter. There is one more alignment of Pluto with Jupiter.

So, this Scorpio Season, be sure not to give into your fear and instead, welcome the transformations that will happen in the world and potentially, in your own life, too.

7 ways to make the most of Scorpio Season 2020:

1. Face Your Shadows

The truth is, we all have some skeletons in the closet! Scorpio Season is the ideal time to coal them out and make friends with them!

This is a time to be brave enough to look at all the things about yourself and others that you may have been scared to look at before – and to accept them.

Scorpio knows that within every human, lies the potential for any kind of darkness.

Scorpio doesn’t repress these things, but understands that they are natural – and controllable.

This season, don’t be scared to take that deep dive!

2. Transform Your Trauma

Trauma belongs to the sign of Scorpio.

This isn’t a bad thing at all, and Scorpio is the one with all the tools to take that trauma – and transform it!

What trauma have you gone through in your life before?

There’s no one on earth who hasn’t had trauma, so don’t be scared to face it and own it.

As they say “you’ve got to feel to heal”!

Let Scorpio Season be a healer to you, and don’t be scared to get help if you need it!

3. Get Intimate

When it comes to your relationships, Scorpio Season wants to you get up close and personal!

It’s not about people-pleasing like over Libra Season.

It’s not about fluffy, superficial social contacts. It’s about allowing people in!

Get intimate with your partner, on an emotional level.

Get intimate with yourself and get to know yourself.

Have that deep conversation with a close friend, allow your family to know your true emotions.

This helps to build trust, closeness and true intimacy!

4. Try Not To Obsess

Scorpio season can get a little obsessive – okay, a lot!

Whilst this is one of the most perceptive and intuitive signs out there, it can backfire on you if you dwell too long on a person or situation.

Allow your intuition to lead the way, and know when to let go of chasing your own tail.

Recognise when you’re becoming obsessive, and find a way out of the drama!

This can be a very tempting time to allow your suspicions to take over, so don’t allow them to!

5. Learn About Power

Power is a tricky subject for most of us. How do we hold it – without becoming swept up?

How do we avoid getting into power dynamics that go nowhere, but instead, bring us more drama than we really wanted in the first place?

Simple – we learn that we don’t need to take power away from anyone else but that we can hold it, comfortably, within ourselves.

That we are powerful beings with the ability to create – or destroy – our own world!

6. Take Control – But Not Too Much

Scorpio is well-known as a sign that likes to be in control – in the driver’s seat, so to speak!

This is what makes these signs quite successful in general; and helps them to climb up in the world.

So, over this Scorpio season, where can you take the reins?

Maybe around your personal habits or lifestyle? Or the trajectory of your career?

Control doesn’t have to be a bad thing, you know, although it can get, well, out of control.

Resist the temptation to control your environment, your partner or things that are just simple not in your scope.

Let go where you can, because Scorpio is also about surrender!

7. Get Metaphysical

Scorpio season gets deep in all kinds of ways, and one of them is by getting deep into the world of the metaphysical.

It means going beyond what we can see without eyes and hear with our ears, and going beneath the surface!

This is a great time to pick up the tarot, learn a bit of astrology or do some deep energy work on ourselves (see, transforming your trauma above!).

Scorpio always wants to get under the skin of a subject, so allow this season to be a time of getting obsessed with the right kinds of things!

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In Summary

Scorpio Season 2020 is a powerful and intense time of transformation.

This is the time of year where we undergo big personal shifts, and so do our relationships.

We want to get up close and personal, and the feeling is very much “all or nothing”, whether it’s in love, money or any other area.

Whilst some may feel scared of such a deep time, most of us will feel like embracing it, being able to open our arms wide and face our trauma and skeletons in the closet.

Sure, we will have our moments of obsessions and jealousies, but that’s all part of the evolutionary process.

In fact, Scorpio has a favorite saying: “Evolve, or Dissolve!”.

Let this be a time of investigation and learning, of developing your intuition.

Look into alternative modalities such as tarot or astrology – Scorpio loves the occult!

It’s a passionate time for physical attractions and chemistry, too, so don’t be scared to get sexy!

Finally, be aware that Mars and Pluto are up to some mischief throughout this time, particularly towards the middle of November, where things may get hairy.