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Sagittarius Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you Need to Know

Sagittarius Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you Need to Know

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Thank heavens, Scorpio season is finally over! It’s been a deep dive and everyone’s just about ready to have a break from the drama, right?

Sagittarius Season gets started now, kicking off from the 23rd of November until the 21st of December.

This runs concurrent to the “silly season”, where we can all decide to chuck our responsibilities out of the window and let our hair down.

In the build up to Christmas, this is a time to celebrate and have a little bit of fun, for a change. Heaven knows we need it after this year!

Sagittarius Season 2020

The Horoscope for Sagittarius Season 2020 is really just about growth, expansion and travel in some way.

Even if we are still under lockdown, we can travel in different ways – letting our minds roam free to do what they like, and expand our philosophies on life.

Keywords for Sagittarius Season are: freedom, travel, expansion, growth, optimism, truth, education, spirituality, fun, parties, celebration and philosophy.

Element & Mode

As the last of the fire signs, the fire of Sagittarius is often thought of as a wildfire, or as little fires everywhere.

This zodiac sign has many, many passions that they scatter and juggle, which will be reflected over this season.

We may ignite quite a few adventures, and our task is to try and keep them burning all at the same time!

Of course, we do need to be careful of burnout, so common at this time of year as we try and rush to finish everything up!

The mode of Sagittarius is mutable, which symbolises the change of seasons.

On 21 December, either Spring or Autumn ends, and we enter a full-blown Winter or Summer season, depending on your hemisphere.

And so, Sagittarius represents that time just before the seasons turn, a time of change, adaptability, unpredictability and flexibility.

Ruling Planet

Jupiter is the ruler of this bounteous, open and generous sign.

Jupiter will still be travelling through the sign of his ‘detriment”, Capricorn, until, believe it or not, the 21st of December!

He can’t grow here, and can even be a little stingy with his gifts, or make us work harder for them.

We can see this in the denial of freedom and lack of Sagittarius things in our lives at the moment – namely fun, parties and travel!

Luckily, right after Sagittarius season, he shifts into a better sign, Aquarius, where he can feel freer and happier in general!

7 Ways to Make the Most of Sagittarius Season 2020:

1. Have – Or Plan – An Adventure

Depending on where you are in the world, this is a good season to plan some sort of adventure!

Sagittarius just loves to be spontaneous, free and fun, so find a way to welcome more freedom and excitement into your life.

Even if you are in lockdown, there are ways around it.

Relive an adventure, make a photo album or better yet, book flights to somewhere wonderful in the future!

It’s always great to have something to look forward to!

2. Educate Yourself

Sagittarius is a sign that really enjoys learning. This is the sign that rules higher education, after all – such as your PhD or Honours!

What have you always wanted to learn? Do you want to enrol yourself to get your Masters? Or plan to?

This is the season to do it, so go for it! Sagittarius is all about up-levelling yourself and gaining knowledge!

You can also start small, if that seems too overwhelming.

How about a short course or workshop in something exciting and new? That should serve you very well over Sagittarius season!

3. Throw A Party – online or in-person

There’s nothing a Sagittarius enjoys more than a good party!

They are often the last ones to leave the dancefloor, for good reason – they know how to have the best time!

This is the perfect season to throw an end of year get together, office party, or arrange some fun with friends!

Go all-out – Sagittarius never holds back!

If you can’t have a real-life party then dress up, buy a few bottles of wine and throw a Zoom party.

Whatever you do, just let your hair down for a change!

4. Go Travelling – Even If from Your Couch

Ever heard of couch travelling? It’s what happens when you’re somehow unable to go real travelling on a jet plane!

What you do is select a couple of mind-ending documentaries or choose a few philosophical books to read.

This allows you to travel in your mind, take you to different places, all from the comfort of your own home, under lockdown or if you just don’t want to risk travelling.

Of course, if you can – and want to – travel, that would be first prize over Sagittarius season!

Maybe you can just book a flight for future – and get excited!

5. Tell The Truth

Sagittarius is a sign that really has zero filter.

They say it just like it is, no holds barred. Have you been expressing your honest truth lately?

Or have you been trying to please people, or hide what you are really thinking?

This is a season to let it out, sans filter!

Obviously be mindful of not hurting anyone, but also, just be okay with saying what you mean, and meaning what you say. Just spit it out already!

6. Explore Your Spiritual Beliefs

Sagittarius Season 2020 is all about exploring the more philosophical, broader view of life.

This is a zodiac sign that is willing to try it all in the pursuit of growth.

Whether it’s a trip to Peru to do plant medicine or a yoga retreat in Bali, Sagittarius is open to it all!

What are your spiritual beliefs? Have you neglected them along the way? What can connect you back with your beliefs?

Do you need to pick up your meditation again or try a new breathing method?

Find what moves you and go into it heart-first!

7. Be Open To Change

This season is all about change!

As a mutable sign, Sagittarius embraces flexibility and adaptability.

Now’s the time to be okay with the natural movements of life and not to resist or force anything. As they say “what you resist, persists”.

Find ways to flow with life at this crazy time of year, and see how wonderful spontaneity can be!

If you’ve been trapped in structure duty and responsibility, now’s the time to let it loose and allow things to shift in their own way.

In Summary

Sagittarius Season 2020 comes as a welcome reprieve after the intense Scorpio season!

This is a period of fun, play and games, a time to celebrate life and to be free!

If you can, plan some kind of adventure and embrace the unknown! Travel from your couch, get on a plane or buy a ticket to somewhere fun and exotic!

This is a time to have a party, if you’re allowed to, to enjoy a few drinks and to dance!

Having the office party now is ideal, going away with friends or having a special get together to say almost-goodbye to the year is what’s going to soothe your soul over this season.

Finally it’s a good period to educate yourself. Enrol for a course in future or plan to up-level your knowledge in some way.

If that means reading a book, watching documentaries, going back to college or making sure you are in a course for the year ahead, that’s great!

Speak your truth over Sagittarius season and don’t hold back – this is a time for you to say what’s on your heart with all honesty and total truth.

Be mindful of feelings, but be true to yourself, is what this time wants of you!