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Sagittarius Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

Sagittarius Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

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Although Sagittarius men aren’t really big on texting – they prefer real-life contact – there are certain texting signs that will show you whether or not he’s into you!

Did you know that he has a particular style of texting that can tell you whether he likes you back?

When he’s into you, a Sagittarius man’s texting style will be quite passionate, racy and direct. You always know where you stand with a Sagittarius guy!

He will get back to you usually quite fast, which is a definite indication that you’re on the right track!

7 Signs a Sagittarius Man Likes You Through Text

Generally, a Sagittarius man will show that he has feelings for you via text when his replies are lightning-fast, humorous, and very enthusiastic!

All he wants to do is make you laugh and make you smile!

Another sign will be that he will always tell you the truth via text, no matter how harsh it may sound!

Bear this in mind, because even though you may think he’s being “mean”, it’s actually a very positive indication that he feels comfortable telling you what’s on his mind!

As a fire sign, his texts will always be warm when he’s into someone. If he’s cool and distant, then you’ve got something to worry about!

So without further ado, let’s explore together just exactly what you can look for when receiving or sending a text with a Sagittarius man.

1. He Replies At Lightning Speed

Sagittarius is not a sign known for their patience! Sagittarius men tend to get very huffy when they are made to wait for a text, so keep this in mind when you are busy texting each other!

When he likes you, you’ll know, because he will text back at lightning speed! Even if it’s just a word or two to confirm plans or a laughing icon, it does mean that he cares enough to reply.

Because, in all honesty, many Sagittarius guys often don’t reply at all! They couldn’t be bothered unless they like someone.

They’re too busy having adventures to sit on their phones, so when he replies fast, you’ll know that you are special!

2. His Texts Are Warm And Affectionate

Sagittarius is a fire sign, which means that he’s the type of guy who is hot-blooded and passionate!

He’s also quite affectionate, so when his texts reflect this nature, you know that he’s opening up to you!

You can always tell when a text is warm, so when his texts make you feel all tingly inside as if he’s put his arm around you, it’s a great sign that he really likes you!

He’s not the type of sign to be cool and detached when he’s into someone!

3. He Tries To Make You Laugh With His Texts

Here’s something most people do know about a Sagittarius man – he is hilarious!

He has a seriously clever side, that shows up in his sense of humor. He laughs easily, and he loves being able to make the person he likes laugh, too.

If his texts are funny and smart, he’s definitely investing energy into you!

He may send you loads of jokes, or hilarious memes to brighten up your day. Talking with a Sagittarius guy over text can be the brightest part of your whole day!

4. He’s (Mostly) Available To Talk

Sagittarius men are the types to go out there and live life, instead of being behind a screen.

They generally don’t even like phones and texting, and would chuck them into the ocean if they could!

So, if you find that he is actually available to talk to you (when he’s not climbing a mountain, surfing, traveling, or partying), it does mean something important when it comes to his feelings for you!

Take pleasure in the fact that you’re one of the few people he will actually get back to and take the time to talk to you!

5. His Texts Are Enthusiastic

Being such a positive, optimistic sign means that Sagittarius men are happy-go-lucky texters!

When he really likes you, you’ll see that those texts become even more enthusiastic and playful!

It doesn’t even really matter what the content is, as long as it’s upbeat, you can rely on the fact that he’s keen on you!

If his texts were flat, that means he probably isn’t that interested in making an effort to try and make you happy!

6. He Makes Plans For Adventure Via Text

Usually, Sagittarius men run away from making plans – they are masters of spontaneity!

However, if you find that he’s actually making plans with you, then you can be very sure he’s into you!

This is especially true if he’s making plans to have adventures with you!

For example, reaching out to you by text and asking if you’d like to meet him the next day at a local hike is a great example of him liking you!

7. His Texts Are Honest, Direct And To The Point

This is a sign that prides itself on being completely honest and open!

Sagittarius men are often extremely direct with the people that they care about. If they don’t like you, they wouldn’t bother being “real” with you.

So, if you find that his texts are extremely straight-out and open – even if they sting a little (this isn’t a sign known for their tact!), take this as a positive sign that he’s getting comfortable with you, as strange as that may seem!

What If A Sagittarius Man Stops Texting You?

Is it a big deal if the Sagittarius man stops texting you? Should you have cause for concern?

Well, keep in mind that this is a sign that prefers to go out there and live life, that enjoys having experiences rather than sitting around looking at their phones.

If you find that his texts have slowed down, ask yourself what you know he’s doing – what his hobbies are.

For example, he may have just taken up kickboxing, or he’s socializing with friends. If he’s travelling, he will almost never get back to you, as that is often one of his greatest passions in life!

However, if you know that he’s not really doing much of the above, and he’s still ignoring you, this may be a sign that he’s not into you.

Sagittarius men are very impatient, and quick to reply, even if their replies aren’t elaborate.

Just remember that this is also quite a fickle sign, so he does blow hot and cold, and commitment was never his strong point.

In other words, it may not be you, it could just be him having cold feet! Give him a bit of space, and he’ll usually come right back!

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