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Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

Sagittarius Man and Aquarius Woman Compatibility: Love, Sex, and Chemistry

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A Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman are a great combination by zodiac sign. Both of these signs are known for their independence, but neither of them truly enjoy being alone. Instead, both of them want companionship with no strings attached. A Sagittarius man has a reputation for his reluctance to enter into any type of commitment. Yet with an Aquarius woman, he will find someone who can give him grounding as well as the freedom that he needs. In turn, he will be able to accept and appreciate the eccentricities of an Aquarius woman.

Sagittarius man, Aquarius woman: Strongest points of compatibility

  • Complementary needs
  • Balance
  • His easy-going nature
  • Her stability
  • Mutual interests
  • Good communication

Important traits of a Sagittarius man in relation to an Aquarius woman

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A Sagittarius man wants to get the most out of life. He wants to explore new places and to do new things. There is a characteristic restlessness to a Sagittarius man that can only be satisfied through travel and adventure. Not only does he enjoy exploring new places, but he also likes to explore new ideas. He is a philosopher at heart, and he loves to share and expound upon the things that he has learned.

A Sagittarius man is notoriously shy of commitment, which can make him a difficult partner for many women. A Sagittarius man is not a loner, however. He does not generally enjoy solitude. He prefers casual contact, and he often has many acquaintances. Extremely friendly and easy-going, a Sagittarius man is fun to be around. Honest to a fault, a Sagittarius man says whatever is on his mind, without worrying about whether he will offend someone. Even so, he is so charming that people rarely get mad at him.

If a Sagittarius man is to even consider settling down with someone, he needs to be assured that he will not be bored. He also needs assurance that he will have the freedom to come and go as he pleases.

Important traits of an Aquarius woman in relation to a Sagittarius man

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An Aquarius woman will be unusual in some way. Of all of the signs, Aquarius is the most individualistic, and thus, is the most difficult to generalize. She has her own mind about everything, and once she has formed an opinion, she rarely changes it. Despite this, she will listen with interest to the ideas of others. Aquarius is an Air Sign, and as such, she enjoys socializing with others. On the other hand, she rarely seeks out company. Instead, she waits for people to come to her. Yet, she has a friendly manner to her that makes her approachable.

An Aquarius woman is a strange mix of stability and unpredictability. Nowhere is that more evident than in who she picks as a companion. She is attracted to a man who is interesting and who is larger than life. It is common for her to enter into a relationship that defies social convention in some way. Despite this, her relationships tend to last a very long time. Once she has found a man and adapted to him, she will not want to change.

Sagittarius man, Aquarius woman: Dating and early stages of the relationship

When a Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman meet, he will be fascinated by her, and she will be amused by him. They will find lots of things to talk about, and they will enjoy each other’s company. At the very least, they will develop an instant friendship. If the relationship develops into something more, it will be unusual in some way. Neither of them tends to be romantic in a conventional sense, so they will show their affection for each other in creative ways.

In many ways, these two are well suited to each other. He does not want anyone who makes too many demands of him, and she does not want anyone who will try to tell her what to do. An Aquarius woman is very independent, so she does not need him to be around all of the time. Likewise, a Sagittarius man is easy-going and does not seek control in his relationships. Furthermore, these two will generally have very good communication, so they will be well-equipped to negotiate their relationship.

Sagittarius man, Aquarius woman: Sexual compatibility

Sex between a Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman will be light-hearted and playful. Neither of them is looking for a deep emotional connection. Instead, they prefer to experiment and try new things. They will both enjoy their sex life, which will not be complicated by emotional baggage.

Sagittarius man, Aquarius woman: Marriage and family life

If a Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman enter into a relationship with each other, it will probably not be a typical or conventional marriage. They may decide to live together without marrying. Alternatively, they may marry but live in separate houses. They may also have an open relationship or some unusual arrangement. Despite this, they will have a surprisingly stable partnership.

While a Sagittarius man gets restless and has trouble staying in one place, an Aquarius woman is remarkably consistent. Aquarius is a Fixed Sign and dislikes change. Yet, Aquarius is also an Air Sign, which means that she has some flexibility. This is why she is able to listen to the ideas of others with interest, even if she disagrees with them completely. Yet, despite this apparent flexibility, or even because of it, she rarely, if ever, truly changes her mind.

In the context of her partnership with a Sagittarius man, however, this is an asset. She will be the rock and the anchor for this relationship. No matter how many times he wanders, she will stay put and provide a base for him to come home to.

If a Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman have children, it will be because they have made a conscious decision to do so. Neither of them will be pressured by family or societal expectations. Because of this, they will do well as parents together. They will make plans for how the children will fit into their family and their lives. Like everything else about their relationship, their parenting style will be unconventional, but they will be stable and provide the children with many experiences.

Sagittarius man, Aquarius woman: Working together

A Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman will work very well together. They balance each other very well. A Sagittarius man can be a bit flighty, but an Aquarius woman can keep him grounded and on task. An Aquarius woman can sometimes have trouble working with others, as she is set in her ways and does not like to compromise. A Sagittarius man is easy-going and flexible enough that he will be able to adapt to her without trying to tell her what to do or how to do it.

These two make an excellent team when it comes to creativity and innovation. They both have a unique way of looking at problems, and they will enjoy brainstorming together. His Fire and her Air will feed each other and have the potential to generate brilliant ideas.

Typical fights between a Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman and how to resolve them

For the most part, a Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman will get along extremely well together. There will not be a lot of drama, and they will solve most of their disagreements through rational conversation. On the other hand, when and if they do have a serious conflict, it could be fatal to the relationship.

The reason for this is the nature of these two signs. A Sagittarius man does not have a sense that anything in life is permanent. For him, every morning is a brand new day. There are advantages to this world view, but it can lead to problems when it comes to his commitments. When a Sagittarius man experiences resistance or difficulty, he rarely fights against it. Instead, he just moves on.

An Aquarius woman is not transient like a Sagittarius man. Instead, she is immovable. If she digs in her heels about something, it is almost impossible to get her to budge from her position. She does not get angry easily, but when she does she has a bad habit of holding a grudge. An Aquarius woman is able to detach from her feelings and even from her relationships.

The transience of a Sagittarius man and the stubbornness of an Aquarius woman can mean that they break up over issues that other couples would work out. If they are to overcome this, he will have to make himself stick around, and she will need to compromise and move from her position.

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A Sagittarius man and an Aquarius woman complement each other well. They will enjoy each other’s company and be able to provide each other with intellectual stimulation. While they will not have a conventional relationship, they are capable of having a stable and lasting one, whatever form it takes. For this relationship to last, he will have to decide to stay even if there are problems, and she will need to be willing to compromise from time to time. Yet, if they are able to do these things, they will find in each other a partner who can understand them and who can accept them as they are.