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Pisces Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you Need to Know

Pisces Season, starting on 20 February 2020 until 20 March 2020, comes in like a sweet, gentle breeze, melting away the rationality and detachment of Aquarius season. However, it’s not too much of a big jump, as Pisces simply complements the energy of Aquarius, and brings to this airy sign a sense of empathy and care.

Pisces is the most forgiving and loving of all the signs, and teaches how to be truly humanitarian, without boundaries. Things can feel a little confusing over Pisces Season, and we may need to watch our boundaries – but for the most part, it is a healing, tender time of unconditional love and compassion, as well as a spiritual period where we are invited to explore the mystical side of life!

Pisces Season 2020

The Pisces Sun Sign Horoscope for 2020 takes the humanitarian ideals of Aquarius and delves into the Divine – that is to say, the Source, Spirit, God, Goddess, Higher Self – whatever you feel matches your ideal of a “bigger power”!

Pisces is the sign of Divine Love, and has immense amounts of compassion. Whilst Aquarius seeks to uplift and inspire, Pisces seeks to transcend. It’s important to find healthy escapes over Pisces Season, lest we get “hooked” into unhealthy habits such as alcohol, sugar or any other addictive behaviour (hint: Netflix can be healthy – within limits!).

This is a season to break away from reality and to explore a spiritual way of living, to learn to go with the flow and to surrender. Pisces is not about control – the less we resist over Pisces Season, the more expansion we will invite into our lives. This is an emotive, empathic period, perfect for rest, escape, volunteering, forgiving others and for being more creative.

The keywords for Pisces Season 2020 are: spirituality, creativity, empathy, forgiveness, love, compassion, escape, rest, recuperate, helpful, boundaries, confusion and daydreaming.

Element & Mode

Pisces is the very last of the water signs in the zodiac, and is the only sign that doesn’t have a hard “exoskeleton” as part of its symbolism. Unlike Cancer and Scorpio, who have a hard-outer shell, Pisces is totally vulnerable and open to life and the world. This means that Pisces has a huge level of sensitivity and is unable to protect itself – hence seeking escape from the constant stream of emotional energy.

It’s easy to become overwhelmed over Pisces Season, and therefore important for us to find ways in which we can ease the pressure. Going swimming, having a bath, being creative, going dancing, listening to music, reading a good book or simply just daydreaming are excellent ways to relieve ourselves of the realities of life that can be harder over this season. It is an emotional, “feely” season, so we are encouraged to dive into the heart-space and not be afraid of being vulnerable and open!

The mode of Pisces is mutable and comes from the time of season in which the weather is changing and unpredictable. Mutable is a flexible quality, and we can expect life to mirror this, to change and flow. It’s very important not to make too many commitments, and find ways of escaping a situation if we need to – mutable signs need a way out!

Ruling Planet

Pisces has two rulers – one traditional and one modern ruler. Jupiter is the traditional ruler, and he’s the planet of expansion, growth, faith, spirituality and travel, which are all themes over this season. Neptune is the modern ruler, and governs creativity, love, compassion, dreams, ideals, illusions, fantasy, addiction and deception.

We’ll have to be careful of maintaining personal boundaries as Neptune can indicate that we are more seeing things as they are – more as we want them to be! The rose-coloured glasses can be stronger over this time!

7 ways to make the most of Pisces Season 2020:

1. Examine your Faith

The keywords for the sign of Pisces is “I believe”. Pisces simply believes without needing proof of belief. This is a time in which we can explore and examine our own faith, whether it’s a religious belief we have or simply a spiritual faith. Perhaps it’s a good time to reconnect with our faith, or to explore a new way, a new path. Either way, we are encouraged to believe in what we can’t see.

2. Go Swimming!

All water signs love the water – but Pisces is, after all, the fish, and like the fish, they absolutely adore being in the sea, a river, even a bath! It’s also a wonderful period to immerse ourselves in whatever body of water is closest and most available us. We should not underestimate the healing power of water over Pisces Season 2020!

3. Learn an instrument

Pisces people just adore music, and many famous musicians have been born under this sign. If you’ve played something before and neglected it, Pisces Season is a wonderful time to pick things up again. If not, perhaps book yourself a piano or guitar lesson, and enjoy the sweet escape and emotional release that can be found from making your own music! Get together with your friends and have a “jam” if you like – you might find it fun!

4. Take Up Dancing

If you’re not playing an instrument, them definitely go dancing! Dancing doesn’t have to be with alcohol, contrary to what people think! There’s conscious dancing groups in most cities and towns, or overwise you can just put on your own music and dance in the bedroom! The sometimes-overwhelming emotions that can come up over Pisces Season can be shaken off simply by shaking your body to a good tune!

5. Learn your boundaries

There can be big problems when it comes to boundaries for a typical Pisces, and we can struggle to say “no”. Because of this, Pisces Season can feel like walking on a landmine at times, and we may feel pressed upon or taken advantage of, or perhaps we are pushing others too far. This is a good time to re-establish or selfish important lines so we know where we begin and others end.

6. Forgive Someone

Is there someone in your life who you haven’t been able to forgive yet? Pisces Season 2020 is the ideal time to relate and let go of old grudges that are simply not working anymore. Forgiveness doesn’t mean condoning a behaviour – it just means setting yourself free! Do a little ritual or a forgiveness meditation that can help you to cut the strings and liberate yourself!

7. Volunteer

Pisces, like Aquarius, wants to help humanity. This is a wonderful time to study counselling, to volunteer, to help out at a mailman shelter or a children’s hospital. Try and find something you can do, even if it’s small, to help others. Perhaps you could just be that empathetic friend that someone needs in times of trouble and hardship. A little goes a long way!

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In Summary

Pisces Season 2020 is a beautiful, sensitive and empathetic time of healing. It can be a season of forgiveness, compassion, unconditional love and tenderness. The dark side of Pisces can be addictive, escaping, non-committal and wishy-washy, so we have to be careful of making promises we can’t keep and of maintaining our integrity.

It’s a wonderful time to swim, create, dance, forgive, love and help others. We are encouraged to find healthy escapes, to treat others with care and to be a nurturing friend and partner. We will have to watch our boundaries and make sure we are not being taken advantage of, just as we need to make sure we are doing the same for others.

It’s an emotional, sweet time, a time of rest and recuperation, and of connecting with whatever we believe to be our own spiritual path and journey!

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