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Pisces Season 2023 Horoscope: What It Means for You

Pisces Season 2023 Horoscope: What It Means for You

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Pisces is a dual zodiac sign, represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions.

In Greek mythology, the fishes are said to represent the goddess Aphrodite and her son Eros, who were both transformed into fishes by Zeus in order to help them escape the monster Typhon.

Pisces thus represents duality, adaptability and our own ability to transform.

Pisces Season begins on 19th February 2023 and ends on 20th March 2023. Pisces is the last sign of the zodiac before the Sun moves into Aries and begins a new yearly cycle.

In this period we are closing out old chapters and refreshing our most vital energy.

This season, our focus shifts to inner healing, fantasies, daydreams, intuition, and compassion.

5 Ways to Make the Most of Pisces Season 2023

1. Go With the Flow

Silhouette Woman Dancing under the Stars

Pisces is mutable energy, which is flowing, free and flexible and the element of Water, which also flows and meanders downstream.

It is a time of letting go, allowing and observing and not taking decisive action.

Pisces brings the influence of the 12th house, which is rest, recuperation, relaxation, and recharging our batteries. It is a good time to go within, examine our motivations, and practice spirituality.

We might feel like indulging in activities that help us escape the mundane, and it is an opportune time to explore our creative side by indulging in pastimes such as art, music, dancing, reading and writing.

We may feel more spiritually attuned and our psychic abilities might be heightened, helping us tune into the subtle undercurrents of the universe.

We can also benefit from being in or around water, so swimming, bathing and immersing ourselves in our deepest feelings may be prominent at this time.

Think spas, lakes, oceans and waterfalls and allowing yourself to be submerged in cleansing energy to soothe your soul.

2. Dream Bigger Dreams

Pisces is ruled by Neptune, God of the sea, and Jupiter. Neptune’s themes are unconditional, high-octave love, empathy and illusion whilst Jupiter represents growth, optimism and luck.

During Pisces season 2023, we can all feel more hopeful, more compassionate and more willing to overlook others’ flaws.

Even if you don’t consider yourself a creative person, it is still a good time to explore your own vision and tap into your intuition and creative thought processes.

Make a vision board for your goals or allow your thoughts about the future to crystalize into a picture of the life you desire. Pisces is a visionary sign, capable of seeing the bigger picture and understanding how it all fits together.

Pisces is whatever you want it to be, so allow yourself this freedom.

How would it feel to live your dream life? Pisces season is an ideal time to manifest your deepest, most idealistic desires and to allow yourself to fantasize.

3. Escapism Looks Good on You

Woman Reading with a view of the sea

Because Pisces season is all about release, we may feel tempted to indulge in escapism and fantasy, but this is no bad thing.

Choose your poison carefully, as Pisces is known to over-indulge. Healthy forms of escapism might include novels, films, art, design or music and anything that lets you float away on a magic carpet ride.

It is a good time to explore your deepest desires too and gently allow yourself to daydream and envisage the life you want.

Stay away from negative or unhealthy forms of escapism such as drugs or alcohol and practice moderation. Pisces sometimes doesn’t know when to say no!

Once the Sun enters Aries, it will be time to take action, but for now, simply meander gently and let your mind wander over the possibilities.

4. Remember We Are All One

During Pisces season, we are reminded that we are all connected.

You may notice your dreams, psychic abilities and intuition are ramped up at this time, and you may find it easier to tune into the subtle undercurrents that are usually hidden beneath the surface.

It is a good time to meditate, journal and connect to your higher self for guidance.

Life may feel more surreal, and your powers of imagination may be heightened. You might feel more in tune with nature, so it’s a good time to go outside and connect with other life forms such as animals, plants, trees and the earth for inspiration.

Let the beauty in nature inspire you.

It is a good time for humanitarian causes and to practice forgiveness for yourself and others. It is also a good time to help others and to let go of any grudges or resentment from the past.

Wipe the slate clean and allow yourself to recognize any negative patterns of relating that need to be released.

5. Pisces Is About Letting Go

Facing harsh realities may be challenging during Pisces season 2023, as we tend to prefer to float away on a sea of tranquillity and peace.

The past may come up for review and release. Pisces is the 12th sign of the zodiac, and the association with the 12th house of solitude may mean some people will feel a need to retreat and reflect.

Surrender to a higher power and allow yourself to be excused from any feelings of being overwhelmed.

Let go of fear, doubt and insecurity and trust that you are right where you are meant to be.

A Look at the Planetary Transits During Pisces Season 2023

Whilst the Sun is in Pisces at this time every year, the other planets have their own unique orbits, so the energy is tempered by the placements of the other celestial bodies.

In 2023, we still have Neptune transit in Pisces, bringing more compassion and idealism to how we live our lives.

Jupiter, Pisces other ruling planet, has moved on into Aries, bringing courage and optimism.

Pisces season begins with a New Moon on 20th February in Pisces. Close to Saturn, this New Moon will be helping us out with an extra dose of determination, personal responsibility and self-assurance.

This is not the usual Pisces energy, so we may feel more serious, practical or determined.

This is an ideal time to make a wish or set an intention, and with Saturn’s steady influence, this may be something you are prepared to work extra hard for or commit to over the long haul.

Venus is leaving Pisces too on the 20th February and moving into Aries. Venus is exalted in Pisces but in detriment in Aries, so romance might take a nosedive.

A helpful link from Venus to Mars on the 10th March might help us out romantically, and we might feel more confident and alluring.

Mercury enters the sign of Pisces on March 2nd, bringing the ability to tune in deeper and express those hidden feelings. Mercury in Pisces will help us get things off our chest and brings fresh inspiration and even travel opportunities for some.

On the 6th-7th March, the Sun is sextile Uranus, bringing inspiration and exciting changes. We may see new ways to earn money or to increase our self-worth.

Saturn enters Pisces on the 7th March, bringing a different kind of energy to this year’s Pisces season. We may feel more restricted, held back or even blocked, and there may be a need to examine how we have sabotaged our own efforts in the past.

Also on the 7th March, a Full Moon in Virgo will shine a light on our vision, with links to Mars and Uranus helping us get moving into a new era, free of old limiting beliefs that hold us back.

Around the 15th-17th, the Sun conjuncts Neptune and Mercury, bringing dreamy, mystical energy that can cause some confusion or illusion, especially regarding communication.

Conversations might be more romantic, and a square to Mars at 25 degrees Gemini might mean some people have to take an ego check or overcome a roadblock.

Have a great Pisces season!

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