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The Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

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The Page of Swords Tarot card has an ambiguous message, as ambivalent as the character that stars it. Just as it is difficult to determine whether the protagonist is a young girl or boy, it is also difficult to know if the card brings us good or bad news. Of course, when negative cards surround this card in a spread, the possibilities are narrowed.

However, when this card appears in the middle of a spread that evokes abundance and good omens, the Page of Swords Tarot card indicates mental clarity, fast learning, and a positive attitude. It signifies a time of great mental acuity. When representing someone, this card may be pointing out a stubborn personality, with little ability to reflect or negotiate.

New paths, new projects, and a touch of irreverence are some of the associations that we can consider when the Page of Swords Tarot card appears in our reading.

Page of Swords Tarot Card Meanings:

As a part of the suit of swords, the Page of Swords Tarot card is related to reasoning and intelligence. The youth of this character indicates that we are facing a time in which there is a great capacity to learn, as well as to start projects and new adventures. This card also suggests that there is immaturity within us but that growth is also a part of the process.

You can solve any difficulty that comes your way through communication. At this time of your life, you’re enjoying high energy and vitality. Your mind is alert and ready to receive new knowledge. You must continue working with enthusiasm to achieve the project development that you are working for so hard. Immaturity can take a toll on your life if you refuse to change.

It is also essential that you look around. A young, intriguing, and somewhat gossipy person may be influencing you. Though their intentions may be positive, exercise caution concerning their character. They may be more volatile than you imagine.

The Page of Swords Tarot Card in the Upright Position:

Upright Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana
Upright Page of Swords Tarot Card

Balance is indispensable for growth and maturity. Just as we need to live passionately, and work hard to achieve the things we love, it is essential to learn how to think with a cold head. We are not all heart, and we’re not all brain. The Page of Swords Tarot card refers to that balance between youthful debauchery and maturity.

Everything you hope for will come to you if you think things through. It is not about discarding or neglecting the power of intuition. It is about accompanying it with the tools of reason. Set a goal and use all your resources to plan your goals.

Develop a method and work hard to achieve them. Just as your projects are going to take time to grow, it is essential that you take your time to evaluate things and decide what is most positive for you. This is a time of calm. You have everything you need to get ahead. Trust yourself.

The meaning of the Upright Page of Swords Tarot card when it comes to:


It is time to reflect on your relationship. You have been letting yourself get carried away by passion, and you could end up regretting the results. If your love life is going to be healthy, you need to regain control of your emotions and start setting limits for yourself and your partner. Don’t neglect other areas of your life for a relationship that is just in its beginning stages. There is time for everything.


By avoiding excesses and leading a healthy lifestyle, you can begin to see improvements in your health and to feel young again. Worrying too much and obsessing about the future has caused you to develop poor eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle. What did you enjoy doing when you were a teenager? Maybe you can find the answer you are looking for there.


The Page of Swords Tarot card can sometimes represent a spy. This young courtier will take advantage of all the gossip, information, and secrets he can to ascend on the coattails of your work. Avoid working on a team if you can and think carefully before trusting any of your coworkers.


You have not been planning your finances properly, and that is why you see yourself in trouble. You need to evaluate your expenses, avoid splurging, and get advice in order to make investments with more positive results.

The Page of Swords Tarot Card in the Reversed Position:

Reversed Page of Swords Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana
Reversed Page of Swords Tarot Card

When a Tarot card appears inverted, it follows one of two paths. It either hardens its original meaning or changes it completely. In the case of the Page of Swords Tarot card, the energetic and adaptable attitude of the page becomes an almost stubborn stagnation. There is no learning, there is no reflection or search for change. There are only habits and routine.

It is almost as if the life of the querant passes in front of their eyes, and they are playing the role of spectator. Standing idly by will not give you better results. You have to move, follow your plans, and open up to look for new things. Focus on your own life. Set aside the gossip, problems, and anxieties of third parties. Only you can change your destiny.

The Page of Swords reversed can warn of excessive aggression, loss of focus, and fights. It can also mean that you are not communicating properly with your family or friends. In any case, things are not flowing as they should. In some way, you have become the main obstacle for your personal growth.

Stop making decisions by your feelings and hunches, but think things through. Take each objective separately and resume your plans. You need to carry out your objectives because you are currently stuck in the world of ideas, and you are not bringing any of your ideas into manifestation.

The meaning of the Reversed Page of Swords Tarot card when it comes to:


The communication between you is failing. You need to express more clearly what you expect from the relationship. Making your partner read between the lines and intuit what you may or may not be feeling can create great voids of misinformation between you. Being defensive and believing that everyone wants to harm you is a childlike attitude that is preventing you from finding a new partner.


If you are having health problems, see a professional. Checking your symptoms on the internet or with people who don’t have proper training can worsen your symptoms and cause you great anxiety about your health. If you are currently sick, it is better to keep your condition a secret. You never know who is listening or what they intend to do with the information you give them.


If you are looking for a new job opportunity, the best tools you have are humility and honesty. There may be altercations or gossip in the workplace stemming from malicious comments from a third party. To overcome these conflicts, you must only adopt a more receptive attitude. Listen to advice and accept constructive criticism.


This is a time to reflect on your happiness. You don’t have economic problems, and you’re enjoying some peace of mind in the financial aspects of your life. Your lack of enthusiasm is no longer financial, but spiritual.

The Page of Swords In A Yes Or No Question:

When we find the Page of Swords Tarot card in a Yes or No question, we find a reasonably favorable response to our plans. Pages are young figures, which can be compared to students or teenagers. They are full of momentum, will and desire to live. Although they are not necessarily innocent, they have a long life ahead of them, and their enthusiasm is notorious.

Novelty, changes, lack of experience, and new beginnings are some of the associations surrounding the Page of Swords Tarot card, so when it appears as an answer to a question, the answer is, irrefutably: Yes!

Page of Swords Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: New ideas, intelligence, ambition, surveillance, changes, youth, communication, creativity, a messenger, agility, learning, adaptation, revelation, awakening, eureka moments, news.

Reversed: Difficulties, stagnation, concentration problems, lack of focus, intrigue, espionage, gossip, miscommunication, passivity, intrusion.

Page of Swords Imagery and Symbolism:

On the Page of Swords, a young man is standing alone in a field on the top of a mound holding a sword with both hands as if he were about to face an attacker. His attention is on an enemy that we cannot see in the image. His hair and clothes are floating in the wind. Clouds and birds are flying the sky. The day is bright.

The symbols on the Page of Swords Tarot card prepare us for a confrontation. Everything is moving. The young swordsman is on guard. The birds soar the sky as if they were on the hunt. Maybe they are crows? The clouds in the sky don’t obstruct light, but if they gather, they could turn into a storm.

However, nothing is threatening inside the image. It could be the setting of a play. In any case, the page is ready, and all your senses are sharp waiting for the great moment. It is a movement card, full of energy, and aggressiveness. Are you prepared to keep up with this swordsman?

Important Card Combinations:

Whenever we are reading Tarot cards, we have to consider the card as part of a bigger picture. Although a Major Arcana will define the general spirit of any reading, a Minor Arcana will complement the nuances and warnings that a spread can give us. These are some of the most critical combinations you can find with the Page of Swords Tarot card.

Page of swords combined with The Fool:

You need to make plans. You are wasting your talents in ideals and daydreams.

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Page of Swords combined with The Lovers:

Poems, promises of love, a perfect opportunity for seduction and romantic love.

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Page of Swords combined with the Ace of Swords:

Excellent public speaking skills. The beginning of projects that will give you great intellectual recognition.

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Page of Swords combined with The Magician:

Be careful with investments, advisors, and new ventures.

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