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Moon Sextile Mercury Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

Moon Sextile Mercury Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

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Moon sextile Mercury is a nice aspect to have in synastry. It will enhance other positive aspects and will mitigate problems caused by negative aspects.

As one of the two Luminaries, the Moon has a wide range of significations. One of them is communication.

Because the Moon is the fastest moving planet, it traditionally governed messages and messengers.

Mercury is, of course, the main planet that deals with communication, and communication can make or break any relationship.

A sextile is a pleasant and friendly aspect. In synastry, they show areas in which two people get along well with each other.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Synastry

When the Moon is sextile Mercury in synastry, the two people involved tend to be friendly towards one another. They understand each other on a deep level, and it is easy for them to talk with each other.

They have similarities, but they also have significant differences in the way they think and approach the world. These differences improve the connection between them rather than weaken it.

They are able to complement and balance each other.

There are certain sign combinations that will alter the meaning of this aspect somewhat.

Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Cancer

This is the best combination for this aspect. The Moon rules Cancer, and Mercury rules and is exalted in Virgo.

This means that in addition to being in signs that are friendly, the two naturally look to each other for support and guidance. This will create a strong and healthy interdependence between them.

Taurus and Cancer

The Moon is strong in both Taurus and Cancer. The person whose Moon is involved will be a strong source of support for the other person.

This will be the case regardless of which of these two signs the Moon is in.

Moon in Virgo, Mercury in Scorpio

This will produce a rather one-sided relationship. Mercury rules Virgo, but Scorpio is rather harsh with the Moon.

The person whose Moon is involved will be more interested in the relationship than the other. Mercury in Scorpio can have a rather blunt and harsh manner of speaking, which will actively try to push the Moon in Virgo away.

Moon in Pisces, Mercury in Taurus

With this combination, the person whose Mercury is involved will be the one who has a greater interest in the relationship.

This is because Pisces is the most hostile sign for Mercury, but Taurus exalts the Moon.

Scorpio and Capricorn

The Moon is unhappy in both of these signs. This means that the person whose Moon is involved will tend to go out of their way to put roadblocks in the way of the relationship.

It will be important to look to the other aspects between the two to see if these roadblocks will succeed in keeping the other person away.

Moon in Pisces, Mercury in Capricorn

This is the most difficult combination for this aspect. Capricorn rejects the Moon, and Pisces rejects Mercury.

In many cases, this will negate many of the positive benefits of this aspect. The two will understand each other to a certain extent, but this will not bring them closer together.

House Position

The houses that these planets occupy in each other’s charts will also give information as to how this aspect should be interpreted.

For more information, see:

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Man’s Moon Sextile Woman’s Mercury Relationship

Moon sextile Mercury is a pleasant aspect in a romantic relationship. By itself, it does not generate much chemistry, however.

Instead, it fosters good communication, which will be important as the relationship grows and progresses.

With this gender combination, the woman will be the more talkative of the two. He will enjoy listening to her, however, and will be a good sounding board for her.

They may not always agree on everything, but it will be easy for them to compromise and make decisions together.

Woman’s Moon Sextile Man’s Mercury Relationship

Gender is more important to some aspects than to others. It does not play a very large role when it comes to Moon sextile Mercury.

Much of what is written in the previous section will apply to this gender combination as well. In this case, it will be the man who does more of the talking and the woman who does more of the listening.

As is the case as when the genders are reversed, the two will find it easy to talk to one another and to make decisions together.

Moon Sextile Mercury in Friendship

The most natural relationship that will form with Moon sextile Mercury is that of friendship. No matter what other relationship the two have between them, they will also be good friends.

Friends with this aspect between them are excellent advisors for one another. They are similar enough to understand each other, but different enough to give each other perspective.

This is a friendship that is comfortable and the two will feel secure in it even if they are not in touch for a length of time. They will always be able to pick up where they left off.

How to Tell if the Moon is Sextile Mercury in Synastry

The graphic below shows the signs that are sextile each other:

Fire, Earth, Air and Water Sextiles by Zodiac Sign in Synastry

Signs that are sextile come from complementary elements, which is what makes them get along so well. For this reason, sextiles by sign do have some impact.

For the aspect to be considered full strength, it must be within orb of a perfect sextile. The orb for aspects between the Moon and Mercury is nine degrees.

The closer the aspect is to perfect, the stronger and more positive it will be.

If the planets are within orb from the wrong signs, they will be in signs that do not get along. This will weaken the aspect to a large extent. The impact of the cross-sign aspect will serve mainly to mitigate the negative Whole Sign relationship.

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The Moon sextile Mercury is a positive aspect between two people. It will promote good communication, and it will also make two people good advisors for each other.

This aspect will help any relationship, but it is most natural in friendships.