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Mercury Square Mercury Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

In synastry, Mercury square Mercury is a tense aspect, but for the most part, it is positive.

Mercury is the planet that governs communication. Because of this, it plays a crucial role in developing and maintaining relationships.

Squares produce friction between planets, but they can also create chemistry. In many cases, even a hard aspect, such as a square, is better than no aspect at all.

Mercury Square Mercury in Synastry

When two people have Mercury square Mercury, they often disagree with one another. They think differently, and their opinions will tend to annoy one another.

On the other hand, they do talk with one another, and there is intellectual chemistry between them.

Although this is a tense aspect, it does promote communication. While the two will not agree on much, they will tell each other what they think and feel.

It will be important for them to learn to “agree to disagree.”

If this aspect is present, it will be important to look at the other synastry aspects the two have. Mars aspects will increase the volatility of this aspect.

Venus aspects will smooth over arguments and help them get along with each other.

In addition to Mars and Venus aspects, there are certain sign combinations that will change the meaning of Mercury square Mercury.

Gemini and Virgo

This is the best combination for this aspect. Mercury rules both of these signs, so both people are skillful communicators in their own right.

This will also give them an affinity with each other that they might not otherwise have.

The two will disagree, but they will enjoy debating one another. They will also understand and respect each other which will help them to have a healthy relationship.

Virgo and Sagittarius

Mercury is strong in Virgo, but weak in Sagittarius. Mercury in Sagittarius does not always take the time to communicate properly.

People with Mercury in Sagittarius can also be a bit too blunt or they can be careless with what they say and how they say it.

The person with Mercury in Virgo will be able to help the person with Mercury in Sagittarius to communicate better.

The problem is that this may lead to an unequal relationship that neither person is happy with. Mercury in Sagittarius is loath to ask for help and tends to be resentful rather than grateful for it.

Gemini and Pisces

This is another situation in which one person’s Mercury is strong and the other’s is weak.

Mercury rules Gemini but is at its worst in Pisces. A person with Mercury in Pisces can struggle to communicate clearly and coherently.

A person with Mercury in Gemini can help a great deal but does not always have the patience to do so.

On the other hand, unlike Mercury in Sagittarius, Mercury in Pisces is not ashamed to ask for or to accept help.

Sagittarius and Pisces

This is the most difficult situation when it comes to Mercury square Mercury in synastry. Mercury is weak in both of these signs.

The person with Mercury in Sagittarius will not take the time to understand or encourage the person with Mercury in Pisces.

In turn, the person with Mercury in Pisces will tend to suffer in silence when Mercury in Sagittarius is blunt or careless.

The saving grace of this combination is that both Sagittarius and Pisces are traditionally ruled by Jupiter. This will give the two the ability to connect over subjects such as religion and philosophy.

House Position

When interpreting the meaning of Mercury square Mercury in synastry, it is important to consider the house that Mercury occupies in each other’s chart.

For more information, see:

Mercury in Houses Synastry Meanings: 1st through 12th House

Man’s Mercury Square Woman’s Mercury Relationship

Mercury square Mercury will create some friction in a romantic relationship, especially if there are also Mars aspects between the couple.

Different people have different levels of tolerance when it comes to volatility in their relationships.

If this is a couple that is willing to live with miscommunication and disagreements from time to time, this aspect can be a positive one.

The friction that this aspect creates tends to promote honesty.

The couple will usually tell each other the truth. They will generally not be tempted to tell each other little white lies in order to spare each other’s feelings.

This may make things uncomfortable in the short term, but it will reduce the risk of problems festering over time.

Mercury Square Mercury in Friendship

Mercury square Mercury is a good aspect to have between friends.

This aspect will stimulate conversation, even if the two do not often agree. They will enjoy talking with one another and will seek each other out.

The potential volatility and risk of miscommunication is less of a problem in friendships than it is in romantic relationships.

It is easier for friends to get away from each other or to avoid certain topics of conversation than it is for romantic partners.

Friends with Mercury square Mercury are good sounding boards for one another.

They do not necessarily give each other good advice. Instead, they tend to play the role of “Devil’s Advocate” for one another, helping them to think through their problems and decisions.

How to Tell if Mercury is Square Mercury in Synastry

Signs that are square one another have the same Mode, but are of incompatible Elements.

The Mode represents the way that a sign acts in the world and responds to change. The Element represents the sign’s basic nature.

When two signs are square they have different characters, but they have similar responses to the world. This is what gives this aspect its mixture of friction and attraction.

Below are the signs that are square by Mode:

Cardinal, Mutable and Fixed Squares by Zodiac Sign in Synastry

If two people have their Mercury in signs that are square, the influence of this aspect will be present.

The closer the square is by degree, the stronger it will be. If Mercury is within seven degrees of an exact square, the aspect will be at full strength.

Mercury can be within seven degrees in the charts of two people without being in the correct signs.

This will manifest as a weaker form of the aspect, but it can be more problematic. The reason for this is that the two will annoy each other but will have a hard time naming what it is that is bothering them.


Even though Mercury square Mercury is a tense aspect that can cause miscommunication and disagreement, it tends to be more positive than negative.

This is because this aspect tends to promote honest communication between two people even when it is difficult.

This aspect is easier in friendships than it is in romantic relationships.

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