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How to Keep a Capricorn Man Interested

Capricorn men are so rigid, organized, and put together, that it can feel like it is impossible to break into their world.

Catching and keeping the interest of a Capricorn man can be challenging, but rewarding as they are incredibly sensitive and caring.

So how can you convince a Capricorn man to make space for you in his life?

There are a few things that you can do to win and keep his interest. These are the secrets of loving a Capricorn man.

5 Ways to Keep a Capricorn Man Interested

When it comes to keeping a Capricorn man’s interest, the most important thing is compatibility. He wants someone with whom he shares values and dreams.

A Capricorn man wants someone who lives life on the same wavelength as them.

He is a planner and pays attention to detail, and knows that there are some wonderful people out there who just won’t fit into his highly structured world.

Men born under Capricorn are also highly ambitious. He has big dreams and the determination to achieve them. He understands other dreamers who believe in hard work.

A Capricorn man will respect and appreciate someone who also shows these qualities within themselves.

1. Get Chatting

To get a Capricorn man hooked, you need to speak up about yourself. Capricorn men are very practical, and they know that attraction doesn’t always last.

Beyond a good hormonal reaction, they are looking for someone with whom they are truly compatible. The only way to find out if the two of you fit the bill is to spend a lot of time chatting about the important things in life.

Capricorn men enjoy sharing their thoughts and opinions, and love someone who really listens to them, and is not just waiting for their turn to talk. But they are also excellent listeners and genuinely interested in what you have to say about yourself.

2. Make Plans

When handling your Capricorn man, make sure that you stick to the plan. Capricorn men are about as far from spontaneous as you can get. They always like to have a pretty detailed plan, for everything.

Whether it is going to the movies or making dinner, they thrive when they have a step by step process that they can follow, and when they have a chance to prepare themselves.

So, don’t spring things on him at the last minute. Make your date plans a week in advance, and always make sure he knows where you will be going and what you will be doing.

Capricorn men manage surprisingly well when you throw them in the deep end, but he will be much more relaxed if he has a chance to prepare himself.

3. Show Appreciation

To manage a Capricorn man, make sure you show him that you appreciate them. Capricorn men are generous and giving and they love to do nice things for other people.

That is one of the reasons why loving a Capricorn man is so easy. But they do expect those people to show appropriate levels of appreciation for their work.

When your Capricorn man does something special for you, make sure he knows how grateful you are.

Capricorn men, while ambitious and striving, also tend to be grateful for the things that they have in their lives, such as their health and friends. They tend to be glass half full people.

He will probably see the two of you as more compatible if you too take the time to be grateful for the things that you do have, rather than always worrying about what you don’t have.

4. Spend Time in Nature

Manage your Capricorn man’s emotions by taking him into nature.

Ambitious and dedicated, Capricorn men can find themselves getting pretty stressed and tightly wound in day to day life. This is hardly conducive to romance.

To help him relax and open up, spend time together in nature. There is no better way to handle a stressed Capricorn man.

Capricorn men feel their best when the smartphone is tucked away and they can feel the grass beneath their toes. Go on a picnic, plan a hike, or just go for a drive through the countryside.

You will find that the two of you have a much better chance to connect.

5. Be Ambitious

To make a Capricorn man want you, be ambitious. They have big ambitions for their lives, and you can be sure that they are working hard towards a dream.

While they might occasionally envy those people who are satisfied with their lot in life, he probably doesn’t really understand them. But he does understand and respect people who share his passion to accomplish their dreams.

Share your dreams with your Capricorn man, and work hard to achieve them. Nothing will make a Capricorn man want you more than seeing you achieve.

Yes, he might get a little jealous when that big pay rise means that you now earn more than him, but he also finds that very alluring.

Success is a great way to attract a Capricorn man.

What Capricorn Men Dislike

Capricorn men are loving and generous, but they are far from easy going. It is not difficult to push Capricorn’s buttons.

There are a few things best avoided when dealing with a Capricorn man.

1. Don’t Spend Too Much Time on Your Phone

While Capricorn men aren’t technophobic, they do think that some things should be used in moderation.

Nothing will put him off more than if you check your phone at the dinner table, or stop for half an hour to get the perfect selfie.

2. Don’t Push

Just like everyone, Capricorn grows when he is outside of his comfort zone, but for him, this is best in small doses.

To get the best out of him, go into situations that he can control. Then he will feel happy and safe to share and experiment.

Once you have a deep bond and you are his comfort zone, then you can start to push the boundaries more.

3. Don’t Be Extravagant

Capricorn men tend to hate waste and believe in making the most of what you have. Yes, that is why he is wearing the same shirt as the one in the 10-year-old photo he has shown you.

If you are too extravagant or wasteful, he might see this as a problem for your future happiness.

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Keeping a Capricorn Man

When a Capricorn man gives his heart, he is steadfast and dedicated, just as he is in every part of his life.

So, keeping a Capricorn man isn’t challenging. But to get to the point of genuine commitment, the two of your need to be highly compatible.

Share your true thoughts and feelings openly and create a space in which he can share his, and you two will quickly discover whether it is a perfect match.

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