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How To Get Your Virgo Man Back Fast

How To Get Your Virgo Man Back Fast

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Virgo men are sensitive souls and deep thinkers. They are never one to just go with the flow. They are always evaluating and questioning, which makes them prone to “break-up, make-up” activity.

To get a Virgo man back, you need to appeal to that analytical mind and show him that returning is the right choice. It is about demonstrating that you are a great match, and that whatever problems drove you apart are dealt with.

Read on for specific advice for winning bak your Virgo man.

Will a Virgo Man Return After a Break-Up?

Virgo men don’t make decisions lightly, so often when they make a final decision, like breaking up, it is very difficult to change their minds. They have reasoned through everything and believe that it is right.

This is not to say that if circumstances change, they might not come back. But they will want to consider that decision very carefully indeed.

5 Ways to Get a Virgo Man Back Fast

If you want to win back your Virgo man, you need to show him that things have changed, you have changed, and that you won’t just be picking up where you left off.

Always approach a Virgo man pragmatically, and while you should show your feelings, don’t get overly emotional. This may cause him to raise his defenses.

1. Talk through issues pragmatically

To get a Virgo man back after a break-up, you are going to need to talk through whatever drove you apart. When you do, keep your emotions in check.

Talk pragmatically about solutions rather than allocating blame or talking about the same thing around in circles.

Virgo men are incredibly sensitive and self-critical. No one is giving them a harder time for the mistakes that he has made than he is. If you lay more blame on top, it won’t help.

But Virgo men are reticent, so don’t force him to apologize. You both know what happened, look to the future.

If a Virgo man does apologize to you, and you forgive him, don’t continue to use what happened against him. It will just drive him away.

2. Make your intentions clear

To win back a Virgo man’s heart, you need to make it crystal clear that this is what you want.

While Virgo men give off a quiet confidence, they can be surprisingly insecure when it comes to some things. Believing that you truly want to get back together with him may well be one of those things.

Tell him in plain and simple words what you want, and also make sure you show him.

If he sees you flirting with other men, he will assume that you are looking for greener pastures, and he won’t want to risk being hurt again.

Virgo men can be risk-averse when it comes to gambling their heart a second time. Make sure he knows your feelings.

3. Make it clear that you have changed

To get a Virgo man back after an argument, you need to make it clear that you have changed. What was the source of the dispute? Insecurity, jealousy, a wicked temper?

If whatever happened is just one more thing in a pattern of behavior, your Virgo man is unlikely to want to return.

Virgo men are more self-aware than most people, so they will recognize patterns of destructive behavior better than most. If they see a pattern emerging, they won’t want to get caught in its web.

Make sure he knows that you also recognize these patterns of behavior, and that you are willing to make the changes necessary on your side to move forward.

4. Stay in touch, but keep your distance

To get a Virgo man back in your life, you need to stay connected to him, but you also need to give him distance.

Virgo men tend to be highly introspective, and they will want time to work through their feelings.

If you keep too close to him, he will feel pressure, that that will just cause him to raise his defenses.

Touch base with your man occasionally with a photo or a memory, but don’t constantly ask him what he is doing or tell him how you are feeling. Let him be alone with his own thoughts.

If he still has feelings for you, you can be sure that you are never far from his thoughts.

5. Invest in yourself

To make a Virgo man want you back, you need to love and respect yourself first.

While Virgo men love with all of their hearts, they are wary of being “responsible” for someone else’s happiness. They know that it is a big responsibility, and they are worried that they are not up for job.

He wants someone to love, but not someone who needs him to give them value. He is attracted to people who understand their self-worth and give themselves the love that they need.

They think that this is a very attractive quality, and also essential for a healthy relationship.

So, if you want your Virgo man to love you, you need to love yourself first.

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How Long Does it Take For a Virgo Man to Come Back

Virgo men rarely make decisions lightly, and they are also stubborn.

This means that they may never decide to return to a relationship that they consider to be broken. But, if they do decide to give things another go, it can take some time.

A Virgo man will want to think through everything and consider all the potential consequences in detail before risking his heart by returning to a partner.

While it can be painful, you really do need to give him the space to arrive at the decision on his own.

After You Win Him Back

Once you win your Virgo man back, that is where the real work starts. You need to make sure that you develop a happy and healthy relationship so that you stay together.

When you are in a relationship with a Virgo man, it is a good idea to give one another space to work on yourselves as individuals. But at the same time, you need to make the most of the time that you do have together and invest in your special connection.

It is also a good idea to constantly reassure your Virgo man that you only have eyes for him. He can be surprisingly insecure.