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20 Best Gifts for a Pisces Woman in 2020

20 Best Gifts for a Pisces Woman in 2020

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Finding the right gift for a Pisces woman can be a challenge. Pisces women thrive off their important friendships and relationships. Time with their nearest and dearest is always the best gift that they can possibly receive.

She also likes to be the center of attention. So whatever you plan, make sure she is the star of the show. She will also appreciate a striking piece of jewelry or a daring item of clothing that helps her shine like the star that she is.

To help you in your search, we’ve handpicked and categorized a list of 20 unique birthday and Christmas gifts for a Pisces woman.

Here are the Best Gifts for a Pisces Woman

Home Comforts

Recommended Gift: Weighted Blanket

Adult weighted blanket for women

More than any other zodiac sign, Pisces women love their home comforts. Therefore, items that make home life more enjoyable are always a good gift idea for Pisces women!

One such idea is a comforting adult weighted blanket. The added weight will mimick the feeling of someone hugging her and make her feel more safe and secure.

Recommended Gift: Chonky Seal Pillow

Chonky Seal hugging pillow gift idea

With a similar function to the weighted blanket, this adorable chonky seal pillow ideal for her to snuggle up to while watching a movie. 

Recommended Gift: State-specific scented candles 

Homesick New York scented candles

Has moved from her childhood state? If so, let her reminisce about her origins with these popular state-specific candles.

Artistic Accessories

Most Pisces women have an artistic streak and enjoy making things with their hands. They probably already have a hobby that they enjoy, and some new supplies to fuel her creative pursuits always makes a good gift for a Pisces woman.

Recommended Gift: DIY Hands Casting Kit

DIY hands casting kit

One great idea is this fun hands craft kit seen above. She can create a lasting keepsake with her nearest and dearest.

Recommended Gift: An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

An Irreverent Adult Coloring Book

If she enjoys coloring, then this adult and sassy coloring book will make an exciting small gift. It should also get a laugh when she unwraps it. 

She will also likely enjoy taking a class that stretches her creative side. If she likes drawing, book her in for a life drawing class. If she’s into Samba, let her try her hand at Tango. A pottery class, a sewing lesson, anything where she can make something with her hands she will enjoy. 

Relaxing gadgets

Pisces women love being around people and feel energized by social commitments, but they also struggle to say no. This means that they have a tendency to over-commit themselves and struggle to find the time to prioritize relaxation, so a relaxing gift is a good choice.

Recommended Gift: Essential Oil Diffuser

Anjou Oil Diffuser

Let her energize her home with his lovely oil diffuser. You can also buy her this oil diffuser set here so she can mix and match oils to create her own unique blend. The best essential oil for Pisces is Tea Tea oil. 

Recommended Gift: Sleep Eye Mask

Sleep eye mask

Something like this sleep eye mask will go a long way to helper her recharge her batteries.

A day out at the museum or art gallery together will help her relax in the same way and will stimulate her creative side.

Recommended Gift: Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

Shiatsu Back and Neck Massager

She might also like a gift that helps her relax at home. Something like this Shiatsu shoulder back and neck massager that she can use when she has a few minutes spare could also make a good gift.

Recommended Gift: Shea & Coco Butter Fizzy Bath Bombs

Shea & Coco Butter Fizzy Bath Bombs

She might also like some self-pampering toiletries like a nice bath bomb.

Recommended Gift: Organic Solar Plexus Chakra Tea

Organic Solar Plexus Chakra Tea Scorpio woman gift

The solar plexus is the Scorpio chakra, so this tea will soothe her chakra and mentally relax her. Perfect on a Friday evening after a long working week!

Mystical Items

Recommended Gift: Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Wild Unknown Tarot Deck

Pisces women tend to have quite a prominent spiritual side. She is probably curious in the mystical, even if she doesn’t take it too seriously.

Use this interest to find the perfect gift. If she is a believer, then something that she can play with herself might make a good gift. Consider a Tarot deck. There are so many decks available that you should be able to find something that appeals to her artistic sensibilities. 

Recommended Gift: Custom Star Map

Custom star map for Astrology lovers

If she’s big into her astrology, get her a custom star map of her zodiac sign’s constellation. Among other things, the sign can be customized for any star sign and to include her name.

Recommended Gift: Scorpio Glassware

Scorpio glassware

If she enjoys a good weekend drink, a Scorpio glass might be for her. Made of high-quality crystal glass and with a detailed star map, it’s ideal for a Scorpio horoscope lover.

Healing Crystals

Himalayan Salt Lamp

Recommended Gift: Himalayan Salt Lamp

She might also like the idea of having crystals in her space, as they are both attractive and can bring positive and tranquil energy into the home. She might like the Himalayan Salt Lamp shown above.

Recommended Gift: Crystal Healing Wands

Crystal healing wands

Maybe she will prefer these crystal healing wands. They will make a nice mantle piece ornament. The best crystals for Scorpio that will stabilize their emotions and enhance their charm are Malachite, Rhodochrosite, Smoky Quartz, Citrine, Sodalite, and Amethyst.

Recommended Gift: Amethyst Cluster

Amethyst Cluster

Additionally, this classic Amethyst Cluster.

A Party

Womens party dress

Recommended Gift: HOMEYEE Women’s Party Dress

As we have already said once or twice, Pisces women love to socialize. They love sharing with their nearest and dearest as well as meeting new people and learning different perspectives on life. This means that there are few things that a Pisces woman will enjoy as much as a party in her honor.

Whether it is a surprise or something planned, don’t be afraid to go over the top. She will appreciate the type of party that people will be talking about and compare it with future parties. Choose an interesting venue, and splurge on something sparkling.

Stylish Jewellery

Recommended Gift: 14 Karat White Gold and Aquamarine Pendant

14 Karat White Gold and Aquamarine Pendant

Just as with clothes, Pisces women are eclectic when it comes to jewelry. They love having interesting, attention-drawing pieces that work with different outfits and different occasions. This means that they are relatively easy to buy for.

She might also like something striking but classic like this 14 karat white gold and aquamarine pendant.

Recommended Gift: Latitude & Longitude Necklace

Latitude & Longitude Necklace

If you want to go for something a bit sentimental or timeless, choose pieces in silver, like clean rings or necklaces. Pisces women like to feel their friends understand them, so giving them a custom necklace engraved with coordinates special to you both is a lovely sentimental gift. You can also find this same necklace here on Etsy.

Recommended Gift: Gold Plated Scorpio Constellation Necklace

Scorpio constellation necklace

If you are going for a stone, Pisces have an affinity for amethyst, aquamarine, bloodstone, jade, rock crystal, and sapphire.

She might like a striking chunky jade bracelet that still looks clean and fresh, like this natural jade bangle.  or something a bit unusual like this Sterling Silver Aquamarine Dust Hourglass Pendant Necklace.