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Best Gift Ideas for a Capricorn Woman

Best Gift Ideas for a Capricorn Woman

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Born between December 22 and January 19, Capricorn women are independent and always in control. She rarely does anything without thinking it through. Capricorn women like to set goals and will then follow the steps that they need in order to get things done. They have the ability to persevere even in the most challenging times, of course, sometimes she is just stubborn.

One of the earth signs, Capricorn women have that earthy reliability and they always follow through on something once they have made a commitment.

Ruled by Saturn, Capricorn women live their lives by a strict set of rules, which they have set themselves. But this means that they are even harder on themselves when they break their own rules, no matter how small. They can be equally unforgiving when others break their word.

Capricorn women tend to be very focused and stick to regimented schedules. Therefore, the best gifts for Capricorn women are tools and accessories to help keep them organised and on-time throughout the day.

Fiercely independent, Capricorn women prefer to handle everything themselves, rather than ask for help. That doesn’t mean that she expects the same from others and she will lend her own help willingly.

She likes to know that what she gets out of life is a result of the effort she puts in. This means that solutions to problems are in her own hands as well.

Here are the best gifts for Capricorn women

1. Planners and Organisers

Recommended Gift: Get Organized Panda Diary

Panda Planner Pro

Planners and organisers are always a good gift for people, as they are the kind of useful thing that everyone will use, and birthdays are often a time when we make new goals and enjoy being able to track them.

This is true for Capricorn women, who are not only goal-oriented, but are planners. When they decide that they are going to achieve something, usually the first thing they do is create a roadmap for exactly how they are going to reach their destination.

A good gift for a Capricorn woman is one of the latest productivity planners, as she will enjoy thinking about new ways that she can both achieve and record her goals. Consider something like the Get Organized Panda Diary shown above or the Productivity Planner.

If she works as part of a team, or has a family to manage, think about something that facilitates shared productivity planning. She is probably the type of person that likes to keep track of tasks when she assigns them to others. She might like a whiteboard or chalkboard, which she can use to track activities, but also get a bit creative.

2. Make Do and Mend

Recommended Gift: complete home sewing kit

Complete Home Sewing Kit

As an earth sign, Capricorn women tend to have a deep connection with the earth and feel strongly about the environment. They probably prioritise recycling, reducing food waste, and may have a tendency to keep things rather than see it end up in landfill. As such, she is probably quite interested in the make do and mend movement.

Consider giving her something like a complete home sewing kit, so she can fix small problems with her clothes, or transform them completely as styles change. If she’s new to sewing, consider enrolling her on a sewing course.

She is probably the type of person who always remembers to take her environmentally friendly bags with her to the grocery store, and might like something to upgrade her green credentials in the kitchen. Think about reusable food bags, or a collapsible straw so that she never needs to use a plastic one again.

Some herb plants for her kitchen window sill are also an excellent present for a Capricorn woman. Her earthy side will love caring for them. She will also enjoy being able to pick what she needs, and not need to buy expensive packaged herbs at the supermarket.

3. Home Tech

Recommended Gift: Smartphone Projector

Smartphone Projector

Capricorn women can tend towards being control freaks, and this extends to organising their home. As such, they might like some technological bits to help them take control of their space. If she doesn’t already have an Alexa in her life, it can make a great gift. She can control her music, add things to her shopping list, and quickly check the weather in order to plan her day.

She might also like something like this Google Nest Learning Thermostat so that she can smartly control the temperature of all the rooms in her house. If she is a neat freak, also consider something like this Automatic Touchless Infrared Motion Sensor Trash Can or Touchless Toilet Flush Kit.

As an earth mother, she is also probably an animal lover, and probably has a pet that she loves. If she has a feline friend, she might like something like this smart cat flap that can control what time her cat comes in and out of the house, and will also send her messages updating on her cat’s activities.

Not all home tech need to be useful, she might like something like this 3D Moon Lamp LED Night Light, or this Jellyfish Colourful 3D Night Light. This Essential Oil Diffuser with Ultrasonic Glass might also be a great gift choice. She might also get a kick out of this LEGO Architecture Eiffel Tower.

4. Something to Relax

Recommended Gift: Acupressure Mat

Acupressure Mat

Capricorn women are always busy, always working on their next big project, always trying to perfect their worlds. Sometimes she can need a little help in order to relax. Book her in for a spa day and let her be pampered.

She can also use some things to help her relax at home. Go practical, like an electric pulse muscle stimulator to give her the massage that she needs. She might also like something like the Acupressure Mat shown above.

What about something to bring some relaxing energy into her space… Consider these Healing Crystal Wands or this Amethyst Cluster Crystal. Or perhaps some delicious smelling incense, of a funky incense burner like this Ceramic Waterfall Counterflow Burner or this Singeek Copper Alloy Incense Burner.

5. Something Practical

Recommended Gift: Electric Toothbrush

Electric Toothbrush

Capricorn women tend to be practical, and appreciate things of utility. But useful gifts don’t need to be boring. If you pick something that shows that you have been paying attention to what she needs, she will appreciate the thought.

If her toothbrush is starting to look a little sad, consider the latest electric toothbrush. Long locks always need love and attention, so consider something like the new Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer.

Maybe she will like a funky inverted UV umbrella or this DMoose Cable Management Box Organizer. She might also like something fun for the kitchen, like this Magic Bullet Blender, or this Hydracy Fruit Infuser Water Bottle.

If you know her tastes, you can also go for something practical for her wardrobe. A funky new pair of trainers or some flattering leggings are always a good choice. Or maybe a new bag to replace the one that she loves but is falling apart.

6. Jewellery

Recommended Gift: Lapis Lazuli Egyptian Cartouche Pendant

Lapis Lazuli Egyptian Cartouche Pendant

Capricorn women love high-end jewelry and tend to think of them as investment pieces. They don’t like pieces for a one-off wear, they refer pieces that will last a lifetime. Capricorn appreciates both quality material, and excellent craftsmanship. They like original pieces, that are unique, but not over the top.

As an earth sign, Capricorn woman like leather and other earthy materials. In terms of stones, garnet, blue topaz, lapis lazuli and onyx are ideal for Capricorn women.

Consider a striking lapis lazuli pendant, like this round 10mm blue lapis stone pendant, or this BEADNOVA Healing Lapis Lazuli Gemstone Ball Pendant Necklace. She will also probably like this COAI 08 Mala Beads Matte Onyx 7 Chakra Bracelet, or these striking Long Created Black Onyx Inlay White Gold Plated Sterling Silver Threader Earrings with Onyx detail.

If you are looking for something a bit special, then she might like this Egyptian inspired lapis lazuli cartouche pendant (pictured above) with 18 karat gold designed to attract health and happiness.

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Capricorn women are very focussed and goal-oriented, and they are incredibly independent and want to do everything themselves. Help them out by giving them some of the tools they need to do things themselves.

Don’t be afraid to do something that helps them, they’ll never ask, but she does know how to be grateful. Any gift that shows that you have been paying attention to what she needs and what she wants will be greatly appreciated. When going for jewellery or keepsakes, make sure you go for quality, both in terms of material and design.

Whatever you get her, make sure to include a thoughtful card with a note explaining exactly why she is important to you. More than anything, Capricorn women like to feel useful, appreciated, respected and loved.


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