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Aries Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

Aries Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What You Need To Know

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From March 21st until 19 April, we enter Aries Season 2020, a time of new beginnings, coinciding with the start of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere! In the Southern Hemisphere, it’s the start of Autumn, also a time of starting again, a new season.

Cosmically speaking, this is also the beginning of the Astrological New Year, and for all of us, can herald the initiation of something new. So, if you’ve been looking for another chance for a new chapter, then this is the time to set some intentions and manifest your desires!

This is a sign of action, and as we emerge out of a long Winter or Summer Season, we can look forward to setting the things in motion that we may have been holding back on or waiting for the right time to initiate.

Aries Season 2020

The Aries Sun Sign Horoscope 2020 firstly opens up Aries Season, so all the Aries folks out there get a brand-new, clean, fresh slate to write a whole new yearly chapter in! For all of us though, we can tap into this collective energy and enjoy a period of newness and pioneering, of leadership, goal setting and taking action to achieve those goals.

Aries is not the type of sign to sit around and twiddle their thumbs – they like to get up and move, whether that means in the workplace, within relationships or getting physically active. Perhaps it’s been a boozy Summer, or an indulgent Winter, and now is the perfect time to get back to the gym or start any other fun activity!

Aries is also the first sign of the zodiac, following the sign of Pisces. Pisces Season was all about closing things down, letting go, surrender and endings. Now that we’ve hopefully made some space, we can plant seeds for brand-new projects over the course of Aries Season 2020.

Aries is also one of the most honest, loyal signs out there, and this is a time where we can be a lot more direct with our truth, and be sure to have each other’s backs – this is the warrior sign after all!

This astrological sign is also deeply trusting, even vulnerable, and although can seem self-absorbed, this is not a sign that is narcissistic in a toxic way. Like a baby, Aries simply doesn’t always realise that others may have needs or desires too, and hence we need to be mindful of stepping on other people’s toes without meaning to over Aries Season!

Keywords for Aries Season are: action, leadership, drive, impulsive, assertive, impatience, beginnings, activity, initiating, creativity, self-absorption, honesty, truth, risk, loyalty and vulnerability.

Element & Mode

Of course, the element of Aries is Fire – and as with all Fire signs, it’s about action and spontaneity, adventure, passion and fun! Aries season 2020 can be one long party, for some people! It’s a season where you can step bravely into a new adventure, where you can take a bit of a risk and enjoy the ride!

Being a Cardinal sign, this is a season where you can step into a leadership position and learn to be bold and brave. Courage is learning how to see the fear, and do it anyway! An Aries always leaps and just trusts that the net will appear!

Ruling Planet

The planet Mars is the ruler of Aries. Mars is the Warrior Planet, also known as the “Red Planet”. Mars is the planet of war and battle, lust, desire, anger, aggression, excitement and power. Mars can be a fabulously thrilling energy, or a downright pesky one!

Mars tends to be selfish, and looks for a fight, not for peace – we all have this “Mars energy” in us, and the best way to express it is to channel energy into something creative and constructive, to healthily assert boundaries and set limits. Otherwise it’s all too easy to become impatient, aggressive and lose our temper over this exciting but volatile season!

5 ways to make the most of Aries Season 2020:

1. Be Bold!

Aries Season asks us to step into this Warrior energy and be bold – to not be afraid of taking a risk, as scared as we may be! Boldness means to go somewhere or do something that you haven’t done before, and not to be afraid to be the first one to do it. Aries is seldom afraid of making a mistake – they’re more scared of not experiencing everything life has to offer! So, this season, be bold – be brave and take a step towards living a life that can never be boring!

2. Lead the Pack

Aries is not a sign to sit in the wings and waits for their turn on the stage! Whilst not exactly performers, Aries does enjoy attention and being first. Is there an area of life where you could take the lead and be the boss? Have you always held back, fearful of the responsibility that a leader takes? Maybe start small, and think about maybe being the friend to organise a social gathering, or take the lead on a work project. Be the first one to pick up the phone and make a call, thereby inspiring others to do the same!

3. Face Your Fears

Aries Season 2020 is a season where you can face a lot of your fears and overcome them. This sign absolutely adores a challenge, and the scarier, the better! Not all of us have the bravery of an Aries, but this season, we can feel just an inkling of the courage that characterises this sign. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to surf, but have been scared to try. Or maybe it’s spiders you’re scared of, or doing a presentation. Maybe it’s a much deeper, inner fear. Whatever your fears are, tackle at least one of them over Aries Season 2020!

4. Get Competitive

Most Aries people are highly competitive – whether it’s at the gym or at work, they have to win! Competition can be extremely healthy and spur you on to be better and better. Maybe you and a friend can challenge each other in a sport you love, or you and a colleague can go head to head on a project. Maybe you can simply try to be a better version of yourself, by taking on a sport or activity that allows you to exercise your more aggressive, competitive side in a healthy way.

5. Be Honest

Aries is a sign that seldom tells a lie – if they do, they probably don’t even realise it – they’re quite innocent that way. Most of the time, Aries is painfully honest, to the point of tactless or rude! While it’s no good to put your foot in your mouth, perhaps this season is a great time to tell your truth, to initiate a conversation with someone that needs it. You might be surprised at the vulnerability you can trigger, which leads to deeper connection!

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In Summary

The Aries Horoscope for 2020 is a fresh, new start, an opportunity to reset things and initiate new and exciting projects. This season is all about taking charge, getting active, asserting yourself and being honest. You might feel impulsive and spontaneous, more willing to take a risk – so go ahead and do it!

One of the favoured quotes for this sign is “rather ask forgiveness than permission”. This is one of the rebel signs of the zodiac, and you, too, can tap into this fiery and passionate energy! It’s a great time to take out a gym contract, get fit, and to challenge yourself. Don’t be afraid of competition and dare to be brave! Face your fears over Aries Season, and enjoy the rewards and freedom from overcoming whatever usually make you want to run for the hills!