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Aries New Moon March 2023 Horoscope: How to Make the Most of It

Aries New Moon March 2023 Horoscope: How to Make the Most of It

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The Sun moves into the sign of Aries on the 21st of March and meets up with the Moon for the New Moon on the 21st of March, 01:23 am (EST) at 0 degrees Aries, kicking off Aries season 2023 and the Spring Equinox.

New Moon is a time for new beginnings and new projects, so let’s see what this New Moon in Aries has in store for us and how we can tune in to make the most of the energy.

Aries is the Sign of the Warrior

Aries is associated with dynamic, spontaneous energy. It is a Fire sign ruled by Mars, and it is the 1st sign of the zodiac.

Aries natives are known to be energetic, assertive individuals with a zest for life.

Aries is a competitive sign, and they simply love to win. They are action-orientated pioneers and enjoy trying out new things. They love adventure, ambition, and taking the lead in situations.

Aries are inspirational because they can motivate others and themselves, and they easily generate enthusiasm and interest with their boundless, infectious energy.

Aries is a cardinal sign as it is the 1st Fire sign of the new season. Cardinal signs are active, go-getting, and confident; they love taking on a challenge. They don’t let the grass grow under their feet!

The New Moon will particularly benefit all the cardinal signs, which are Aries, Libra, Cancer, and Capricorn, especially those with planets, angles, or placements around 0-1 degree.

However, all signs will feel the energy of the new season starting and the bright new beginnings on offer.

4 Ways to Make the Most of the Aries New Moon

1. Celebrate – It’s a Brand-New Astro Year

Shallow Focus of Sprout

The Aries New Moon is particularly auspicious for starting new projects, wiping the slate clean, and setting new intentions for what you want to bring forth next.

Aries is the sign of new beginnings, and New Moons are all about new beginnings, so here we have a double whammy of new beginning energy that can light a fire under our ventures and give a cosmic green light to projects.

It is time to plant new seeds.

As we move away from Winter and Pisces season, we can remind ourselves of how far we’ve come and all we have surrendered or released.

We may have spent some time in solitude or resting more, and now it’s time to re-enter the world and let our light shine.

Feel inspired by the possibilities a New Cosmic Year brings. This is the official start of 2023.

What new life do you want to create for yourself?

2. Follow Your Heart at Aries New Moon

On the 21st of March, when the Moon is new, Venus is conjunct the North Node. This brings us an energy of fate, destiny, and a need to follow our hearts.

It is a good time to commit to a new goal, project, or initiative, and the energy is ripe for new beginnings, new endeavors, and a brand-new attitude of hope.

The North Node is in Taurus, helping us consolidate our resources, our self-worth, and what we value.

Venus conjunct the North Node might mean a windfall, financial increase, or new opportunities emerging. There could even be a brand-new sense of self we want to unveil.

It’s a great day for makeovers, shopping sprees, and committing to something you really want. This might be something you have wanted for a long time, and it is now within reach.

We can feel really good about ourselves, our prospects, and our security at New Moon, and we can tune into new possibilities or endeavors that might prove to be fulfilling and rewarding in the future.

Look out for signs or confirmations that you are on the right track.

The main theme of Venus conjunct North Node is to be open to new directions and guidance and spiritual downloads about where the universe wants us to go next.

It’s time to step up and follow your destiny!

3. Allow Pluto to Lend a Hand

Close-up of the Planet Pluto

The Aries New Moon is sextile Pluto, giving an extra dose of grit and determination to reach your goals.

It may not be easy, but you can reach your destination if you just set sail and start out on your voyage.

Pluto gives us willpower, personal power, and resilience, so set your resolve and know that you will overcome any obstacle as you power forward toward what is meant for you.

Pluto is at 29 degrees Capricorn, about to move into Aquarius later this month. There may be a sense of urgency and a need to take some form of action, perhaps before it is too late.

The 29th degree is important or fated, so we may feel this as a nudge from the universe just to do it; just try, and don’t wait any longer!

You don’t want to miss out on your blessings, do you?

Pluto is giving you a push at New Moon to step forward and not be afraid. Embrace your own personal power and prepare to be propelled into a brave new world and bright new future.

4. Make a Wish at Aries New Moon

There is lucky energy to this Aries New Moon, too, with Jupiter in Aries and Part of Fortune bringing extra luck at the exact time when the Moon is new.

It’s a great idea to make a wish or set an intention for what you hope to manifest this new season and in the year ahead.

This New Moon has many indicators that events will feel fated and propel us into our new future.

It should be an exciting time when you feel invigorated, revitalized, and ready for a new astrological year to begin.

You should soon start to see signs you are headed in the right direction if you haven’t already.

Your energy and enthusiasm should be at an all-time high, and you can feel proud of what you have achieved and ready for what is next.

We have another New Moon in Aries on the 20th of April, so we get another chance to progress our dreams around that time.

Take the first steps now, and let the new season light your inspiration for positive change.

Have a great New Moon in Aries!