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Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Pisces Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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With Saturn settling into your sign in April, you are feeling more serious and responsible than you have for some time.

You want things done right, first time, and you don’t want to waste time on frivolous things when there is serious work to be done.

One of the main things on your mind in April is money, and how to make your cash work harder for you.

You should have more money coming in with lucky Jupiter blessing your 2nd house of income, along with the Sun, Mercury, and Chiron.

Perhaps you are consolidating your worth this month and starting to feel good about yourself.

About time too, Pisces!

All work and no play makes Jack a little dull, so you need to find ways to unwind too in April, Pisces.

You feel so alert and switched on and might need to make time to slow down your thoughts so they don’t become jumbled.

Make time for quiet activities that allow you to unwind and take a breather.

Mercury Has Your Brain in Overdrive

You have been thinking about money lately, but that changes on the 3rd when Mercury, planet of communication, moves into Taurus, your 3rd house of chatting thinking, learning, and planning, so your mind will be on overdrive with thoughts and concepts to explore.

Although you will be full of new ideas, a square to Pluto in your 12th house suggests you might decide to keep some of these to yourself for the time being.

You want a chance to mull over the options and get your ducks in a row before announcing anything.

A helpful link to Saturn in your sign means you are precise, thoughtful, and responsible about the direction you are taking.

You are considering all angles and perhaps reflecting on the consequences of any decisions you might make.

On the 7th, Mercury’s conjunction with the North Node might bring important news or information your way.

You could get a download, a spiritual message or some kind of lightbulb moment might occur. Whatever you find out changes your whole perspective, so stay open-minded.

You might suddenly feel more clarity and sense of direction. You could also finally get to speak to the right person to help or support you.

There should be a breakthrough of some kind today.

Mercury turns around on the 21st, slowing down communication and giving you a bit of time to digest the possibilities.

Let delays help not hinder you, by rechecking your ideas and doing more research. Check all the facts and speak to others in the know.

A sextile to Mars says don’t be so serious Pisces! Have some fun and switch off from time to time. Give loved ones some time and attention!

The Sun Says Nurture Yourself

A stunning aspect between the Sun, Chiron, and Jupiter is in effect the whole week of the 4th-11th, bringing you opportunities to improve your self-worth, your confidence, and your inner diva.

You will realize that if you don’t love and nurture yourself first, you can’t love or nurture others.

You could also acquire something this week that you have wanted for some time, or you could receive special gifts that let you know how much others care.

You could also get a windfall or some other material blessing from the universe, like a pay rise or lottery win.

It’s raining blessings, Pisces!

The most important thing this week is to be good to yourself. Go shopping, treat yourself, and allow yourself to feel a million dollars as if you are a priceless jewel.

Once you know your worth, there will be no stopping you, Pisces!

Libra Full Moon Transforms Your Life

A Full Moon in Libra, your 8th house of transformation, on the 6th, might bring you to some realizations about things that need to change in your life.

Even if it is hard to let go, you will see the areas you must prune away, and you will be able to trust that what is meant to be in your life will stay, and what is not will leave.

You will face this decision with bravado as you see that you need to fine-tune and remove blockages to your progress like unhealthy habits or negative self-talk.

If you have a partner, you might be negotiating your shared life together and your joint finances.

You could also be waiting to hear about a loan or grant or feel that you need to take more control of your finances.

Venus Brings Brilliant Ideas

Venus in April is visiting your 3rd house of communication so you may be active socially and, in your area, perhaps enjoying lots of lively chats and short trips to see friends.

A lovely link to Neptune on the 7th might bring forth sweet words that warm your heart, and you may be feeling romantic or even poetic at this time.

You might also be feeling creative and want to express your ideas, which might be brilliant Pisces! Write them down!

Venus slides into Gemini on the 11th, and trines Pluto in your 12th house, so you may feel you can’t express your desires.

Perhaps you need a bit of time to process things, or to collect your thoughts.

Maybe you need to be a bit more confident or self-assured, Pisces.

Saturn Says You Are Being Noticed

Saturn is in your own sign and on the 19th he sextiles the North Node and Sun in your communication zone, so you will be ready to talk and share your thoughts and ideas.

You might hear something today that helps you move forward with plans or goals and someone important might offer you a leg up the ladder or support you.

You will be looking for the right people to communicate with to pass on their knowledge and experience.

New connections can really benefit you now. Let people notice you.

New Moon Eclipse Brings Stable Finances

A New Moon Eclipse in Aries on the 20th brings you some excellent money energy that will help you move towards much greater wealth and abundance over the next 6-12 months and beyond.

In your 2nd house of income, resources, and self-worth, you will be feeling much more materially secure and able to manifest the resources you need in coming months.

You could find new streams of income or ways to boost your assets and worth.

You will feel more confident and willing to invest in yourself and your future.

Taurus Season Gives You Plenty to Say

The Sun’s move into stable Taurus on the 21st helps you find new ways to communicate, plan and learn, and you are organizing your thoughts better.

You might be thinking of studying, writing, public speaking or teaching. You will have plenty to say and be open to new ways of getting your message across.

Your phone and social media accounts will be busy with people messaging you and trying to catch up.

You may also be busy in your neighborhood, with lots of places to go and people to see.

A meeting with the North Node on the 24th might have you rubbing shoulders and communicating with some important people. You seem to have a lot going on.

You could make your mark today and go viral, Pisces!

Mars Says Life is For Living

Mars in your 5th house means you have energy to spare to enjoy yourself, so it’s not all work and no play for you.

You might be finding new hobbies or feeling out new ways to let off steam.

You could also be feeling social, generous, and romantic and be enjoying some hot dates or nights out with friends.

A link to Uranus at the end of April might put a fun social engagement in your calendar, or perhaps it’s spontaneous and out of the blue, but whatever it is you should have a fun outing, sparkling conversation, or meeting with someone very interesting that captures your interest.

You end April feeling on top form, Pisces.