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Pisces Monthly Horoscope March 2023: What’s In Store For You

Pisces Monthly Horoscope March 2023: What’s In Store For You

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March begins with you in the spotlight, Pisces, with the Sun shining bright in your sign until Spring Equinox, when it moves into your money zone to help boost your finances and worth.

On the 6th, you may be feeling especially exuberant, and spontaneous, with the Sun’s sextile to Uranus pinging your communications zone and giving you tons of visits, errands, social media notifications and just about everything else that is trying to get your attention.

You will love all the buzz and being the center of attention. It is your birthday season, after all!

March begins on a lucky streak, too, with Venus meeting Jupiter in your money zone. You might have the Midas touch today. You could get some great financial news today.

Your self-esteem gets a big boost, too, with Chiron close to all the action. It’s time to see yourself as the star that you are, Pisces, and permit yourself to shine.

You should have a great month ahead with so much positive energy in your sign and in your 2nd house.

More money, more fun and perhaps more romance, too. What’s not to like, Pisces?

Add these dates in March to your calendar:

Dates in MarchEvent
2nd and 3rdVenus conjunct Jupiter and Chiron in Aries
7thFull Moon at 16 Virgo
8thSaturn into Pisces
12thJupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries
18thVenus into Taurus
19th and 20thMercury and Sun into Aries
21stSpring Equinox and New Moon at 0 Aries
24thPluto into Aquarius
27thMars into Cancer

Deep Transformation Takes Place

Jupiter’s rare conjunction with Chiron, the wounded healer, is building all month and exact on the 12th. It promises massive healing potential and breakthroughs, especially concerning your resources.

You may be finding innovative ways to stretch your money further or bring in new sources of income.

You may also feel better about yourself and find out you are more valued than you had dared to hope.

You may get a pay rise, a windfall, or some kind of bonus through March, especially around the first two weeks when Jupiter receives so many positive aspects.

Partners Take Centre Stage at Full Moon

The Virgo Full Moon on the 7th is happening in your 7th house of close partnerships, marriage and contracts.

Your partner may need some care and attention, or if you are single, you may feel ready to have a partner enter your life.

You may be deciding between options in love or business and feel pressured to decide. Take your time and allow your heart to lead the way.

Focus on Your Biggest Dreams Mid-Month

People At The Beach Swimming

Mercury and the Sun meet Neptune mid-month in your sign, helping you tap into and express your dreams, truths and inner wisdom.

You may attract lots of people seeking your empathic energy today, as you radiate peace and goodwill.

It’s a great time to meditate, journal, enjoy swimming or water, and anything that replenishes your soul.

You may feel spiritual and receive downloads from your guides or higher self. You can trust your intuition now to lead you forward, so tune in and let the messages filter through.

People you meet now can expand your viewpoint and teach you about concepts like forgiveness, compassion, true love, and how we are all connected.

You may be astounded by the depth and scope of human kindness and capacity for love.

Venus Moves into Taurus

Assorted-color Leather Bag Display Inside Room

Venus spends most of the month in your money sector so you may feel lucky and fortunate in March and enjoy your money more.

You might be shopping, indulging yourself, saving more and feeling good about your prospects.

A sextile to Mars on the 11th in your home zone might have you splashing out on something you have had your eye on for your home, perhaps new soft furnishings, an elegant lamp, or some cosy new bedding.

You will want to lavish some cash on your home and make it stylish and functional.

You may also enjoy some romance at home around this time, perhaps cooking for your date or partner, and then snuggling down for a movie.

Venus moves into Taurus on the 18th, and your 3rd house of communication, people around you and thinking more.

You may enjoy getting new information or researching your ideas and you will find you are extra busy with lots of visits, errands and things to catch up with.

A meeting with the North Node might influence you to have some deep conversations that alter your plans, or ways of thinking. You might find something out that changes everything.

Things feel fated and you may feel a need to let go and let events unfold. The more open-minded you can be, the better.

You may feel the tension among your friendship groups around the 16th when Venus squares Pluto in your 11th house of networking.

You may even decide to part ways with some friends or acquaintances at this time, or revoke your membership to clubs or groups.

It may feel these people just don’t jive with you anymore, and you have outgrown them.

A sextile to Saturn is helping you to see it’s for the best, and you recognize you may have seen the signs for a while but ignored them.

Venus meets Uranus at the very end of March, and you feel radiant. You are busy, engaged in what you do, and making things happen. You have a million things to do, but it’s all good.

You are making progress and getting things ticked off your to-do list and it feels good. Others may surprise you, so allow for the unexpected. Someone might even offer to buy you lunch, Pisces!

Aries Season Brings a Need to Focus on Resources

On the 20th, Sun and Mercury move into Aries, your 2nd house of earnings, things you value, and your self-worth.

You might start thinking about the funds your dreams require, how you earn your money and what you need to get you started.

A sextile to Pluto may have you thinking or dreaming about booking a holiday, traveling, or some other dream of expanding your mind and breadth of experience.

You could be writing, studying, or delving deeply into a topic that you find endlessly fascinating and drawn to.

You might feel you have big decisions to make now and wonder how you can afford it all.

Networking can help you generate new income streams around the 19th, as Mercury and the Sun link to Pluto in your 11th house.

You could hear something on the grapevine that boosts your earning potential or gives you some lucrative leads.

A New Moon in Aries has your 2nd house lit up again, ready for a new cycle to start. You can now see how far you’ve come and how much you are needed. You are thinking, planning and striving now.

A conjunction between Mercury and Chiron, then Jupiter, in your 2nd house, might bring the best financial news of the month.

This is a stunning omen for increased prosperity, luck and even a windfall, so take some chances around the 26th-28th and let the results flow in.

The more abundant your mindset is, Pisces, the more abundance you attract. This month you see proof of this in action, so you will start to believe it.

Saturn and Pluto Change Signs Bringing Epic Changes

On March 8th, old Saturn trundles into Pisces, bringing you more responsibility in the next two years, and a need to present yourself with integrity and a more serious attitude and demeanor.

You may be thinking long and hard about the future and the image you must present for success in whatever arena you aspire to.

You will be maturing and displaying your wisdom and experience more in your interactions with others. Others will be looking up to you for guidance.

Pluto’s move into Aquarius at the end of the month will help you clear out any old dormant parts of yourself that have got to go.

You may find with Pluto in your 12th house, you will be getting rid of any unhealed tendencies and figuring out how you hold yourself back at times.

Get ready to go on a journey of deep self-awareness and self-mastery, Pisces.

Mars Moves into Cancer

Photo of Woman Sitting on Boat Spreading Her Arms

On March 27th, Mars enters Cancer and your 5th house of fun times, romance, children and hobbies.

This means you will feel especially excited to get the good times rolling again as March ends.

Mars has been stuck going back and forth for months in your 4th house of home, property and family, so a matter related to these areas may have been taking priority for some time and not budging.

Finally, things should move forward and give you a breather.

You might even feel you need a holiday, Pisces, and it’s certainly a good time to take one. You’ve earned it!