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Aquarius Season 2020 Sun Sign Horoscope: What you Need to Know

After a particularly heavy Capricorn Season, with a bunch of Eclipses and all the planets lined up in this serious sign, Aquarius Season, happening from 21 January – 19 February, comes in like a breath of fresh air, helping us all to feel the wind at our backs instead of blowing against us. We can collectively feel a sense of optimism, faith and hope that everything will be okay again!

Aquarius is a sociable sign, and takes all the duty of Capricorn out into the world, sharing with others and connecting with like-minded people. Everybody loves the zany, curious and quirky Aquarius, and this is a period where we, too, can embrace the stranger, rebellious side of our personalities and have a bit of fun!

Aquarius Season 2020

The Aquarius Sun Sign Horoscope for 2020 offers a period of time that is focused on making the world a better place, and is all about humanitarianism, social responsibility and change, as well as making our goals, dreams, hopes and wishes come true!

Aquarius is as serious as Capricorn, and is also all about structure and responsibility, but on a much bigger scale – there is a little more joy in our responsibilities over this time, and we can share the load with others instead of carrying it all on our own. The seriousness of this sign is tempered with airy lightness and joy – we will all feel the need to share information, connect and realign to our goals and dearest ideals.

Aquarius Season is all about friendship and our fellow man – the typical Aquarian holds the idea of Community as the ultimate goal, and as the world realises that social isolation is causing more and more illness – physical and mental – the values of “each one teach one” can be boosted and brought into the collective unconscious.

The keywords for Aquarius Season 2020 are: humanitarianism, friendship, social responsibility, causes, goals, dreams, ideals, community ideas, sharing, connection, teaching, learning, quirkiness, uniqueness, freedom, and independence.

Element & Mode

Aquarius is the very last of the air signs, often dubbed the “genius” of the zodiac – these signs are indeed extremely brainy, and far, far ahead of their time! Aquarius thinks light years into the future and is able to intuit what the world is going to need!

This is an excellent period for us to peer into the future ourselves and get proactive about your destinies – we can now, actively, put plans in place to achieve our most cherished ideals. Remember that with air, things tend to stay in the clouds, so we will need some groundedness and a tangible plan to make these goals a reality!

This is also a great time to start up important conversations about the planet, about community, social responsibility and change – Aquarius is a sign that ushers in a new, more progressive reality, one in which all of humanity is connected!

The mode of Aquarius is fixed, and being air, this means we can get a little possessive of our ideas, and even a bit opinionated! Watch your words carefully over this season to make sure you’re not trying to force your own ideas onto anyone – keep an open mind and enjoy the input of others!

Ruling Planet

Aquarius is one of those signs which is ruled by two planets, depending on which school of astrology you follow. Traditional astrology puts structured Saturn at the helm of this sign, and modern astrology assigns zany Uranus to Aquarius, lending them that unique, rebellious energy that they are so famous for!

Both of these planets seem to have equal say in this sign, and Saturn is the planet that helps Aquarius to make real, lasting change in the world, to be responsible, mature, serious and structured when they need to be, whereas Uranus lends the flash of intuition, the frees-spiritedness and the unique craziness that Aquarians are so well-known for!

7 ways to make the most of Aquarius Season 2020:

Aquarius Zodiac Wheel Horoscope

1. Spend time with your Buddies

Aquarius adore being with a group – they identify most strongly with people who follow and cherish the same ideals as they do, and the typical Aquarius won’t go a day without talking to a friend! Use this Aquarius Season to make some new friends, connect with old one or join a group who share your ideas! This really is the season for connection with others, so make the most of it!

2. Study something!

Aquarius Season is all about learning lessons- whether it’s in a formal environment or simply through a good book, workshop, seminar or the internet – Aquarians love the internet! Is there something you’ve always wanted to learn more about? Take this season to do it, and enjoy the process of growth that comes with new knowledge – and make some friends along the way, another Aquarian theme!

3. Take up a Worthy Cause

This is a season where you can actively get involved in a cause that means something to you. Perhaps you’ve always wanted to volunteer at an old age home, or go on a protest. Aquarius Season offers a golden window into that world and helps you to connect with others who believe the same thing as you – as well as helping to make the world a better place! Aquarians love to help – and you too can serve enormous satisfaction by going out there and getting involved!

4. Look after the Planet more

Aquarians are the forefront of the climate change movement, and they’re leading the way in terms of a more responsible relationship with Mother Earth. Are there ways that you can start being a better citizen on this planet? Maybe you can start with recycling, buying more earth-friendly products and have those important conversations with your friends too. The world can only change one person at a time!

5. Embrace your inner Weirdo!

Aquarius is a totally weird sign – they don’t care what anyone thinks of them, and they will dress in the craziest clothing and do the craziest things – not for attention, but just to be a rebel! Aquarius season lets you have your inner weirdo come out to play – so don’t hold back, go out there and fly your freak flag high!

6. Break the Rules!

Aquarius season is not like Capricorn season – you’ve been following the rules quiet enough now, so this is the time to break them! Of course, you’ll have to be careful of not actually doing anything illegal, but perhaps there are some other rules that need to be broken – go ahead and liberate yourself over this Aquarius Season!

7. Love your Neighbour

Aquarius is the sign of true brotherhood – whilst this sign is very detached, they truly want to be of service to the world and care a great deal about humanity. Try and practice loving everyone around you with an open mindedness, and willingness to set time and energy aside to help your neighbour. This is not a season for withdrawal and isolation, but to really get out there and connect with others in a real, authentic way!

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In Summary

Aquarius Season 2020 is a lighthearted, fun time of connecting to others, sharing ideals, goals, dreams and hopes for the future. This is a season where you really need to allow your stranger side come out and have some fun, and not to be shy about how weird you really are!

Aquarius Season 2020 is also about the collective responsibility to the planet, and for fighting for a just cause – only you and your community can make the world a better place, and this is not a season to focus on yourself but to focus on the bigger picture! It’s also a great season to learn something, or to step into a teaching role. Be unique, set yourself free and break some rules on the way!

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