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Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Virgo Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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You seem to have a lot on your plate to deal with in April, Virgo, and it may feel tough going at times.

You are in a deep process of transformation that will fundamentally change your whole life for the better.

Like a phoenix rising, you are stripping your life back to basics and putting everything back together again.

This feels deep and challenging, so finding ways to release stress or tension is important.

The Sun, Chiron, Jupiter, and Mercury are all in Aries, your 8th house of deep transformation, as April begins.

You may be closing out old cycles and clearing clutter from your mind, your home, and your life.

When this month is over, you are going to feel much clearer and ready for a new cycle to begin.

Mercury Gives You Wanderlust

Mercury has been helping you get things off your chest that you have long repressed while in Aries, your 8th house of letting go, paperwork, shared resources, and secrets.

Mercury moving into Taurus on the 3rd will enhance your communication skills and perhaps give you a touch of wanderlust.

You may be chatting with friends from around the world and perhaps planning a trip or two to visit them.

Your mind will be active and want to take in lots of new information. You will have plenty to say.

You may begin learning or studying too, or researching new information that stimulates your mind.

A square from Mercury to Pluto as he moves challenges you to look after yourself better.

If you have been overworking, it’s time to slow down. You might have to adjust your diet, exercise regime, or lifestyle. Be open to these changes and give your health a top priority.

Saturn’s link to Mercury encourages you to put effort into communicating carefully, especially in business and romantic partnerships.

You can negotiate your way into a deal or agreement that suits you, so take time to connect and talk things out.

On the 7th, Mercury conjuncts the North Node and sextiles Mars. This is a day you may travel somewhere new or make plans to travel, perhaps with friends.

New connections can spark that change your life. Be open today.

On the 21st, Mercury is moving stationary retrograde in Taurus, in a second sextile to Mars.

You might have to go over things again with friends or revisit matters you thought were closed. If your new friendships or connections go quiet, don’t stress about it. Things will pick up again soon.

The Sun Shines into the Darkest Places

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The 5th is a golden day for you to fix any tension around finances you share with others, trauma from the past, including childhood, hidden or repressed feelings, grief, or anything that needs a good clear out and some healing energy.

The Sun is conjunct Chiron, bringing you transformative healing power in the very deepest, darkest parts of your psyche.

It is time, Virgo, time to let go of all that old baggage you have been carrying around.

This is a process that started last month when Jupiter and Chiron came together to show you what’s possible if you let go of your fear.

Now the Sun passes both Chiron and Jupiter, and you get to see how far you have already come.

You get a dose of clarity on what’s still left to do. This isn’t an easy process, shedding old skin and years of ‘stuff.’

So be gentle with yourself as your transformation unfolds and reward yourself for all the progress you’ve made. You’ve got this.

On the 11th, you will start to feel the benefits as the Sun meets with Jupiter for your cosmic reward.

Tune into your guides, if you can, and hear how proud they are of the progress you’re making. They are there with you, with their sleeves rolled up, too. You are not alone.

Others are there for you, too, so let them get closer. A special someone might want to get very close, so go ahead and let some intimacy into your life.

You are becoming more spiritually attuned to the cosmos this month. You recognize that everything has a cycle and a season in your life.

This new information is helping you blossom as you know you can close out the past now and release it.

Libra Full Moon Brings Financial Turbulence

On the 6th, the Libra Full Moon lights up your house of 2nd house of finance and self-worth, so you may have a small financial emergency or situation to deal with, or perhaps a crisis of confidence will shake you for a day or two.

You might need to go over your finances with a partner and set a joint budget or shave off some expenses that are draining your funds.

Some precision planning should save the day, so stay calm and take action to resolve it.

Venus is About to Grow Your World-Views

Venus starts off April in your 9th house of foreign travel, growth, and philosophy, so you will be enjoying learning about different world views, world events and getting new meaning and perspectives.

A sextile to Neptune on the 7th could bring a deeply romantic day with a date, partner, or spouse.

On the 11th, Venus moves into Gemini, your 10th house of career and self-development, so you will enjoy work more and find more opportunities to progress professionally.

A link to Pluto reminds you to take it easy and not overdo it, or your health will suffer.

A square to Saturn on the 14th warns you to pay attention to partnerships and ensure equality.

Your self-image might get a welcome boost around the end of the month when Venus links to Chiron. You realize that others see you differently now, and this pleases you.

Saturn Wants Committed Relationships

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Saturn is now in your 7th house of relating, causing you to become more serious in your relationships, with more maturity and commitment.

A sextile to the North Node on the 19th helps you establish new perspectives about how you relate, and a link to the Sun on the 25th solidifies these into your overall transformation.

You are ready to start living your life in a whole new way.

New Moon Eclipse Says You Can Never Go Back

Eclipse Season 2023 kicks off with a New Moon Eclipse in Aries, the second of the month.

At the crucial 29th degree of your 8th house, it will turn your transformation up a notch and help you dig deep to clear away debris from the past.

You will begin to see what needs to be let go of in your life, and you will be allowing more intimacy, sharing, and cooperation to lighten the load you carry.

A square to Pluto at New Moon warns you to practice self-care and make adjustments to your physical health as well as your mental health.

A total mind, body, and soul transformation is required, and taking care of your health is important to your future destiny.

You might want to take up new spiritual habits like meditation, fasting, or yoga.

Taurus Season is About Growing and Learning

Once the Sun moves into Taurus on the 21st, your energy will feel lighter and much more expansive.

You might start thinking about travel, study, or your vision for the future. You will be open to different viewpoints and curious about what lies ahead and the potential it holds.

A conjunction to the North Node on the 24th will crystallize your vision.

You may get spiritual signs and synchronicities, dreams, or downloads that show you the right path to take.

You are thinking broadly about the options and how to co-create with the universe to manifest your goals.

Allow inspiration to fuel you and drive you forward. Your future is looking bright.

Mars Brings Inspirational People into Your Life

Mars is in Cancer in April, your zone of friends and networks, giving you lots of energy and courage when it comes to taking a lead in social situations and taking action to organize everyone.

You will be planning, making things happen, and connecting widely in April.

A sextile to Uranus on the 29th might bring friends or connections from around the world into your sphere of influence.

You could meet important people who can open new doors in future.

You might be learning new information that changes your views completely. You are curious, and other people can stimulate your thirst for knowledge and information and fill in the gaps for you.

You end April looking at all the possibilities before you in wonder.