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The Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

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If the Ten of Cups Tarot card appears, it means that we have completed a cycle of emotional learning. We have reached happiness, joy, and satisfaction, and in most cases, it relates to interpersonal relationships.

Gratitude, inner peace, and blessings are some of the words commonly associated with the Ten of Cups Tarot card. This happy and harmonious family welcomes us to the court of the Suit of Cups with good communication, emotional intelligence, and love. In the Ten of Cups, we can see a family that enjoys being together, creating happy memories and reinforcing the bonds of love between them. The whole situation evokes images of harmony and tranquility.

When appearing upright, this card indicates that we are in a state of true harmony with our family or with individuals that we consider our family. Joys, desired pregnancies, sincere love, communication, and balance are all associated with this card.

On the other hand, when the Ten of Cups card appears reversed, there is an emotional blockage, communication problems, or family conflicts that are hindering the relationships we would like to have with our relatives.

Ten of Cups Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Abundance, achievement, commitment, family, happiness, satisfaction, integrity, harmony, joys, new friendship, union, marriage, agreement, personal development, balance, enlightenment, learning, positive results, intuition, love.

Reversed: Instability, disunity, domestic abuse, family dysfunction, family conflicts, marital difficulties, break-ups, infidelity, cold feet, betrayal, loss of friendship, communication failures, emotional problems, and resentments.

Description of Ten of Cups Tarot Card:

In the Ten of Cups Tarot card, we can see a couple standing with their backs to us, while two children play. The couple are contemplating the horizon and the immensity of the landscape in which they are celebrating and spending time together. Their expressions transmit happiness, gratitude, and connection with each other. The two adults are embracing, and the children holding hands while praying. In the background, there’s a house surrounded by trees and a stream that makes its way towards the sunset. The clear sky frames an arrangement of ten golden cups which forms a semicircle that shines with the colors of the rainbow.

How to interpret the symbolic world of the Ten of Cups:

Finding the Ten of Cups Tarot card in a spread is always a reference to the family. When we observe the symbols used in the design of this card, we find a family that enjoys being together and celebrating what they have achieved. Harmony, happiness, security, and closeness are some of the essential concepts that come to mind when we contemplate such a landscape. The man and the woman, opposite and complementary, embrace each other and reaffirm the love they feel for each other. The children play nearby, happily and innocently knowing that they can rest easy. Their parents are taking care of them.

In this scene, everything exudes love. We can even almost be sure that the small but cozy house belongs to them. Trees and green grass surround the house, so you can sense a scene of fertility and tranquility. It is not a dense and impregnable forest; it is instead a kind crop that protects, gives shadow and fruit. The characters are satisfied with the relationship, and the stream flows peacefully as does the love and communication between them.

The rainbow made of cups tells us that there were rainy days/difficult times that were overcome. The general message seems to be that the calm comes after the storm. The rainbow’s semicircle is also a powerful symbol because it has a beginning and an end. It speaks of a spiritual process, nothing lasts forever; not even suffering is eternal. Now they have the blessing of heaven and they have each other. The rainbow shows the way to find great treasures, and in this case, it seals the romantic and family love. Isn’t love the greatest treasure? Each one of us can give a different answer to that question.

The Ten of Cups Lesson: Love is the answer

Do you wish for a normal life, a house surrounded by white picket fences, a loving family, and pets? If so, it is up to you to adjust your dreams. The concept of family has been transformed according to how we currently relate. Each change of paradigms about the idea of a family shows us how malleable the society is, however, how necessary it is to come home and find company.

The atomization, loneliness, and individualization process has become one of the tremendous social problems in the modern world. What is family to you? The message of the Ten of Cups is not about having an idyllic relationship with your blood-related family. Instead, it is about remembering that life is an experience that can be better enjoyed with the company of loved ones.

The approach of the Ten of Cups Tarot card is that overcoming emotional conflicts, successfully ending the journey towards the unconscious, and deepening into the hero’s emotional world will have an undeniable positive outcome. This positive outcome is that you will manage to establish and maintain harmonious relationships. Of course, this does not necessarily mean that the querant must have children and a conventional family like the one shown in the drawing. They must, however, find a way to be seen within that image. Some ways to do this are resolving father/mother conflicts or having a better relationship with their siblings and with their inner child. Each one of us carries with us our family issues and recreates them, not only inside our marriage but in the office, the reading club, and among friends.

Meditations for the Ten of Cups

Do you have difficulties establishing new relationships?

Are you afraid of commitment?

Do you have issues with your family that still baffle you?

Sometimes, we can talk through our emotional pain and heal it in therapy. Other times, we may just need to learn to let them go. The freedom to love and build the life of our dreams won’t flourish as long as the clouds of conflict are actively blurring the horizon.

Unattainable expectations, communication problems, jealousy, control issues, and anger are always expressions of unsolved issues in our hearts. Closed to love, consciously or unconsciously, we also deny ourselves the opportunity to enjoy the greatest gift of heaven. It is time to free yourself from the chains of fear.

The upright position of the Ten of Cups Tarot card:

Upright (10) Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana
Upright (10) Ten of Cups Tarot Card

When the Ten of Cups Tarot card appears upright in a spread, you can hope to reach your goals, especially if they are related to love and relationships. These cups are full of gratitude, peace, and love, and they may bring reconciliations, lasting marriages, and sincere friendships.

The meaning of the upright Ten of Cups card when it comes to:


The relationship of your dreams will come knocking down your door, along with wedding bells and commitment. The Ten of Cups Tarot card is always good news when upright, especially when it comes to relationships, friendships, and family.


There may be a rapid and total recovery from ailments and a lot of family support to overcome adversities. Your mood and attitude towards the disease will improve if you surround yourself with loved ones.


The appreciation and recognition of your co-workers towards you is at its peak. Your talent is highly valued, and a salary raise or promotion may be around the corner.


Although your focus is currently centered on the emotional areas of your life, you will find the money to be comfortable. On the other hand, if you need money, don’t hesitate to ask for it from your family.

The meaning of the reversed position of the Ten of Cups Tarot card:

Reversed (10) Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana
Reversed (10) Ten of Cups Tarot Card

When we come across the Ten of Cups Tarot card reversed, it warns us about relationships based on appearances, family arguments, sibling rivalry, infidelity, loss of respect, lack of confidence, or losing one’s way. It is also possible that the querant is focused on the material rather than the emotional and spiritual, neglecting what is truly valuable.

Finding a balance in your life is important. Neglecting your family, your children, or your partner will turn your world upside down, just like the cups that appeared on the table. Illusions, gifts, travel, and money can’t replace love, communication, and affection. Go back to your roots, reconnect with your ancestors, and look for that happy place within you. The satisfaction and reward for your efforts can be where you least expected it.

The meaning of the reversed Ten of Cups card when it comes to:


Communicational failure and problems have accumulated in your relationship. Old conflicts are back, and they are creating a lot of distance between the two of you. Separations, family problems, and lack of respect are also indicated.


The happiness you seek does not depend on physical beauty. Take care of your body with a healthy diet, exercise, and rest. Taking risks with unnecessary procedures will not give you what you really want.


Your competitiveness, hostility, and aggressiveness at work can give incredible results in achieving your goals, but you will be on your own. Working as a team can make you more productive and help you thrive in the long term. Soon the job you’ve been looking for will appear, but you should continue to overcome the frustration of being unemployed if that is the situation that you are in.


It is possible that some economic problems will appear on the horizon, but they won’t be anything to truly worry about. You may feel dissatisfied because you haven’t been able to achieve your goals. There may be economic instability, bad fortune, bad investments, or lack of honesty in your immediate circle.

The Ten of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Infographic - Minor Arcana

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