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Taurus Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Taurus Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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You might be struggling as April begins, Taurus, with the Sun in Aries, your 12 house of solitude, and needing a break.

Your energy and vitality might be low, and you could need to factor in extra rest so you don’t feel too exhausted or drained.

Things will improve when the Sun moves into your sign on the 21st, bringing its light and warmth and a chance for you to shine and receive a welcome energy boost.

You will start feeling better, and your zest for life will soon pick back up.

You will especially enjoy the extra attention, and you might even get a bit of an ego boost here and there.

Pluto has moved to your career sector, so you might be thinking about your aspirations and anything that is holding you back, especially around the New Moon Eclipse on the 20th.

You might even be thinking about changes or leaving a job, perhaps to go in a new direction that feels more aligned.

It is a month of some action for you, but also some dreaming and getting yourself ready for next month, when big changes start happening and your energy returns fully.

Nearly there, Taurus.

Mercury Brings New Ideas

Mercury shifts into your 1st house early in the month, so you will have extra busy thoughts, and new ideas will flow easily, giving you lots to mull over.

Share your inspiration with those you are closest to, and get their feedback. You will soon feel your ideas are taking shape and becoming more possible.

You might feel on center stage professionally around the 3rd as Mercury moves signs in a square aspect to Pluto, who is in your 10th house of career and reputation.

You could hear some surprising news, or there could be talk of changes at work.

You will take it in your stride with a helpful link to Saturn, helping you see the bigger picture.

Mercury meets the North Node on the 7th, in your own sign, so the way forward will perhaps begin to show itself.

You might receive signs or clues about where to focus next, and you might even be hand-picked for a special project that will showcase your talents and help you stand out.

On the 21st, Mercury shifts into reverse gear in your sign, perhaps bringing some delays or a need to go over the fine print before you rush any further forward.

Take time to check details and factor in everybody’s views, and don’t worry if some things take a little longer for a while.

Take your foot off the gas, and just coast for a bit as April closes out.

Sun Meets Chiron and Jupiter – Focus Within

The Sun’s conjunction with Chiron on the 5th and Jupiter on the 11th take place in your 12th house of withdrawing, rest, and deep healing.

You might enjoy some quiet time alone, recharging your batteries and quietly planning your next moves.

You could even be feeling especially spiritual at this time and might get valuable breakthroughs in understanding yourself, your patterns of behavior, or certain ways of thinking.

You may benefit from talking to someone you trust or writing down your feelings to help bring them gently up and out.

You want to work on yourself in the background, and by digging deep, you can uncover hidden treasures within yourself that transform you and help you become more awesome than ever.

And you’re already pretty awesome.

Libra Full Moon Says Take Care of You

Woman in pajamas relaxing at home

The Moon grows Full this month in Libra, your 6th house of health and daily routine, on the 6th, so you may feel you are being run ragged as the first week closes out, with too many demands on your time or even health niggles slowing you down.

It is important to tune into your body at Full Moon and ensure you are giving it what it needs, such as nutrition, enough water, and plenty of rest.

You might have been trying to do too much lately, and Full Moon is going to remind you that you need to take care of yourself as well as others.

Try and adjust your schedule or work-life balance so everything flows smoothly and you avoid any stress.

Even small changes you make now can make a big difference.

Venus Moves into Gemini

Venus leaves your sign on the 11th, where she has been blessing you with extra charm and charisma, and moves into your 2nd house of finances to help boost your earning power and self-confidence.

It’s time to feel more secure materially, so you will probably enjoy spending some time reviewing your security later this month, especially when Venus sextiles Chiron on the 26th, helping you realize where you have undersold yourself or got in your own way.

After the 11th, you will enjoy building your personal security and planning your financial future.

You might be saving, spending, or even splurging, but you will have a good time doing it.

Saturn Says Check the Company You’re Keeping

Saturn is settling into Pisces, your zone of networks and friendships, so you may not be feeling as sociable as usual, or you may be finding your tastes are changing when it comes to who you hang around with.

A sextile to the North Node on the 19th will help you decide which friends and acquaintances you want to keep around for the long haul, and you might also find some new doors opening both socially and professionally.

There are people who can help you unlock the future you want, so make sure you find ways to gravitate toward them.

You want people around who are on your wavelength and who support your vision, and you can see more clearly now those who are simply hanging on your coattails.

New Moon Eclipse in Aries says Get Ready

Woman writing in a journal at outdoor area in cafe

The New Moon Eclipse takes place in your 12th house of solitude, so it may be time to think about where you are headed and spend some time navel gazing to set some new intentions.

Next month, you will host the New Moon, so you are still closing out some old cycles this month, and this Eclipse is helping you get clear on what needs to go and what can stick around a while longer.

You could also set an intention this Eclipse to devote more time to yourself and your own needs, Taurus.

Taurus Season Shines a Light on You

The Sun enters your sign on the 20th, followed by a New Moon Eclipse in your 12th house.

You might still be working behind the scenes and not telling too many people about your next moves. Good thinking, Taurus!

Take the time now to form your plans in your mind and even try them on for size.

How might it feel to live your dream life?  

Someone might really inspire you or even take a chance on you and help it begin to be real.

You might start feeling eager to get going, but remember you have Mercury retrograde in your sign, slowing you down.

It’s all in divine timing, Taurus.

Mars Sextile Uranus

Mars is in Cancer, not his favorite sign, and your 3rd house of communication, thoughts, learning, and local journeys.

You might feel sluggish this month or have more problems getting from A to B or finding motivation for any studies.

Set yourself small goals and make small changes for the best results.

A sextile to Uranus in your sign on the 29th gives you a welcome blast of inspiration to work with as April closes out, and you will start to see things from a new perspective that helps you find much better clarity.

A sextile to Mercury says to take your time and don’t rush anything.

It’s all about the planning and finer details this month, Taurus.