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Taurus Monthly Horoscope March 2023: What’s In Store For You

Taurus Monthly Horoscope March 2023: What’s In Store For You

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As March begins, your energy is focused on networking, perhaps connecting with friends and talking about your hopes and dreams, with the Sun in Pisces, your 11th house and the Moon in Cancer, your 3rd house.

You may be busy and on the go in your neighborhood, and everyone might be trying to get hold of you, but you will be happily flitting about catching up with news and gossip.

The Sun’s sextile to Uranus on the 6th brings new inspiration and flashes of brilliance to light your way and you might have refreshing changes to your routine or environment.

It’s a great time for closing out old cycles and projects and finishing up any tasks that have been hanging about.

Mercury is in your 10th house of career until the 20th, so you are getting noticed for your effort and this is a great time to showcase your skills and ideas, especially to bosses or anyone you want to impress.

Be extra alert around the 6th as Mercury will be sextile the North Node, bringing you big opportunities with your name on.

With Jupiter and Chiron meeting in Aries, your 12th house of deep soul reflection, you might benefit from spending more time alone, really getting to know yourself and connecting with your higher self for guidance during March, Taurus.

The South Node is still in your opposite sign, clearing out past energies from your partnerships and how you relate to significant others.

You will feel pleased with your progress this month and partnerships may be improving.

Add these dates in March to your calendar:

Dates in MarchEvent
2nd and 3rdVenus conjunct Jupiter and Chiron in Aries
7thFull Moon at 16 Virgo
8thSaturn into Pisces
12thJupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries
18thVenus into Taurus
19th and 20thMercury and Sun into Aries
21stSpring Equinox and New Moon at 0 Aries
24thPluto into Aquarius
27thMars into Cancer

Getting to Know Your Deeper Self

Venus meets Jupiter on the 2nd, so this is an especially good day for some quiet introspection, with a conjunction to Chiron the next day. You can heal some long-hidden patterns at this time.

A rare conjunction of Jupiter and Chiron reaches a peak on the 12th and it brings you massive healing potential that could change you forever.

It’s a good time to go within and explore new ways to end any negative self-talk or behavior you need to release. Tap into your intuition and allow the guidance you receive to help you rejuvenate your soul.

Mercury conjuncts Jupiter and Chiron around the 26th, bringing you the courage to talk about the wisdom you have gained and the important journey you are on.

Connect deeply with others and share what is on your mind. Others are looking up to you.

Let Your Hair Down at Virgo Full Moon

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The Full Moon on the 7th takes place in your 5th house of fun, socializing, children and hobbies.

You may be thinking about new ways to enjoy yourself in the coming months, so let your hair down, Taurus. You need a balance between work and play!

Watch for Overspending Mid-Month

You will have an acute sense of vision on the 15th when the Sun meets up with Mercury and Neptune in your 11th house of friends and networking.

You could be attending a big event or get-together and enjoying some stimulating company.

This can open new avenues to explore, especially if you believe in yourself and push yourself forward.

A square to Mars in your money zone might have you shelling out more than you thought, so budget extra funds, Taurus!

Venus Moves into Taurus

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Venus enters your sign on the 18th, bringing you some cosmic favor.

Venus loves being in her home sign, yours, so you will feel and look good, Taurus, and others will gravitate toward you.

Venus conjunct the North Node on the 21st will bring your focus onto your future goals and the image you present, and you may discover you are seen as a beacon of light by others, which may surprise you.

Have faith in your dreams right now, as infinite blessings can arise from allowing yourself to blossom and grow.

Events might feel fated, or you might feel you always knew this was meant for you, so have gratitude and get ready to welcome in even more abundance and positive change.

You end the month with Venus conjunct Uranus in your sign, bringing you more chances to show off the new you and to stand tall as your authentic, powerful self.

Aries Season Brings a Big Clear Out

The Sun and Mercury head into Aries, your 12th house of seclusion on the 20th, this will slow the pace of your life, which you don’t mind too much.

You might feel you need a bit of a break or some downtime. If your batteries feel drained, take time to recharge as March closes out.

This is your time of year to rest, recharge and replenish your energy, so clear your schedule as the month ends for some you time. Pamper yourself.

The Aries New Moon on the 21st in your 12th house will help you understand what needs to go from your life, and what projects you can work on closing out.

You may be quietly reflecting, connecting with your guides and spiritual team, and understanding patterns you want to release now.

Saturn and Pluto Change Signs Bringing Epic Changes

Saturn moves into Pisces, your 11th house, on the 8th to stay for the next few years. This means it is time to work on your long-term hopes and dreams, even by taking small steps to make them real.

You will feel more serious and responsible about networking and connecting to the right people too, who can help you move in important new circles. This will open new doors.

Pluto moves signs also this month, making March an epic month of change.

Pluto has long transits, so when he moves sign, we feel the energy shift on a collective level. Pluto is moving into Aquarius, your 10th house of career, so you will be extra determined and a powerhouse of dynamic focus when it comes to your career development.

You might change careers altogether over the next few years, into one that better suits your aspirations.

Anything old and stale that has you stuck or at a dead end has got to go, Taurus, so get ready!

Mars Moves into Cancer

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Mars is in your 2nd house of money until the 27th, so you will be focused on taking action to bring in the coins, especially on the 11th when Mars gets a green light from Jupiter, helping you find valid new income streams.

As Mars moves into Cancer, this will turn your attention onto communication, local trips, your community and perhaps learning and thinking more.

You may be super busy with errands or catching up with many people. You could upgrade your car or find new ways to get about that work better.