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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Scorpio Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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Your focus is on your health, fitness, and well-being goals in April, and you will be taking action to overhaul your life and improve your personal efficiency.

Relationships are in focus, too, and you will have lots of fated moments that bring you hope that your love life has turned a corner.

Saturn in your 5th might have you feeling like it is not the time to enjoy yourself, but you should find time for things you enjoy to keep a healthy balance.

Perhaps you will be finding new ways to enjoy yourself that are good for you too.

You are feeling and looking good and attracting lots of admiring glances!

Mercury Brings Talk of the Future

Mercury moves into Taurus on the 3rd and your 7th house of relationships, giving you chances to communicate deeply with your partner and ensure you are both on the same page.

Your relationships are undergoing change with Uranus, the North Node, Venus, and now Mercury bringing destined changes, meetings, and opportunities for love.

A square to Pluto might make you feel unsettled by the changes ahead, and you know you need to make your foundation solid in order to build a firm partnership.

You might be trying to get the whole family on board and be meeting some resistance. It won’t stop you from pressing ahead.

Saturn encourages you to put in serious effort because the results will be worth it.

A conjunction to the North Node on the 7th brings conversations with your partner that help you both agree on your future goals.

If you are single, you might hear of a new hottie in town, or someone might ask for your number while you’re out and about.

This is a great day to socialize and kick up your heels. You might even want to travel or upgrade your perspective in a big way, and you could meet someone interesting who stimulates your mind.

Mercury’s retrograde after the 21st will bring a need to review a few things again to ensure you understand each other perfectly.

Be patient with each other and with delays to your plans. If you are making plans to travel, these may be adjusted too, with a sextile to Mars on the 7th and the 24th.

The Sun Lights up Your Health and Wellbeing Sector

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On the 5th, the Sun meets Chiron in your 6th house, giving you massive healing energy directed towards how you look after yourself, your mind, body, and soul.

You may feel inspired and revitalized by the health and fitness changes you are making or thinking of, and when the Sun meets Jupiter on the 11th, you will feel brand new and full of vigor.

You may be joining new classes or eating better, getting more sleep, or changing your daily routine so it works much more efficiently. You will see the results immediately, and you will be feeling good.

This is also a great day to get a new pet.

You are beginning to understand that by taking better care of yourself, you will be able to harness the energy of success, motivation, and manifestation of your dreams.

Make those changes now, Scorpio!

Libra Full Moon Brings a TimeOut

On the 6th, a Full Moon in Libra will highlight your 12th house of privacy, work behind the scenes, and taking a break.

You may find some alone time will benefit you, allowing you to catch your breath and ponder everything that has happened this year already.

You should take a break if needed around the 6th, as you might feel run down or depleted. Listen to your body and tune into your intuition to give yourself what you need.

Take that duvet day, Scorpio. You need to catch your breath.

Venus Brings Romance

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You and your lover might be enjoying some private moments for just the two of you, especially around the 7th, when a dazzling sextile to Neptune gets you feeling creative, romantic, or full of unconditional love for a special someone you hold close to your heart.

This is a great day for a first date, a special night out, or an invite to dinner.

Venus moves into your 8th house of intimacy and secrets on the 11th, giving you more chances to merge and bond deeply with your partner.

A trine to Pluto helps you both settle into more caring and sharing vibes between you.

If you are single, entertaining at home can bring new romance.

A square to Saturn on the 14th might have you in the doldrums and feeling cut off from fun or friends.

You may need to find ways to amuse yourself or get yourself into a better mood. Give yourself permission to go after what makes you feel good.

Maybe you are missing aspects of your old life today.

You will be finding new ways to enjoy yourself that are different than your old lifestyle allowed.

Be gentle with yourself through these changes. You are forming new habits and shedding things that no longer serve you.

Remember how powerful you are becoming as you take control of your life.

Saturn Brings New Social Situations

Saturn in Pisces is urging you to get serious and committed about your social life, the things you enjoy, and the ways you let off steam.

Your tastes may be changing, and it is important to find new leisure activities if the things you used to enjoy don’t appeal anymore.

You must keep a balance between work and play.

A sextile to the North Node on the 19th can bring new social options and new creative or leisure activities that fit the new you.

It could mean new romance, too, if you are single, and it might just turn serious and feel as if is meant to be.

If you are coupled already, you and your partner might move things forward, plan a holiday together or find new ways to share happiness.

Life feels good, Scorpio.

New Moon Eclipse Kickstarts Your New Health Regime

A second Aries New Moon on the 20th takes place in your 6th house of health and daily routines.

Aspects of your life might be about to change over the next six months to a year, and these changes are going to benefit you immensely.

You will be changing the way you live day to day and especially the way you take care of yourself.

You will have more energy, vitality, and vigor once you embrace these changes.

You probably won’t even be drawn to your old unhealthy choices anymore, as your tastes will alter, and this will make it easier to make the necessary adjustments.

You might also be thinking of getting a new pet in the next year, and this will bring you a lot of joy.

A square to Pluto in your 4th house warns you might need to get the whole family on board with these changes.

For your new routines to be streamlined, they need to be incorporated by everyone. Perhaps others are resisting, but you will soon bring them around, Scorpio.

Taurus Season Means Focus on Relationships

The Sun’s move into Taurus on the 21st continues the theme of relationship progression for you this month.

You will be pleased with the direction your relationships are taking and the improvements you are making together.

You should have ample opportunities to find new prospects if you are single.

Once the Sun is in Taurus, you might find love while out dining or when visiting friends. Shopping is another place where you might meet a handsome stranger that changes your life.

Staying positive and open will bring you the relationship joy you are seeking, so wear a smile and have faith in the universe.

The Sun’s conjunction with the North Node on the 24th might even bring a soulmate into your life, so make sure you are looking your best.

If you are partnered, you and your partner might make a new commitment to each other around this time. You will both feel it is the next step, and it will feel right.

Your lonely days could be over, Scorpio!

Mars Takes You on Adventures  

Mars journeys through your 9th house in April, giving you a taste for freedom and adventure.

You might be feeling like exploring new visions and finding out as much as you possibly can about something.

A sextile to Uranus on the 29th might have you or your partner planning a surprise trip or holiday.

You might even be planning to emigrate or go traveling. If not moving physically, you will want to study, learn and broaden your mind.

You will be interested in research, stimulating conversations, and new ideas. You could even change the way you look at life completely.

You are starting to feel good about the future again, and you should because it’s looking bright!