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Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Sagittarius Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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You are full of beans in April and ready to make some all-important changes and decisions that will change everything for the better.

You clearly see what needs to go, and you will be ready to leave it behind.

Your time is valuable, so you will be finding ways to review your commitments and streamline your workload, so you have more time available for other things in your life.

You will be committing to feeling fitter and healthier, too, to help you get the most out of life.

You’re on fire, Sagittarius!

Mercury Has You Full of Ideas

A few days into April, Mercury moves into Taurus, your 6th house of daily living and health.

You may be on the go and displaying your excellent organizational skills, and you will be full of ideas about how to make things run more efficiently.

A square to Pluto in your 3rd house might bring up issues to resolve with siblings, cousins, neighbors, or people around you, or you could be dealing with general communication issues that slow you down.

You might be on the go a lot too, and feeling ragged as you dart about here and there, trying to fit it all in.

A sextile to Saturn can bring in the troops to help, so ask your family or loved ones to muck in and help.

On the 7th, a meeting with the North Node brings you new inspiration about finetuning the mechanics of your days so it all functions smoothly.

You will see how to make lifestyle and daily routine adjustments, and Mars highlights what to prioritize or let go of.

On the 21st, Mercury stops in his tracks and turns retrograde in your 6th house, so you may find your organization skills start to slip.

Factor in delays or revisions to your plans at the end of the month, and you can use these as opportunities to let go of the past and anything that isn’t working anymore.

The Sun Says Time to Celebrate

Gardeners hand planting flowers in pot with dirt or soil.

The Sun in your 5th house has you full of beans and finding lots of chances to enjoy yourself, your hobbies, and any children in your life.

The 5th house is the place of fun and laughter and so you may be in a light-hearted mood and finding the silver lining in any setbacks.

You may have some romance or particularly fun times around the period from the 5th until the 11th when the Sun passes Chiron and Jupiter in Aries.

This whole week will be full of golden healing energy that can bring you luck, good times, and creative expression.

You might enjoy dancing, painting, socializing, or new hobbies, and it is also a good time to take a holiday or special trip.

This is your special time of year for celebrating life, Sagittarius.

Libra Full Moon Says Turn That Phone Off!

On the 6th, a Full Moon in Libra brings the culmination of some matter in your 11th house of friends and networks.

You may feel some tension in your circles or worry that your feelings are on display.

You may feel quiet and introspective for a day or two and need to withdraw from the fray.

Your friendships or networks might be changing, with new ones taking a more prominent role.

Venus Wants You to Get Healthier

Venus in your 6th house of health and wellbeing at the beginning of the month is helping you get a lot of satisfaction from improving your daily routines, health, nutrition, and fitness regime.

You may enjoy trying new foods or leisure activities that help you look and feel great.

A sextile to Neptune on the 7th brings you chances for romance, perhaps at the gym or while entertaining at home.

This dreamy aspect can stimulate your creative impulses and help you express compassion and empathy.

You might be helping those less fortunate than yourself or putting others’ needs before your own.

You won’t mind, though, as this influence will help you reach your highest vibration and tune into your higher self. You want to give something back.

On the 11th, Venus moves into Gemini, in trine to Pluto, so you will find your relationships begin to flourish and improve.

You and your partner will find more ways to have fun together, and this change in the energy dynamic between you will make a big difference.

You might also discover new ways to communicate, which helps you get the spark back.

If you are single, you can find love in your local area, perhaps in a local café or shopping mall, or while out walking your dog. Take opportunities to go outside and let the universe bring options for your perusal.

A square to Saturn on the 14th might have you curled up on the sofa, not wanting to head out. Your family might need some attention too.

Maybe you do need some downtime. Let your body tell you what it needs.

Saturn Brings Secure Foundations

Female Hands Working On Laptop With Cute Dog

Saturn is in your 4th house of home, family, and property, so you may be getting serious about where you live, your foundations, and the people you live with.

This is a gradual change, so this will be taking place over the next year or two.

A sextile to the North Node on the 19th brings you real chances to make changes at home that really improve and streamline your efficiency.

You may be introducing new regimes or implementing new schedules. You could be freeing up more time for leisure and relaxation or finding time for new hobbies or fun pastimes.

You could be feeling a lot of inspiration and divine support to make these changes.

Once everybody gets used to the new ways of living, they will all agree it’s a big improvement.

Bravo, Sagittarius!

New Moon Eclipse Means More Joy in Your Life

The New Moon on the 20th April is also a Hybrid Eclipse, which is a big deal.

This means it packs a punch in bringing new beginnings to your 5th house of fun, laughter, socializing, hobbies, creativity, children, and romance.

Woohoo, Sagittarius, the universe wants to bring more joy into your life.

Anything new you begin connected to these 5th house matters will blossom and flourish in the year ahead.

It is time to find new ways to unwind, have fun, relax, and express your creative side.

Have you been working too hard and not enough play? The universe wants to address that imbalance, so you feel happier and more at peace.

Inner child healing will benefit you now, as will any initiative that allows you to be more playful and joyful.

You might be planning a family, or children will play a more prominent role in your life.

You have a green light to have more fun, Sag.

The party’s round at yours, then!

Taurus Season Brings New Goals

The Sun moves into Taurus the day after the eclipse, your zone of health, well-being, and daily routines.

For the next month, you will feel more motivated to stick to your health and fitness goals and to implement a new and more streamlined routine.

You might also be cutting out any unnecessary commitments or duties that are draining and non-productive so that your days flow better and you free up some time. Practice saying ‘no.’

6th house rules pets, so your pet might bring you joy and affection.

A conjunction to the North Node on the 24th could bring a totally new regime or set of goals.

You might feel inspired to give your life a complete overhaul, throwing out anything outdated or non-productive.

You might find new ways to unwind or new classes or leisure pursuits that excite you.

A sextile to Saturn helps you get everybody involved in the changes you are bringing in.

You want everyone to be healthier and happier, so you will be inspiring others you live with to get on board too.

You might even be able to find ways to make it fun and exciting for everyone.

Mars Says Purge!

Mars in Cancer, your 8th house of purging, might have you actively busy clearing out the clutter from your mind and your life.

You might be spring cleaning, reviewing your shared finances, or dealing with some paperwork.

You really are in the mood for some transformation, but take it steady and let others get used to the new system, Sagittarius!

A sextile to Uranus in Taurus on the 29th gives you a zap and a burst of energy to get moving, make those changes, and leave the old you behind.

You clearly see what needs to go from your life and how you can make adjustments that benefit everybody.

You end April raring to get going and full of gusto!