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Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Libra Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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Your big focus is relationships this month, with Sun, Chiron, Jupiter, and Mercury in your 7th house of marriage and contracts.

Perhaps you are getting into a new relationship or taking your existing one to new levels of commitment.

Business partnerships may also flourish and grow, and you could shake on a few deals that bring you prosperity and success.

You have some heavy stuff to deal with, but you have good things happening that sweeten the load. Remember to have some fun, too, Libra.

Mercury Brings Boring Paperwork

Mercury is only in Aries for the first 3 days of April before moving into Taurus.

This brings you important matters to deal with, like inheritance, taxes, loans, grants, or some other kind of paperwork you must attend to.

A square to Pluto in your 5th house says you might not be too excited about the tasks you face.

Roll your sleeves up, Libra and get it done, then you can enjoy yourself and kick back your heels. Make a list, and then it will feel good as you tick items off.

On the 7th, a conjunction to the North Node will perhaps reveal the scale of the matter you are dealing with.

There could be information being revealed that requires you to take some kind of decisive action or to step up and take a lead.

You see clearly what needs to happen.

You may even deal with legal matters that take up much of your time. Or you could be juggling your career duties with other important matters in your life.

Others might need you, so you could feel drained if you don’t factor in self-care.

With Mercury turning retrograde on the 21st in your 8th house, this important matter you are dealing with may drag on longer than you were hoping, or you may have to revisit it or re-do some aspect of it.

This may be frustrating, so avoid this by taking time and care with any documents you are handling.

Check all details and fine print carefully towards the end of April.

The Sun Fires up Relationships

Young couple in love enjoying their honeymoon
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The Sun in your 7th house throughout April brings support and good times with a partner, or perhaps you will enjoy accolades in business.

You are more willing to compromise than at other times, and you can easily see others’ points of view.

On the 5th, a conjunction to Chiron may bring a chance to heal a partnership, marriage, or commitment you have.

You will be able to talk and understand each other better, and harmony can be restored.

You will be glad of this on the 11th when the Sun meets Jupiter, and you and your partner have a golden day, perhaps enjoying a romantic interlude that brings happiness and good times.

If not romantic, you might have success in business or a lucrative new contract.

If you are single, new potential suitors could be making a move, and one or two might catch your interest, Libra!

Libra Full Moon Brings Closure

A Full Moon in your sign on the 6th might bring some matter to a head or a close, ready for a new chapter to begin.

You might feel more emotional or be more tense around Full Moon.

In relationships, you are more willing to see your partner’s point of view during the Full Moon, which may help to get things back on an even keel and help you move forward as a team.

Venus Says Go Deeper

In April, Venus spends the first 10 days in your 8th house of deep intimacy, so you may be enjoying some intense bonding with a partner and feeling as if the two of you are bringing the different aspects of your lives together.

You might even be moving in together or spending much more time in each other’s private space.

If you are single, you could find love at the gym, park, or leisure center around the 7th, when Venus makes a stunning link to Neptune in your 6th house of health, fitness, and wellbeing.

You could also find romance at work around this time, so polish your shoes, Libra, before heading out.

This could also be a day of brilliant creative ideas at work if love is not on your radar.

You may have a flash of inspiration that gets you accolades and helps you feel appreciated.

After the 11th, Venus moves into your 9th house of vision and expansion, so you may be thinking of travel plans, faraway shores, and world events.

You will enjoy stimulating conversations and thinking deeply about things that are important to you.

On the 14th, a square to Saturn might make you feel you are being held back due to physical restrictions or your health conditions.

You might not feel fit enough to scale Mount Everest, but there are things you can do, Libra! Work around your limitations or see past any barriers you are imposing on yourself.

Pluto trine Venus says you can do it because life is for living, no matter what age or condition you are in. Adventure is calling!

Saturn Gets You in Shape

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Saturn is settling into Pisces, your 6th house of health, fitness, and daily routines.

It’s time to get your health in better shape, Libra, perhaps by watching what you eat, drinking more water, and getting more sleep and exercise.

A link to the North Node on the 19th has you clearing out clutter from your daily life, perhaps cutting out unhealthy food, unnecessary habits, or bothersome routines.

You want to streamline your days and incorporate a healthy walk, or some yoga, or just find new ways to relax.

You might even feel as though anything toxic has got to go!

Perhaps you and your partner can pledge to a healthier lifestyle together, with a nice link to the Sun helping you from your 7th house. Maybe they can encourage you to sign up for new things.

By this time next year, you could be a World Champion Ballroom Dancer, Libra!

New Moon Eclipse Brings Partners into Your Life

The second New Moon of the month in Aries arrives on the 20th, at the 29th degree and in your 7th house of relating.

It’s not an ordinary New Moon either, at the critical degree, and a Hybrid Solar Eclipse, meaning it packs a punch for up to 18 months ahead.

Good things are about to unfold in partnerships for you. There could even be a wedding or engagement or a deepening of commitment.

You are free to set intentions at this New Moon Eclipse for stronger, deeper partnerships and then watch it unfold.

A square to Pluto in your 5th house could mean lots of things. You could be incorporating children into a partnership or finding new ways to have fun with your partner.

You could be starting a new job linked to your creative talents. Children could be leaving, giving you and your partner more time together.

Something is changing how you operate in relationships. You could even be giving up bad habits to help your relationship prosper.

If you have been longing for change, this Eclipse says it’s here.  

Taurus Season Means Time for a Clear-out

cleaning the house

The Sun’s move into earthy Taurus on the 21st will fill you with spring cleaning fever, and you will be physically and metaphorically hosing down everything in sight to make it sparkling and clean.

In your mind, your body, and your environment, you will be clearing out old junk and things you no longer need.

You will be in the mood for big transformations and getting rid of clutter to make space for new things to enter your life.

You may be dealing with important paperwork too or other important matters. Shared finance could be prominent, your investments, funding applications, or loans.

Make sure you unwind with a treat at the end of each day, Libra.

The Sun’s conjunction the North Node might on the 24th bring some important matters to your attention.

Or you could have an important breakthrough around how you deal with the past. Something fundamental in you shifts on this day, and you can never go back once it happens.

You could even have a massive spiritual upgrade on some level. Perhaps you finally realize just how much power you hold.

Mars Has You Working Your Socks Off

Mars in Cancer, your 10th house of career, has you chomping at the bit all month to impress bosses.

You may feel tired and disheartened at times, as Mars isn’t comfortable here, but keep at it, and you will make steady progress.

A link to Uranus at the very end of the month will help you transform any parts of your life that are no longer working, especially professionally.

You will see what needs to be done, and that will feel like half the battle, Libra.

You end April feeling on top of your game, Libra, just how you like it.