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Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Leo Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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You seem to be on a spiritual quest in April, Leo, with a line-up of planets in Aries, your 9th house, giving you an urge to spread your wings and broaden your horizons.

New perspectives and downloads will just keep coming at you, so keep an open mind and be ready for big changes in how you view the world and your place within it.

You could even up sticks and completely relocate somewhere exotic, at least in your mind.

You might even be taking a foreign holiday or planning to. You want growth, expansion, and culture.

You feel it’s time for some adventure, exploration, and new experiences.  

The world is your oyster this month, Leo.         

Mercury Brings Accolades Your Way

Early on in April, on the 3rd, Mercury shifts into Taurus and your 10th house of career and profession, so you will have the gift of the gab at work and when dealing with superiors.

A square to Pluto in your 7th house implies there could be tension around contracts, business partnerships, or even in your romantic life.

Perhaps your partner feels neglected and in need of reassurance about why you always work late, or maybe the different aspects of your life need some careful handling.

A sextile to Saturn helps you explain that you have a lot on right now.

Your career is a big focus, with the North Node still there and receiving many aspects from planets throughout the month.

Opportunities are ripe for the picking, so stay alert and ready to seize them.

The 7th is a gold star day for you professionally when Mercury meets the North Node.

Opportunities to shine have your name written on them. New connections can propel you forward, and conversations you hold can show that you mean business.

Don’t hold yourself back, Leo, especially around the 7th and again on the 24th, when Mercury sextiles Mars.

You have what it takes, so believe in yourself. Don’t talk yourself out of even trying to win.

Mercury turns retrograde on the 21st, so towards the end of the month, expect some delays and check your work extra carefully for errors. Mercury can be a trickster.

If business deals, projects, or talks slow down, take the chance to grab some rest. Things will pick up again soon enough.

The Sun Lights up the Way

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The Sun is bringing you new visions and dreams of expansion this month, and these might feel very spiritual around the 5th when the Sun meets Chiron.

You could find your viewpoint starts shifting at this time towards more empathy and compassion or in some other radically healing way.

You are evolving.

The next meeting with Jupiter on the 11th might bring similar valuable insight your way, with a massive growth in your perspective that has a profound change on the way you live your life.

You might plan a trip somewhere or decide to study something in depth. Perhaps you decide to write a book or follow a long-held dream.

You feel expansive and as if you are growing into a whole new person. These changes will excite you as you explore what’s possible.

Libra Full Moon’s Got You Thinking

On the 6th, a bright Full Moon in Libra lights up your 3rd house of communication, thinking, and learning.

You might be extra chatty and busy at this time, with lots of people trying to reach you and wanting your undivided attention.

You might be on the go a lot, too, with lots of errands to run, and you could even have car or commuting issues that slow you down.

Whatever comes up, you will be able to stay calm and do what you can.

Your newfound philosophy will help you stand back and not get caught up in trivial, petty matters or gossip.

You are totally zen, Leo.

Venus Wants You to Socialize

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Venus shifts, too, this month into Gemini, your 11th house of friends and networks.

This will help you have a more fun time with friends and possibly build new connections for the next few weeks.

Venus moves on the 11th, in a trine aspect to Pluto, in your 7th house.

Could a friend be becoming something more, Leo? If you are already coupled up, your partner might surprise you with a fun event with friends.

If you are single, perhaps your friends can introduce you to someone interesting this month.

The 7th looks romantic and even steamy, and the 26th could bring a romantic adventure or a partner with a different background.

Perhaps you will meet someone traveling, or you might start a long-distance romance.

Or could an ex be back on the scene in April? You will certainly have lots of options to explore, so make time to socialize this month for your best chance at love.

Saturn Takes Your Career to New Heights

Saturn in Pisces sextile to the North Node on the 19th and the Sun on the 25th will bring you new opportunities that can potentially increase your worth and take you to new heights in your work life or career.

You will be able to transform your professional life with your winning smile and attitude.

Your confidence is on show, and you have the guts and bravado to impress others and take a lead role.

This wins you admiration and trust, as others know they can depend on you.

You could head off in a whole new direction now or make great progress in the path you are on.

What matters most is your winning mindset, confidence, and your overall vision.

You know that once you have perfected the vision, everything else will just fall into place.

New Moon Eclipse Brings Expansion

On the 20th, we have a New Moon Eclipse at 29 Aries, the second New Moon in your 9th house of faraway places and expansion.

You might be planning big changes that will unfold over the next 12-18 months, such as a move abroad, a new course of study,  or simply embracing new ideals that change your destiny.

You are becoming a whole new person with very different beliefs and a new sense of direction.

Taurus Season Brings Even More Success

The Sun moves into Taurus the day after the Eclipse, signaling a time when we all like to enjoy more luxury, treats, and comfort.

For you, this means focusing on your career success while others are lazing around indulging themselves.

This strategy will get you much farther ahead than competitors or rivals, and you will soon enjoy the fruits of your efforts, including much more recognition and support.

Until the 21st, you will be focused on your beliefs, travel, or growth plans, so your direction may change throughout the month.

Be open to big switches in what you believe in or value, and be open to new experiences that shape you and reveal your true potential.

What you thought was possible may change, too, and in a good way.

The Sun’s conjunction with the North Node on the 24th in your career zone will give you a massive clue or push in the direction you are meant to take next.

Any opportunities that take your interest around this time might be worth exploring.

The universe wants you to follow your dreams.

Mars Puts You on Center Stage

Mars is in your 12th house all month, so you may be low in energy and need extra rest.

You may prefer to relax by yourself when you can get a chance, and perhaps you will enjoy solitary activities like reading or painting.

You might also prefer working alone or staying in the background when working on projects, feeling you get more done that way.

A sextile to Uranus at the very end of the month pushes you out of your comfort zone and onto center stage, where you will have to dress to impress and make some kind of entrance.

Oh well, you are a Leo, so that is not a problem in any way whatsoever.

You are up for the challenge and will do it with style and finesse. You end the month feeling like a whole new person, but you like it. Watch out, world, here you come.