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Leo Monthly Horoscope March 2023: What’s In Store For You

Leo Monthly Horoscope March 2023: What’s In Store For You

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As March kicks off, the Sun is in Pisces, your 8th house of deep transformation, letting go and shared resources.

You may be dealing with boring tasks, paperwork, or perhaps looking over your investments.

Moon is in Cancer, your 12th house of seclusion and working behind the scenes, so you may feel quiet and introspective and enjoy time to yourself more than usual.

Mercury meets Saturn on the 2nd, and you feel like putting some work into your relationship if you have one.

You might want to talk about the future or make commitments to your partner, that strengthen your bond and help you both feel secure.

If you are single, you might meet someone interesting, so it’s a good day to get out and socialize, looking your best!

The Sun sextile Uranus on the 6th brings sparks to your career, and you might make new connections or find you are making great progress with projects, which others admire.

Mercury and Sun join forces with Pluto to help you feel brand new and as if your transformation is about to complete.

You feel in tune with the universe and can raise your vibration to attract what you desire. You’re a powerhouse of ideas, inspiration, and positivity, and you might be making exciting plans or investigating your next steps.

Venus conjunct Uranus at the very end of the month is brilliant for making a favorable impression at work, office romance, getting ahead and taking the spotlight, Leo. It’s where you belong!

Add these dates in March to your calendar:

Dates in MarchEvent
2nd and 3rdVenus conjunct Jupiter and Chiron in Aries
7thFull Moon at 16 Virgo
8thSaturn into Pisces
12thJupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries
18thVenus into Taurus
19th and 20thMercury and Sun into Aries
21stSpring Equinox and New Moon at 0 Aries
24thPluto into Aquarius
27thMars into Cancer

Believe in Miracles in March

Man jumping into sea with inflatable

The 2nd brings an electric day, when Venus meets up with Jupiter and then Chiron in your 9th house of faraway places.

You could be taking a holiday or just dreaming of where you’d like to go that brings fresh hope and inspiration your way.

You might also benefit from spiritual work during the first half of March, with the massively healing Jupiter and Chiron conjunction lighting up your zone of broadening your horizons, faith and spirituality.

You could receive a download or nudge in the right direction from your guides or higher self, so be alert and ready to tune in, Leo.

Mercury meets Chiron on the 26th, and you feel excited and inspired about the future. There could be enlightening conversations with those from different backgrounds, or with different perspectives to you, that prove fascinating.

You are open to new ideas, new ways of thinking and new ways of being now, and you will love taking in others’ points of view to inform your thinking.

Mercury conjunct Jupiter is lucky for travel or planning a trip, learning and conversations that stretch your mind and expand your worldview.

You could hold a conversation and find out information that astounds you.

Balance the Books on Virgo Full Moon

North Node sextile Mercury on the 6th is a lovely aspect for new contracts or finding new ways to shine at work.

You might get noticed, head-hunted or singled out for extra praise or rewards. You could meet a partner at work if you are single.

The Full Moon lights up your zone of money and income, so you may be looking into ways to budget or increase your earnings in the coming weeks. You may have extra expenses coming up ahead.

Be Ready to Let Go Around Mid-Month

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The Sun is conjunct Neptune and Mercury mid-month, and all in a square to Mars. You might feel deeply spiritual at this time, perhaps tapping into your intuition to solve any issues or deal with others with compassion and understanding.

You might feel more emotional than usual, or inspired to make drastic changes, and others might provide welcome support and the deep understanding you need.

With Venus square Pluto, there are intense feelings around, and perhaps a need to let go of some things gently.

This can feel tough, even when we know and understand why we need to, so be gentle with yourself if you are making big decisions or adjustments now.

A helpful sextile to Saturn serves you by showing the reasons why some things can’t go with you on your journey, or perhaps your partner supports you through this process.

Venus Moves into Taurus

Venus sextile Mars on the 11th is a great day for you to meet someone new if you are single, perhaps someone you meet through friends or acquaintances.

You should go out and socialize today as there will be flirty energy that can spark romance, if you’re in the right place, Leo!

If you are coupled up on this date, plan a special night with your partner, and allow yourselves to recapture the romance. Venus and Mars aspect is lovely energy for date nights, so enjoy Leo!

Mercury is sextile Uranus, too, so the atmosphere and conversation might feel electric and even magic. You can benefit from it all day, with your career sector buzzing with ideas and green lights to advance projects.

Venus moves into Taurus, your career sector, on the 18th, so you will find you enjoy your work more for the next month.

It’s a good time to apply for new roles or get to know colleagues better. Your career can become more productive, without it feeling like too much effort, and your luck increases at work.

For single Leos, you might meet someone new through your career at this time.

Venus conjunct the North Node on the 21st gives you a green light for success at work, whether it’s through a new job or some kind of progression in your current one.

You can find jobs that seem as if they were made just for you, if you are looking, or romance could strike in your workplace too!

Perhaps you get noticed by someone influential and important, so be ready to walk tall and attract the right kind of attention. You’re dazzling, darling!

Aries Season Brings Expansion

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Mercury and the Sun move into Aries on the 20th, your 9th house of travel, learning and expansion, helping you to see clearly what you want next.

You feel deeply curious and ready to broaden your knowledge and horizons in any way you can.

It’s a great time to explore, ponder, research and dive into any adventures that light your fire and make you feel alive.

The New Moon at 0 Aries on the 21st helps you feel really expansive and in the mood for knowledge, adventure and exploration. You might even be taking off, Leo!

Saturn and Pluto Change Signs Bringing Epic Changes

Saturn shuffles into Pisces on the 8th, shifting your focus to working on shared finances and mundane matters.

For the next couple of years, you could be getting your taxes in order, or working on investments. There may become areas of your shared life together that need work, although this will be a gradual process and will bring more stability than you have ever known.

Pluto moves into Aquarius on the 24th, an epic shift that may help you work out kinks in relationships or business. This will be a gradual shift of energy.

Mars Moves into Cancer

Woman laying on faux fur mat

Mars moves into Cancer on the 27th, a sign he is not too fond of, and your sector of taking some much-needed rest and relaxation, Leo.

You may find you need more rest for the next six weeks or so, and that your energy dips to encourage you to think and ponder a little before you take off again.

Mars trine Saturn helps you commit to your personal transformation, and you will be feeling more willing and able to let go of old ideas, habits or ways of being that no longer serve you.

You might even feel happiest at home while plotting your next moves.