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Gemini Monthly Horoscope March 2023: What’s In Store For You

Gemini Monthly Horoscope March 2023: What’s In Store For You

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As March begins, the Pisces Sun in your 10th house has you with your nose to the grindstone, getting noticed for your effort and making new connections that help propel you forward.

Sun sextile Uranus on the 6th will help you see how you have undervalued or held yourself back in the past, and you may get a breakthrough that helps you clear away any blockages to success.

Mercury meets Saturn on the 3rd, in your 9th house, so you could be checking out travel plans or thinking hard about education, philosophy and what inspires you most.

You might want to break out of ruts during this first week, and the connections you make might feel fated and meant to be.

Mercury sextile Uranus on the 11th might bring news you were not expecting, but it is good news, so no need to worry.

You might find out you have been accepted for a special project, for example, or that you have more support than you think. This could be spiritual help, perhaps from your guides or angels, sending you a message that you are on the right track.

March is a great time for you to start to envisage your dream life, and how it will feel to live it. You might begin to see signs that it is closer than ever before. This will motivate you to keep going.

Venus conjunct Uranus at the end of March again shows you how far you have come in your own personal healing journey, with a surprise development helping you feel more grounded and positive.

Add these dates in March to your calendar:

Dates in MarchEvent
2nd and 3rdVenus conjunct Jupiter and Chiron in Aries
7thFull Moon at 16 Virgo
8thSaturn into Pisces
12thJupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries
18thVenus into Taurus
19th and 20thMercury and Sun into Aries
21stSpring Equinox and New Moon at 0 Aries
24thPluto into Aquarius
27thMars into Cancer

Your Vision is Within Reach

The meeting of Venus and Jupiter on the 2nd takes place in your 11th house of hopes and wishes, and networking.

You might be getting together with friends or making new connections during the first week of March, and these will really benefit your life for a long time to come.

You may get proof your dreams are coming true. Believe it!

Venus meets Chiron the next day, so these new connections have a healing quality. You might even be finding your soul tribe, people that can help you change your perspective in radical ways, and who will support you to realize your vision.

This energy is strong for the first two weeks of March, as Jupiter and Chiron draw closer together, meeting on the 12th and bringing you new soul connections and chances to improve current relationships.

Get Ready for Changes at Home on Virgo Full Moon

Home Decor

The Full Moon on the 7th is in your zone of home and family, so you may be making changes to your home or taking decisive action that makes you feel more secure and stable.

Family might need more attention from you around Full Moon.

Go For It Mid-Month

Around the 15th, you may have a stunning career opportunity with the meeting of the Sun, Mercury and Neptune in your 10th house of career and public standing.

You could have a flash of creative brilliance that leads to success, or a whole new role that lets you use your special talents may come up.

A square to Mars in your sign warns you to be ready to take action and push yourself forward.

Mercury conjunct Chiron and Jupiter on the 26th brings healing conversations with peers, friends and people you connect with in your social circles. You might begin to see how much others value your contribution.

Venus Moves into Taurus

Couple walking with dog in forest with snow

Venus spends most of March in your 11th house of friendship and networking, helping you feel sociable and in demand.

Venus sextile Mars in your sign on the 11th could result in a friend becoming something more, or you could meet someone new through friends, if single.

If you’re coupled, getting together with friends and your partner can lead to fun times like a breath of fresh air.

You will undoubtedly be in the mood to socialize now, and others are noticing you, Gemini!

Venus moves into Taurus on the 18th, in a square aspect to Pluto in your 8th house of letting go and sextile to Saturn in your 10th house of career. There could be significant changes in your career that really let you transform and overcome your limitations.

Venus here in Taurus, your 12th house, might have you feeling private, especially about your personal life, and you may be working on your own hidden fears to clear them out.

Enjoy self-care at this time and give yourself time for relaxation.

A conjunction to the North Node on the 21st will perhaps bring rewards for your introspection and any hard work you have been doing on yourself.

You can begin to see it paying off now. You might have a meeting that feels like a past life connection, or perhaps a secret rendezvous you keep to yourself for now.

Ooh Gemini, what are you up to?

Aries Season Brings New Horizons

The Sun and Mercury move into Aries on the 20th, bringing your focus onto your friends, networks and dreams.

For the next few weeks, you can meet people who can help you further your goals and open new doors.

You will feel more connected and may be extra chatty and imaginative, which helps you envisage the life you desire. No one can get a word in, Gemini!

Mercury and the Sun sextile Pluto can bring more deep transformation your way, and you may be discussing shared finances with a partner or bringing more intimacy to your conversations.

Some may discuss moving in with a partner or merging more of your lives together, and you will feel positive and optimistic about this.

The Aries New Moon on the 7th lights up your social sector, so take opportunities to broaden your horizons in the coming weeks.

You may be busy connecting far and wide on social media or catching up with distant friends.

Saturn and Pluto Change Signs Bringing Epic Changes

Saturn’s move into Pisces on the 8th brings hard graft, so you will work extra hard on your career in the next two years.

You will be willing to put in the extra effort needed to get ahead, and you may be looking for ways to overcome any restrictions in your career and work reputation.

You might be training, changing your level of responsibility or taking on more hours.

Pluto moves into Aquarius on the 24th, your 9th house of faraway lands, faith, publishing and education.

Dinner on the beach

You might think of travel, attending college or university, or transforming your wider views on life and the universe.

These changes will be gradual, over many years, and you will likely get a clearer view of your life and what you need, perhaps a whole new perspective on who you are and what you are here to do.

Mars Moves into Cancer

Mars moves into Cancer on the 27th, helping you direct your energy and passion into your finances, and ensuring you are being paid your true worth.

You can find ways to increase your income in the next month or two, and you will be motivated and pumped for success.

Mars trine Saturn in your career sector at the very end of March gives you the green light to apply for roles that pay more or find new ways to earn.

These are opportunities for long-term growth, so know your worth and be ready to negotiate accordingly Gemini!