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Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Gemini Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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As April gets underway, Gemini is the social butterfly of the zodiac with a busy line-up of planets in Aries, your 11th house of networking and schmoozing.

You are casting your social net far and wide and it is helping you advance. You are getting noticed by all the right people at this time.

Some are pretty impressed by what they see, too, Gemini, as you will find out around the 11th when the Sun meets Jupiter, helping you stand out miles ahead of the competition.

In fact, we don’t think there is any competition, Gemini.

With your confidence at this level, there is no stopping you, so step forward boldly this month toward your happiness and biggest, brightest dream.

Mercury Hones your Vision

Mercury moves into Taurus on the 3rd square Pluto, who is now settling into Aquarius, his futuristic and funky new abode.

Your ideas might be a bit off the cuff now, daring or outside of the box, but others might love them and get your whole vision.

You might even have a better vision than anyone as April begins, with your bird’s eye long-range view and ability to consider all angles, you are the go-to person for insight and knowledge.

Your vision is impeccable, Gemini.

Mercury square Pluto in your 9th house says to stand your ground if others can’t yet see what you can, as you may be miles ahead in your quick thinking, and they might need time to catch up.

You could also be thinking of your own expansion in the first week of the month, perhaps trying to travel further afield or take in new knowledge.

Mercury’s sextile to Saturn has you winning accolades for your performance of late, and you may even be taking on more responsibility or a higher-level role.

You are tuned to your intuition, too, especially around the 7th, when Mercury meets the North Node, and you get a sudden flash of brilliant insight.

Mercury is slowing down, though, and turning the wrong way on the 21st, in your 12th house of secrets, withdrawing and taking a break.

You might be quieter than usual and keeping some thoughts to yourself, especially your money-making ideas you are not yet ready to reveal.

Smart move, Gemini.

New People Enter Your Circle

Friends having fun and laughing drinking coffee in coffeehouse

On the 5th of April, the Sun passes the centaur Chiron at 15 Aries, bringing healing and forgiveness to your friendships, groups, and networks.

You may see past any recent tension with friends, and things may come up for discussion and resolution now.

The Sun meeting Jupiter on the 11th is a lucky aspect when new people you meet could have an enormous impact on you.

This is your best day all month to shine and impress the right people, so put your best foot forward and introduce yourself.

There could be talk of travel, too, or growth and expansion into new territories, and this will excite you.

You want your social circle to reflect the new you and take you to new places and experiences. People who are stuck may not interest you as much anymore.

Libra Full Moon Brings Gossip and Drama

The Full Moon on the 6th, taking place in Libra, your 11th house, might mean you are still dealing with intensity within your friendships and networks.

There could be gossip around you, or you could feel unsure or conflicted about which affiliations to keep going as you move forward.

Some may reach the end of their natural life, and that is how it is supposed to be, especially at Full Moon.

It’s a time of letting go and closing those stale old chapters out.

New connections will soon come along that are more attuned to your soul’s growth.

Venus Moves into Your Sign

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Venus is in your 12th house as April begins, which helps you enjoy your alone time to focus within. It can signal a chance for some rest and recuperation for you.

Venus sextile Neptune on the 7th should bring a hazy Spring day when you feel light as a feather.

On the 11th Venus is trine Pluto as she moves into your sign to stay for a few weeks.

This is great news Gemini, as hosting Venus in your sign means you are the recipient of extra charm and wit (not that you ever need it, darling).

You should soon be feeling and looking good and finding others gravitate towards you more.

It is a good time to be out dating if you are single or to work on your relationship if you are coupled up.

Venus makes life seem sweeter, and you will feel a rosy glow that helps attract even more good fortune toward you.

The trine to Pluto might even have you looking to travel soon, Gemini, with Pluto now in your 9th house of expansion and long distance.

You will certainly be looking for an experience that takes you out of your mundane life, whether it is in the physical reality or in your head, through some ground-breaking knowledge you acquire.

Saturn Says You Have Got What it Takes

You might have a twinge of nerves on the 14th when Venus squares Saturn in your career zone.

Put your best foot forward and remember that you have unique talents and skills that no one can replicate.

A sextile to the North Node might feel challenging, but you have worked for this, Gemini. You have what it takes.

Step up and claim it with confidence. Don’t hold yourself back out of fear that you’re not good enough. This has your name on it, Gemini.

New Moon Eclipse Brings New Connections

There is a second New Moon that is also an Eclipse in Aries on the 20th, just at the Sun is preparing to leave Aries behind.

At the very last degree of Aries, it brings you chances for a new start in your friendships, networks, and the ways that you socialize and connect.

You might find it is new connections that are grabbing your attention in the coming months, and that is a good thing as you may have outgrown some old ones that no longer resonate.

You want friends and associates that support your wider growth, so you will be looking further afield, perhaps online, to meet your soul tribe and the people that you want to partner with in the future.

Taurus Season Brings Downloads from the Universe

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Sun moves into Taurus right after the Eclipse takes place, and your 12th house of seclusion and taking stock.

You may need some more rest in the weeks ahead as you close out old cycles from your last 12 months.

It is a good time to slow down, plan quietly, and research what you want next for yourself.

You may also be clearing out clutter and spring cleaning and getting things in order to plan for your summer wardrobe.

You may feel less like socializing than usual and happiest in your own company.

On the 24th, the Sun is conjunct the North Node in your 12th house, perhaps bringing you some spiritual downloads or epiphanies that give you important clues or messages about the next stage of your journey.

You may feel you know yourself on a deeper level than ever before and be confident you have worked on your past tendencies to hold yourself back.

Let your intuition guide you today, and be open to messages from your guides and angels about your next steps.

You might even feel called towards spiritual work or sharing your wisdom with others.

Mars Brings Home the Bacon

With Mars in your 2nd house, it might be a spot of shopping that hits the mark for you in April, and you will be focused all month on your money and possessions, perhaps finding new ways to bring in more money and spoil yourself.

On the 29th, as we close out April, Mars in Cancer will sextile Uranus in Taurus, your zone of taking a break, so factor in time for rest and relaxation at the end of the month.

You might even enjoy a spa, massage, or some kind of treatment that soothes you or recharges your vitality, such as energy healing or reiki.

Anything that boosts your batteries will benefit you, so take care of yourself and permit yourself to indulge.

Soon, it will be your time to shine, Gemini.