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The Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Upright and Reversed

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In the Eight of Cups Tarot card, we find a moment of our lives that seems to be somewhat contradictory: the boredom and weariness of success. This is a card of transition and change that augurs a moment of reflection.

When the Eight of Cups Tarot card appears we can foresee a big turning point for the querent, especially if they are feeling dissatisfied with some aspect of their lives. This card indicates that it’s the perfect time to start all over again in any possible venture, project, romantic relationship, style makeover…You name it. Rethinking your work, your relationship with others, even your belief system, is part of the process if you are living through an “Eight of Cups” moment.

This is a card of change and transition. However, this doesn’t mean that this will be a sad or melancholic season, nor does it mean that it will be a period of inactivity. Instead, it will be an experience of active meditation, productivity, and internal effervescence. The man we see in this card has lived fully and has achieved great success. He is leaving his current life with a clear conscience. He knows that he can return and get back on his feet whenever he wants. But, what does he want?

In one way, this card tells us about the dissatisfaction of achieving everything you asked for but continuing to feel a void inside you. What can fill that void can only be known by going further in your unconscious, exploring the feelings represented by the river, and walking towards the most distant mountain.

Eight of Cups Tarot Card Keywords:

Upright: Dissatisfaction, shyness, modesty, abandonment, evasion, lifestyle changes, leaving, solitude, personal development, restlessness, time of transition, inner reflection, spirituality.

Reversed: Happiness, effort, achievements, joy, delight, passion, new love, attraction, toxic relationships, impulsiveness, anger, deception, escapism.

Description of Eight of Cups Tarot Card:

In the gloom of an eclipse, we find eight glasses arranged in a double row organized in the first plane of the card. Five cups are in the base and three of them on top. All are standing, firmly placed on the ground.

Behind them, we see a red-caped man with a cane who turns his back to enter a path towards the mountain. Crossed by streams, the mountainous scenery shows no trace of civilization, bridges, or inhabitants. There is only this lonely man walking towards a higher destination.

Recreating the first steps of the Hermit Major Arcana, the central character of the Eight of Cups Tarot card retreats to the margins of the city, choosing solitude in order to grow in wisdom. He does this by renouncing the distractions and pleasures of his current life. Using a cane to walk into an inward journey, this man turns his back to eight cups that represent all his achievements, plans and projects.

This card seems to be framed at night time. However, if you look carefully, you’ll find two opposing archetypes operating in our querent’s destiny. A Lunar Eclipse blocks the Sun’s abundant and energizing light. All of The Sun Tarot card’s exuberance is flooded by the nostalgic illusory streams of The Moon.

Motivated by his inner restlessness and an attraction for the unknown, this character risks wandering to search for better opportunities. He is wrapped in a red cape as a symbol of his courage and is devoid of a map or any companions. He goes alone in search of a spiritual revelation.

How to interpret the symbolic world of The Eight of Cups:

In the symbology of the Rider-Waite tarot deck, the Eight of Cups is a card that, at first glance, is somewhat contradictory. Although it is a card that refers to accomplishments, it doesn’t have a joyful feel to it. In this dark environment, in which the Moon is eclipsed by the vibrant Sun, a man is turning away from his mundane achievements, which are represented by the cups. He walks alone towards the sharp mountains of meditation.

This card tells us that the man in the red cape, the color of passion and action, goes towards an emotional rediscovery. He is submerging himself in the depths of his emotions represented by the river. He does not need great preparations or caravans of friends. Alone and unaided, with only the support of his cane, he will venture towards loneliness and self-knowledge, in a journey that is reminiscent of the Major Arcana Number 9, The Hermit.

The Eight of Cups Lesson: Take some time off

Search for meaning, adventure, and happiness; these are three keys to the Eight of Cups Tarot card. When we see this card, it is impossible not to feel some frustration at seeing how this man seems to be completely indifferent towards those eight cups. These are the treasures that characters of the previous cards have been deeply concerned about and have been dazzled and mesmerized by.

Although we can see a sense of abundance in this card, there is also an overwhelming feeling of chaos. It is necessary to take a break and to letting yourself be carried away by the river of reflection and embark on a new journey.

For the man of the Eight of Cups Tarot card, there is another treasure ahead, one that he can only find when he renounces to his earthly attachments. This inward search requires him to leave behind his relationships, previous achievements, and projects. Everything will be sacrificed in the search for greater truth.

Are you happy with your personal development?

Do you think you might be on the wrong path?

Are you living the life you always wanted to live?

Happiness is not about being surrounded by luxury, occasional friends, or lovers. Happiness is about being at peace with your thoughts and feelings and about staying true to yourself. Are you happy?

The upright position of the Eight of Cups Tarot card:

Upright (8) Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana
Upright (8) Eight of Cups Tarot Card

When the Eight of Cups Tarot card appears in a spread, it is likely that the querent is going through a stage of transformation and profound change. This change can be difficult since it can involve time in solitude, and it can even mean that there will be separations. They will be of great benefit to the querent, however. This is especially the case if they are feeling dissatisfaction with some aspect of their lives.

Being a card of the Suit of Cups, its meaning is related to the world of feelings and emotions. It can involve a person rediscovering their teenage dreams, a professional enterprise that will start from zero, a separation, or a change of heart. Changes are ahead of us.

The meaning of the upright Eight of Cups card when it comes to:


A shy person can be flirting with you without you even noticing. If you and your partner manage to overcome some superficial problems, you will be able to achieve the relationship you’ve always wanted. It is necessary to put more effort into communicating your differences and to take a break if needed.


Stress can take a toll on your health. Sometimes it is necessary to take a break from the hectic pace of work and our busy lives. If we do not, it can lead to emotional and physical exhaustion in the long run.


In terms of work, there will be excellent opportunities, prospects, changes, and success after a great effort. Wait for advantageous proposals and unexpected profits.


Although you may feel anxious to undertake new challenges, look at your finances calmly. Satisfy your need to try new things by developing new projects. Consult experts to make new plans and investments. It is a great time to sow.

The meaning of the reversed position of the Eight of Cups Tarot card:

Reversed (8) Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning – Minor Arcana
Reversed (8) Eight of Cups Tarot Card

Like most of the Tarot cards, the Eight of Cups has a different meaning when it appears inverted. In this case, we find a querent who refuses to take the initiative to overcome obstacles and succeed.

When the Eight of Cups tarot card appears reversed, the querent might find himself in a situation from which he can’t escape. They can also be in fear of risking too much and thus remaining stuck in a vicious cycle that doesn’t allow them to reach their full potential.

Fears, phobias, repressed desires, and toxic relationships may be undermining this person’s will. Even if they want a real change, the fear of failure makes them incapable of taking a step forward.

On the other hand, we may run into a person who doesn’t feel satisfied with anything. That kind of emptiness is neither material nor relational, it is emotional. Lack of a sense of purpose, emotional instability, and depression might be some of the manifestations of this type of overwhelming void.

The meaning of the reversed Eight of Cups card when it comes to:


Don’t make hasty decisions. It is better to take a moment to think and reflect on what has been going on between the two of you. Although this relationship is probably not “The One,” learn everything you can about yourself so you can have a positive and lasting relationship.


Running away from your problems, even health problems, won’t make them disappear. Face your symptoms and other warnings your body is sending. If you need to get a checkup, take some tests, or take some time off work, it is essential that you do so as soon as possible.


In your career, you are at a moment where you might want to give up. Everyday frustrations are exhausting. Nevertheless, it is time to take a break and work on your self-confidence. Communication is an excellent tool to improve your work relationships.


Don’t spend money impulsively. Sometimes when we are overwhelmed by economic problems, we resort to unproductive distractions that, at this moment in your life, are interfering with your financial stability. Self-control, frugality, and austerity are the keys to your well-being.

The Eight of Cups Tarot Card Meaning Infographic - Minor Arcana

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