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Capricorn Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Capricorn Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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You have a big focus on home and family matters this month and in the coming year ahead.

With many planets in Aries and a New Moon Eclipse, there seem to be big changes underway that will overhaul the foundation of your life and make it much more secure and abundant.

You are keen to get started, but there is the small matter of your social life to attend to as well in April, as you flit about here and there, quite the social butterfly.

You feel good and you are buzzing with new ideas and inspiration, so things will happen fast and keep you on your toes.

You have good options for romance, and fun, all month, so enjoy this special time of year and let the pressure wait for another time.

Mercury Says Let the Good Times Roll

On the 3rd April, Mercury enters Taurus and your 5th house of social life, fun, and good times.

This will help you get the good times rolling, and you may be feeling especially chatty and sociable.

You might be busy getting everyone together, such as looking into new hobbies or planning a day out.

You may also feel light-hearted and carefree, so you will not want to be weighed down by tedious thoughts or routines.

A square to Pluto might have you counting out your beans before making any purchases or commitments, perhaps seeing what you can afford on your budget.

Saturn sextiles Mercury, so you may feel overwhelmed with all the options in front of you. You may need to slow down and do some more research before leaping ahead.

Take your time, Capricorn. You are the mountain goat. There’s no need to rush it.

A conjunction to the North Node on the 7th might have you at the center of all the drama, living your best life.

Everyone wants you around, and you could feel pulled in many directions. Let your intuition guide you toward the best situations.

Love might come knocking if you are single!

It may be the very early stages of a romance, such as getting a message from someone new on a dating site, but due to the planetary alignments, it could end up being the love of a lifetime!

Stay open and friendly today for the best results, and wear a smile when you’re out and about.

Whether you are single or married, you have opportunities to deepen commitments this month, with Mercury giving you chances to clear the air on the 7th and the 24th.

On these days, Mercury will be sextile Mars in your 7th house of relating, so you might be going over the technicalities of your plans and your bond to ensure any kinks are worked out.

Mercury will be retrograde for the second link to Mars, perhaps causing matters to be revisited.

There could be delays or revisions to your ideas and plans, or they may slow down for a week or two.

A new romance that seemed promising may grind to a halt. Or your holiday plans may change due to new information.

Don’t worry about delays or adjustments, and allow situations to unfold.

It’s all good in the hood, Capricorn.

Home is Where the Heart is

On the 5th, there is a day of brilliant healing light when the Sun conjuncts Chiron, the wounded healer.

Bringing us an abundance of empathy, compassion, and forgiveness, this beautiful energy exchange is taking place in your 4th house of home and family.

This is a wonderful sign of improvement in any family situation you have been dealing with.

It is a chance for everyone to recognize and be proud of the changes that have been taking place since last month when Jupiter and Chiron met in an epic alignment.

Now the Sun is showing up to solidify the positive benefits and bring in new blessings.

As the Sun moves on from Chiron, and straight into nearby Jupiter, on the 11th, this gives you around a week of positive energy radiating into the very heart of your life.

This will bring stability to your foundation and give you something secure to build on.

Having this certainty about where you have been and where your heart now belongs will fill you with inspiration to reach the next milestone of your journey.

You may have big plans and dreams you are putting into action, like buying a home or moving, and you can’t wait to get started making your space homely and ultra-stylish, just like you.

Capricorn, you ARE the Joneses that everyone else tries to keep up with.

Libra Full Moon Brings Work Pressure

Busy woman working on a laptop with a sand timer

On the 6th, a Full Moon lights up your 10th house of career, bringing some matters to a head in your professional life or concerning your goals.

You may be feeling the pressure of work deadlines or even be considering changing your role or some aspect of your work life.

You may be juggling work and home responsibilities, so take time for yourself and unwind at the end of each day.

Venus Wants You to Enjoy Life More

Venus starts off the new month in your 5th house of having fun so you feel footloose and fancy-free and could be enjoying more leisure, romance, or simply good times.

On the 7th, a sextile to Neptune might have you feeling inspired to write or paint or perhaps confess your feelings to someone special.

A lovely aspect to Neptune will have you feeling spiritually aligned and tuned into the subtle undercurrents of energy.

You might even be telepathic today.

On the 11th, Venus trines Pluto as she shifts into Gemini and your 6th house of work, daily grind, and health regimes.

You will soon begin feeling fitter and more energetic and it will become easier to make healthy choices for yourself.

You might even fancy a spot of shopping today to update your style and wardrobe to your new look.

Saturn Upgrades Your Life

Saturn is settling into Aquarius, bringing you structure and stability in your ways of communicating, thinking, and learning.

You may spend the next year or two upgrading your life, so information flows seamlessly and everything functions.

On the 19th a sextile aspect to the North Node brings your love life and social life into focus.

You might be chatting with someone new if you are single or meeting someone in your area that has been right under your nose all along.

If you are partnered already, you may be finding new ways to enjoy yourself, perhaps near where you live.

You may join classes or find there is lots to discover in your town, city or village.

You may even be finding a new place to move to that ticks all of your boxes.  

New Moon Eclipse Brings Stability

On the 20th, we enter Eclipse season 2023 with a powerful New Moon Eclipse in your 4th house of home, foundation, and roots.

You may be moving over the next 6-18 months or securing your foundation. You might also renovate, refurbish or restyle your home and people may move in or out.

Eclipses bring change and new beginnings, and you will feel more stable as a result of these.

Taurus Season is Time for Fun

Friends having a drinks on a sunny evening in a bar
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After the Eclipse takes place, the Sun moves into Taurus and your 5th house of fun, so your good vibes continue right until the end of April and beyond.

This is your annual time of year to enjoy life, relax and feel good. Switch off negativity and tune into the vibration of enjoying the moment.

Even better if you have some fun social engagements, events, trips, or even a short break planned, as all of these will go very well.

A conjunction to the North Node on the 24th could bring a promising first date if you’re single, or a new creative opportunity might show up.

It could be a child who makes you proud or happy, or a child could come into your life.

You may just hear something today that makes you exhilarated and gives you fresh hope.

You feel like celebrating life today.

Mars Makes You Feisty

Mars is in Cancer in April, your opposite sign and zone of marriage and contracts.

You should be feeling feisty in your partnerships, both business and personal, and be making sure you get your own needs met too.

You will even enjoy taking the lead in partnership matters and will be able to motivate and lead others toward success.

Others will look up to you for guidance and to take charge.

On the 29th, as April comes to a close, a stunning link to Uranus will fire up your 5th house, giving you a green light to finish work early and unwind with your partner or colleagues.

You will be the life of the party and everyone will bask in the radiant glow you emit.

You end April looking and feeling good and living life in the fast lane, Capricorn.