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Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Cancer Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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For you, April’s focus is your career and professional development, or perhaps your social standing or aspirations.

You want to better yourself and reach the pinnacles of success, and April is a month where progress will happen.

You might be having potent inspirational downloads about your ambitions around the 5th when the Sun conjunct Chiron helps you access new vision and awareness about what might be possible now.

Tune into your highest hopes and wishes.

The Sun meets Jupiter around a week later, bringing you opportunities to dazzle.

You might hear about a new job or receive praise and accolades. This should be a golden day for you professionally, and good news should boost your spirits.

Mars is in your sign all month, giving you strength and personal power.

You feel motivated and in control, especially as the month progresses and you get important clues that strengthen your vision and purpose. You may be called to take the lead in situations.

You are letting your intuition guide you in April toward your dream life.

Mercury Brings New Connections

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Mercury moves on early in the month, going into Taurus, square Pluto, and sextile Saturn, both in new signs.

Mercury’s move enhances your communication skills and will help you get your message out to a much wider audience.

Saturn will be helping you connect with people far and wide throughout April, Cancer.

These connections can bring you more prosperity, deeper wisdom, and new insight into situations. Your perspectives are shifting in fundamental ways.

The square to Pluto warns not to let fear hold you back.

Mercury conjuncts the North Node on the 7th, bringing you dazzling new connections that can change your vision for the future.

Be open to conversation and see where it leads. You may get invitations into new social situations or circles you have long wanted to move into.

Mercury turns slow and then retrograde on the 21st. This may lead to delays and communication mix-ups in your circles.

You might feel progress is slow or going in the wrong direction but hold steady. A sextile to Mars in your sign gives you the stamina to keep knocking on doors until they open.

Don’t give up. Show that you are persistent, and it will pay off in time. Take delays in your stride.

You are on your way to success, Cancer, and all the right people are going to want to be on your team.

Libra Full Moon Says You Are Needed at Home

A Full Moon in Libra on the 6th takes place in your 4th house of home and family matters.

You could be dealing with issues around family relations, a family gathering or event, or issues to do with your home.

There could be property repairs to deal with or family squabbles as Full Moon brings matters to a head for resolution.

A square to Pluto at Full Moon in your 8th house might cause you to need to wade in and sort things out.

There could be joint finances affecting things, or it could be that you are dealing with inheritance, tax, or some legal issues.

You may feel deeply affected emotionally by all that is happening around Full Moon, so get support if needed.

Things might feel heavy for a day or two, but once you have dealt with things, you will feel much better. Tackle the most important thing first and let others help.

Once the Moon shifts into Scorpio on the 7th, you will feel much better and in the mood for fun.

Scorpio is your 5th house of joy, so you will be able to shake off any worry or heavy feelings.

Your friends might come through with some holiday plans that cheer you up, or they may help you see the situation from another perspective.

Venus Goes All In

Venus is in your 11th house of friends, groups, and hopes for the future until the 11th, helping you make new connections and enjoy fun times with friends.

You may be feeling sociable and find new contacts are helping you make progress.

A stunning link to Neptune on the 7th will help you unwind after the Full Moon by perhaps exploring some off-the-wall topics with friends or by the discovery of some breathtaking information that changes your whole perspective.

You might even be planning travel or an adventure, and you will feel soothed and inspired that there is lots ahead to look forward to.

There could be romance in the air too, and a friend might become more if you are single.

You might have some intimacy around the 11th, when Venus shifts into your 12th house, in trine to Pluto in your steamy 8th.

What have you got going on, Cancer? It seems you will have intense encounters around this time and might be going deep to strengthen bonds and merge with others.

A square to Saturn on the 14th and the 9th may have you feeling as if you need more information, or you could feel restricted or even wish you could escape!

There could be some bothersome red tape or legal matter you are dealing with, so stay patient and work diligently to get around it.

Venus in the 12th house will help you enjoy your own company, perhaps doing some introspection and working on any patterns you want to leave behind.

It’s a good time to tackle addictions or unhealthy behaviors as you will not struggle as much as other times.

Some self-care is in order in April, Cancer!

Saturn Says Find Your Spiritual Destiny

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Saturn in Pisces makes a sextile to the North Node in Taurus on the 19th, a rare aspect that will help you get a real sense of how to make your hopes and wishes happen.

This may be around something as big as where in the world you want to live, or it could be as simple as altering your philosophy on life.

You could be thinking about higher education or some kind of radical overhaul of your belief system.

You can see that change is needed, and you may feel a need to commit to a new stage of your journey.

You could be having spiritual breakthroughs or seeing how your spiritual gifts are going to support your future growth more than in the past.

You want to sow seeds for the future on fertile soil in partnership with the universe.

Saturn’s sextile to the Sun on the 25th will show you how to engage people in your vision.

You will feel pleased with your progress and happy that you have the backing of others. Perhaps someone can even offer you a leg up with a supportive or kind gesture.

New Moon Eclipse Brings Career Success

On the 20th, a bright New Moon Eclipse takes place at 29 degrees of Aries in your 10th house of career and social standing.

You will feel you have turned a page professionally and will soon reach new levels.

A New Moon Eclipse is in effect for the next 6-12 months, sometimes 18 months, so the changes it puts in motion take time.

You could be starting a new job in the next year or getting an important promotion, more responsibility, a leadership role, or a special award.

You might be starting a business or finding how much you are admired and respected.

A square to Pluto might have you in your head and doubting your abilities but don’t give those thoughts any airtime.

You can take great steps forward as long as you believe in yourself and have the courage to claim what you deserve.

Taurus Season Means New Circles

The Sun moves into Taurus on the 21st, shifting your focus onto your friends, networks, and dreams for the future.

You will feel more inspired to go after what you want and more open to connecting with others.

You could even be attracting attention towards the end of April, and a sextile to Saturn on the 25th lets you see the possibilities if you make a practical plan.

Start evaluating the first steps you need to take and discussing your ideas with those who have walked the path before you.

You might learn lots from others who can highlight the best route to take and the pitfalls to avoid.

A conjunction to the North Node on the 24th can bring influential people into your circle who can really help you make the solid progress you want.

This might even be a destined meeting with someone that can change your life.

Mars Gives you Gas in Your Tank

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Mars is in your sign throughout April, giving you energy and motivation to tackle tasks.

On the 29th, a sextile to Uranus in Taurus might have you busy entertaining friends at home or tackling home projects with friends.

You end the month feeling satisfied and surrounded by good company.