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Best Gift Ideas for a Gemini Woman in 2020

Best Gift Ideas for a Gemini Woman in 2020

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Due to their eclectic tastes, buying a gift for a Gemini woman can be surprisingly easy. They like a lot of different things and they aren’t set on one particular style.

Gemini women are always happy to try something new, even though she may decide it does not suit her.

Anything that feeds her thirst for knowledge and her desire for human contact and communication makes a good Gemini woman gift. She will enjoy a good book that feeds her intellect.

Gemini will appreciate a party where she can spend time with her friends, and maybe make some new ones. She will love little things for her that make her feel glamorous and like the star of the show.

To help you in your search, we’ve handpicked a range of unique birthday, anniversary and Christmas gift ideas Gemini women will love.

Here are the best gifts for Gemini women

1. Travel Accessories

Kenneth Cole Reaction Women's 2-Piece (20 Inch Carry On and Backpack)

Recommended Gift: Kenneth Cole Reaction Women’s 2-Piece (20″ Carry On + Backpack)

Gemini women are always looking for fun, excitement and the next new thing. Whether it is backpacking in South Asia or a trip to Vegas with her gal pals, Gemini women enjoy getting away. They also thrive off meeting new people and hearing their stories.

The latest travel novel can make a good birthday present for a Gemini woman, especially if it is about a place that you know she has in mind for her next trip.

Gemini women like surprises and usually won’t do in-depth pre-travel research. She will enjoy exploring new paths and hearing people’s inspiring stories.

She probably also likes to record her own stories and experiences. This makes a vintage or high-quality travel journal a great gift for a Gemini woman. Something like this WANDRD Travel Notebook or this You Are Here: Mindful Travel Journal.

Nice travel accessories will always be used, so treat her to something special. If you really want to treat her, consider a new matching luggage set (such as that pictured above).

For something a bit more affordable, a toiletries bag is always a safe choice. A stylish travel belt like this elasticised travel or running belt will also make a thoughtful gift.

Some comforts for the airplane will also make an excellent Christmas gift for a Gemini woman, something like this Memory Foam Neck Pillow or inflatable footrest.

2. Reading Material

Kindle Oasis

Recommended Gift: Kindle Oasis (now with adjustable warm light)

Gemini women love learning about everything, which means that they are usually big readers. They love reading about the lives of other people’s lives.

Gemini women also love having interesting facts and stories to tell when they meet up with their friends.

When choosing the perfect book, remember that she likes learning something new, so skip fiction and go for something informative. The latest political memoir, celebrity biography or psychology book will likely be on her wish list.

As we mention in our Gemini woman compatibility guide, she is probably very active and always on the go. Therefore, a subscription to an audiobook service such as Audible makes an excellent gift for a Gemini woman.

3. A Mix of Little Gifts

Homesick New York scented candles

Recommended Gift: State-specific scented candles 

For Gemini women, variety is the spice of life. This means that often rather than having deep interests in a few things, she has broad and general interests in a lot of different things.

These state-specific scented candles are a great gift if she’s moved from where she grew up. A way to remind her of good times from her past. Although the candles shown above are New York scented, they have a candle set for each state.

Rather than getting her just one thing, think about putting together a collection of little gifts. Make sure you wrap them each individually so that she can have the pleasure of guessing what is inside each package.

Consider little things like a personalised and funky new case for her phone, a nice thermal travel mug to keep coffee warm, or a stainless steel water bottle to keep water chilled.

A top with an appropriate image or slogan always makes a good present for a Gemini woman, or a hat or sunglasses she can use on her next summer trip.

4. Plan a Party

Recommended Gift: plan her a party

What Gemini women love more than anything else is spending time with other people. They love meeting new people, talking and sharing ideas.

A party where they are surrounded by people who want to speak to them and where they are the star of the show. If you can pull off a surprise, even better.

While a house party is always a great option, think about organising something at a local bar or club where guests can interact with other people.

Your Gemini friend is likely to be up for partying much later than most of the other guests and will enjoy having some new faces to engage with.

Don’t be afraid to pick a theme and get everyone to dress up, Gemini women generally love going over the top when it comes to planning a costume. If it is a surprise, go ahead and pick a costume for her, she will appreciate the novelty.

Whatever you do, pick something flattering and sexy rather than going for funny or embarrassing.

5. Glitzy Party Dresses

Girls stylish cocktail dress

Recommended Gift: a new party dress

Gemini women always like to look their best, since you never know who you might meet and want to impress. She probably has a closet full of clothes. That doesn’t mean there is no space for one more party dress.

Gemini women are generally up for trying a new style. Don’t be afraid to pick something for her, but make sure it is good quality, flattering and bold. She likes color, glamor and sparkle, so the latest glitter dress is something that she will wear.

If you aren’t sure about the dress, accessories make a good gift too. The latest clutch or a nice pashmina will be things that she will love to receive.

She might even get a kick out of something a little more unusual like some good quality fishnet or sparkling tights. She isn’t afraid to experiment and stand out.

6. Jewellery

Swiss Blue Topaz Amethyst Pendant Necklace

Recommended Gift: Sterling Silver and Swiss Blue Topaz Amethyst Necklace

Jewellery always makes a great gift for a Gemini woman, as she loves matching her pieces to her eclectic wardrobe. While she might seem like the type of woman who likes statement pieces, she probably actually prefers more delicate jewellery.

Color and sparkle are always a good gift choice for Gemini women.

Purple is a lucky colour for Gemini, so a purple amethyst is a good stone for a Gemini woman. A silver or gold setting is always the best choice.

She will probably really like this amethyst and sterling silver butterfly pendant or the elegant sterling silver and Swiss blue topaz amethyst necklace pictured above.

If she is into Celtic symbolism, she might like these Celtic knot drip dangle earrings in silver with amethyst. Something along the lines of this silver Earth and Moon galaxy necklace might also be a good choice.

She has probably also seen the newly popular Solar System bracelets around and would love to have one.

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Wednesday 3rd of June 2020

i am trying to buy for a gemini lady and she is a real lady so polite and considerqate of others. she can only read very small pocket books as her concentrationj is not good. she is 91 years of age and loves a good white bottle of wine. she loves scarvesis very petite loves reading the quality newspapers and loves her garden. she hates getting bored and has a great sens of humour. what colours do elderly gemin women love most ? i am longterm unemplooyed but this lady ahs been so generous to me.