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Aries Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Aries Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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As April begins, the Sun is shining in your 1st house of self, so you are full of energy and busy kickstarting new projects and initiatives.

You still have Jupiter bringing you luck, and Mercury is in Aries, too, as the month begins, helping you to keep your message on point.

Chiron is helping you heal, and you are feeling good, with plenty of motivation and fresh gas in your tank. You are raring to go and feeling a spring in your step.

You have a big focus on money too this month, especially later in the month when the Sun moves into Taurus.

Romance picks up after the 11th, when Venus shifts to bring you new opportunities for love, perhaps while you are out and about.

Local cafes, shops, and community events might all bring love this month, and if you are coupled up, you will enjoy more conversation, perhaps local walks or taking a new class together.

The planets are encouraging you to think long-term, and Saturn wants you to work on your inner healing, so you can begin to manifest your dream life, Aries.

Mercury Moves into Taurus, Square Pluto

Mercury shifts into Taurus on the 3rd in a tense square to Pluto, who is now in Aquarius.

This could bring up conflict in your social groups or networks, and you may have to step in and help diffuse the tension.

A link to Saturn will help you stabilize any turbulence, and others might rush toward you for support and understanding.

Later in the month, Mercury turns retrograde in your 2nd house of financial matters, so there could be delays with money you are expecting to receive.

Take care with all financial matters after the 21st, as there could be hidden costs, miscommunication, or errors that could be costly.

Sun Meets Chiron and Jupiter

The Sun meets Chiron on the 5th in your sign, bringing you more healing energy and giving you more insight that you easily convert into wisdom.

You feel tapped in at this time and ready to begin a new cycle.

This is your time of year to shine and put your best foot forward as you race ahead, taking charge of situations and resolving issues all around you.

You will feel great around the 11th when the Sun meets Jupiter in your sign, bringing you luck, hope, and a lot more optimism than you have felt for a while.

You are shaking off the winter blues and casting your net far and wide in search of new opportunities.

There’s gold in them thar hills, Aries!

Libra Full Moon

The Full Moon in your opposite sign on the 6th might bring any partnership matters to a head and require you to work with partners to resolve any tension and smooth over any ruffled feathers.

Partners might be feeling insecure about your personal growth and recent changes in you and may just need some reassurance and a bit of your time and attention.

For some, there could be deeper issues to work through, and an opposition to Jupiter and Chiron urge you to take time to talk and focus on others.

With Mercury near the North Node at Full Moon in your house of income, it could be business talks that need your attention, Aries.

There could be chances to make more money around the Full Moon and new partnerships emerging that will prove prosperous later. Some things could be ending.

Venus Says Get Out and About

Group of Happy friends having breakfast in the restaurant

Venus starts April in your 2nd house of wealth, helping you know your worth and bring in extra cash.

You could make money behind the scenes around the 7th or from your creative or even spiritual endeavors.

A sextile to Neptune has you dreaming big and thinking of new ways to earn that are more in tune with who you are becoming, the real you.

Your networks can grow this month, especially around the 11th when Venus trines Pluto in your 11th house of Aquarius, where Pluto is still getting used to the new, strange vibe.

You might even have chances for romance among your social circle if you are single, so be open to conversations today and see where they lead, Aries!

They might not be your usual type of crush, either.

If you are not single or looking, it might be new earning opportunities you hear about on the grapevine, so keep your ear to the ground in early April.

As Venus moves into Gemini, your 3rd house of communication and short trips, she trines Pluto, so the rest of the month, you might be extra busy and chatty.

You will enjoy being on the move and keeping up with news, gossip and whatever is going on around you. It’s all go!

A trine to Saturn on the 14th has you thinking deeply about ways you have sabotaged yourself or held yourself back in the past, and you may now see how you can break these patterns and make healthier choices.

Saturn Says Take It Easy on Yourself

Saturn, now in your 12th house, brings you a need to take extra care of yourself and make sure you take time out when you need it.

Don’t be afraid to turn your phone off sometimes to recharge, and take some time to examine your own patterns of thought and behavior.

A sextile to the North Node on the 19th has you thinking about your earning potential.

This aspect is going to help you focus on what it is you really want and your own inner worth.

You are going to receive more help from the universe to receive fair remuneration for your skills and talents, perhaps more money or a pay rise.

You may change how you charge for your services or the work you do and stop any tendency to undersell yourself or not recognize your true value.

This is about serious decisions that can even alter the course of your destiny.

You will want to go within for clarity, perhaps by meditating or journalling, and to ask for guidance from your guides.

New Moon Eclipse in Aries Gives you a Blast Off

New Moon with Growth
Sergey Nivens/

A New Moon Eclipse in your sign on the 20th will give you more dynamic energy to work with.

You could feel like all eyes are on you, waiting to see what you will do next and what rabbit you are going to pull out of your hat.

A square to Pluto might even have you feeling exposed at New Moon, and some friendships might be changing or evolving as you shed your old skin.

This new Moon is at 29 degrees of your sign, so events might feel fated or at a crucial moment of your transformation.

You may be at a crossroads, presented with a few choices or options, so take time to think or research if you need it. Don’t let others sway you or influence you too much.

They haven’t walked a mile in your shoes.

This New Moon is your 2nd this month, giving you a second boost of solar/lunar energy and a second chance to reinvent yourself.

This is a great time for you, Aries, and you are receiving a lot of cosmic support as you step forward.

Allow gratitude and a positive mindset to take you even further in your brand-new and exciting cycle.

Taurus Season Brings Stability

After the 21st, the Taurus Sun helps you focus on your earning, resources, and what you value.

You will perhaps be building your empire, feeling more secure, and feathering your nest.

A meeting between the Sun and North Node on the 24th could bring new money opportunities, a windfall, or a valuable breakthrough in your finances or self-worth.

This is a great day for investments and planning for your financial future, especially long-term actions like saving.

Mars Sextile Uranus has You Flashing the Cash  

You might be tempted to splurge some money on your home around the 29th when Mars sextiles Uranus, and Mercury, perhaps bringing surprise expenditure connected to your home or kids.

You could even be buying a new home or investing some money into new furnishings or décor.

Shopping might make you feel good at the end of the month, so indulge yourself, Aries. You deserve it!