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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope April 2023: What’s In Store For You

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You seem to be planning some big changes at home as April begins, Aquarius, with the Sun, Chiron, Jupiter, and Mercury in Aries, your 4th house of family and the foundations of your life.

You seem to be preparing for a more secure future and a real sense of stability from which to build. You may have been planning this for some time, and finally, you have the means to achieve it.

This could be a very exciting month when your plans really start to take shape.

Your mind is overflowing with ideas, and you will be happy to discuss these with family and friends. The more viewpoints the better, because you want to get things right.

In April, you are working hard to build your dream life.

Mercury Brings Home Plans and Ideas

Mercury in your 3rd house has you gossiping, thinking, and chatting a lot as April begins.

On the 3rd, Mercury shifts into Taurus and your 4th house of home and family.

You could be talking about the past, looking into property to buy or sell, talking more with family members, and being busy around the home in April.

A square to Pluto now in your sign may have you setting new boundaries or enforcing new regimes that help you function better.

Perhaps you even need some downtime at home relaxing.

Saturn is helping you feel more secure financially so you might be putting some money down on a deal to do with your home or property or perhaps you are looking into mortgages or your earnings working from home.

Around the 7th, you will perhaps get a lead you want to follow up to do with your home or property and you will feel very drawn to whatever comes up.

You might even be considering some big changes on the home front.

Mercury’s retrograde from the 21st will slow down your plans for further revision. Delays may be unavoidable, so don’t worry if things seem to trundle along for a few weeks.

A sextile to Mars says you need to slow the pace anyway as you may feel tired and run down. Take a break while you can and recoup your strength.

The pace will pick back up again soon enough.

The Sun Mends Bridges

The Sun meets with Chiron and Jupiter from the 4th – 11th of April, bringing you massive healing potential in regard to how you think, learn, and communicate with others.

You may find you are speaking more, and having conversations that mend bridges and reinstate harmony.

You will be feeling curious and willing to listen to others’ points of view.

This alignment might even bring chances to heal deep wounds or issues from the past, and you can sweep your relationships with the broom of truth, compassion, and forgiveness.

Use this energy to reach out to others that you want to connect deeper with.

Libra Full Moon Changes Your Perspective

A Full Moon in Libra in your 9th house may bring your attention to your highest ideals and what you believe in. You may be changing your viewpoint or finding new perspectives to replace old ones.

You may also be planning a trip or vacation or feel that you need one.

It will perhaps do you good to chat with others about your new perspectives. You will enjoy deep and stimulating conversations that open your mind and increase your vision for the future.

You will be gaining more clarity and a new sense of adventure.

Venus Gives You Dazzling Allure

Venus in your 4th house as April gets underway might have you happy at home, enjoying your space or time with your family and slowing the pace.

On the 7th, a link to Neptune may help you feel secure or use your creative skills or hobbies to earn some extra cash.

You may just feel a new sense of self-love and an increased capacity to care for your own needs.

Venus moves on into Gemini on the 11th, bringing you more fun, joy and laughter, and a sense of enjoyment.

You will have more time for socializing, hobbies, leisure, and having a good time.

This is a great time of year for love and romance, as you have admirers flocking toward you.

If you are interested in dating, make sure you make your profile active, Aquarius. Your inbox will soon be overflowing with suitors!

If you are partnered up in April, you will enjoy more fun times with your special person.

You will be able to make more time for each other and your relationship. If you have children, they will make you very happy too and you will enjoy special moments.

This is your golden time, Aquarius.

A trine to Pluto on the 11th ramps up your sex appeal to ‘dangerous’. You’re on fire, baby!

If you’re single, get out there and wait for the admiring glances to start. You feel full of zest and ready to party and you might even meet someone who rocks your world.

Even if you are not single, you are intense and magnetic at this time and can attract what you desire.

Saturn Says Invest Wisely

Saturn is now in Pisces, your 2nd house of earnings, possessions, and stability, so you will be making sure you are financially secure in the next couple of years, perhaps increasing your earnings or saving more.

On the 19th, a sextile to the North Node might bring some big investment or financial outlay connected to your home, perhaps putting a deposit on a new home or a new piece of furniture or some new home décor.

Whatever you are buying, will feel like an investment that can grow in value.

If you are not buying anything, you may be reviewing your household budget and finances to make sure it is working to your benefit. Tighten those purse strings, Aquarius!

New Moon Eclipse Says Your Voice Will be Heard

Eclipse season 2023 begins with a New Moon Eclipse in Aries, at the critical 29th degree.

This might bring a sense of urgency or pressure to some kind of need for a new beginning in your 3rd house of communication.

Eclipses take 6-18 months to play out, so these changes will be gradual.

You may be learning more in the coming months, speaking more or changing how you think and communicate.

You might be using social media more or speaking with a wider range of audiences.

You will be feeling more confident and outspoken when it comes to expressing your views.

A square to Pluto highlights a need for clear communication and keeping others informed. It also suggests a need to research carefully and find the information you need.

You might be upgrading your vehicle or means of travel over the next year, too.

Taurus Season Brings Quality Time at Home

The Sun’s ingress into Taurus on the 21st shines a light on your 4th house and you will probably enjoy more quality time at home unwinding with loved ones.

Your home life might be a hive of activity, too, with lots of coming and goings and visitors popping over to hang out.

You will love entertaining, getting your home in sparkling, tip-top condition, and ensuring everybody is being well looked after.

On the 24th the Sun’s meeting with the North Node of Destiny might bring the perfect home for you into view.

If you are not moving or looking for a new home, you may find the perfect accessory or makeover idea that fires up your imagination.

You will be determined to make your home a warm and cozy sanctuary against the world.

A sextile to Saturn brings the financial means to get what you want with some careful planning and adjustments.

Mars Helps You Reach Health Goals

Mars in your 6th house gives you bundles of energy and drive to overhaul your health and lifestyle in April to ensure your body, heart, and soul are in perfect alignment.

You might be trying out new exercise regimes or checking you are drinking enough water.

The changes you are making will benefit you in surprising ways you didn’t expect, and this will fuel you to keep going.

In particular, the days around the end of the month, when Mars sextiles Uranus, will help you ground the new routines into your life.

You end April feeling pleased with your progress and ready for more.