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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope March 2023: What’s In Store For You

Aquarius Monthly Horoscope March 2023: What’s In Store For You

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As March begins, the Sun is in Pisces, your 2nd house of money and earned income, so you may be finding new sources of cash and sorting out your resources.

A link to Uranus on the 6th might bring new income from working from home, or you could find ways to cut back on household bills and expenses.

You might release funds connected to real estate or property, or a family member may come up with new ideas, contributions, or ways to help.

The Moon in Cancer, your 6th house, may mean you feel like your health needs some attention, or you may need a recharge or extra rest.

Listen to your body at the start of March, and give it what it needs to function, Aquarius!

Venus conjunct Jupiter on the 2nd brings lucky communication, travel or car upgrades, new thoughts and ideas that change everything around.

Your upbeat attitude helps you feel you can conquer the world. You probably can, too!

Your main focus all month will be thinking, learning, short trips and being busy with lots of communication.

You might be chatting more with friends, your siblings, neighbors, or just the people around you, and you might find you are in demand all month, with lots to do and lots going on.

It’s all go, Aquarius!

It looks like there have been changes you have wanted to make at home, and this is the month you will begin to take action on those, too. Your home is your castle in March, Aquarius!

Add these dates in March to your calendar:

Dates in MarchEvent
2nd and 3rdVenus conjunct Jupiter and Chiron in Aries
7thFull Moon at 16 Virgo
8thSaturn into Pisces
12thJupiter conjunct Chiron in Aries
18thVenus into Taurus
19th and 20thMercury and Sun into Aries
21stSpring Equinox and New Moon at 0 Aries
24thPluto into Aquarius
27thMars into Cancer

There’s Lots to Take in Mid-Month

Women laughing and chatting

Chiron conjunct Jupiter in your 3rd house of communication on the 12th brings healing conversations and a blast of optimism around your immediate surroundings, your mindset and attitude.

Staying busy, with lots of interactions, will be a real tonic and you will feel dynamic and determined.

You will get lots done and should find new solutions that ease your burdens and make your daily life easier and more pleasant.

You might be receiving good news, or having conversations that prove stimulating and enlightening.

You may be taking in lots of information about something new and researching next steps. Your brain may feel like it is lit up with dazzling news and information to process, and your mind may be racing with the possibilities.

Everywhere you look, you see new solutions, possibilities and options. Take your time deciding and get more information if you need it.

Whatever is right for you will soon become clearer.

Let Go of the Past at Full Moon

The Full Moon on the 7th takes place in Virgo, your 8th house of letting go, so you may feel as if you are dealing with some deep issues at this time.

You may feel things are reaching a crescendo, and there might be a lot to sort out.

You may even become aware of situations that need your undivided attention all of a sudden, and you have to dive in and resolve things.

The Focus is on Money Mid-Month

Man in office designing on computer

Around mid-month, Mercury and the Sun conjunct Neptune in Pisces, your 2nd house of earned income and self-worth.

You may find all month that you have new ways of bringing in more money, or making what you have go further.

You might be seeing completely new income streams, and mid-month is a great time to explore making money from creative projects, bold ideas and networks you have.

Your self-esteem gets a boost, too, with this energy reminding you of your worth, and perhaps tangible evidence that others value you, too.

This could mean a pay rise, new job, windfall or an overall feeling that things are on the right track.

You might find you have more disposable cash than you thought, although your social life or kids might also be costing you.

Venus Moves into Taurus

Joyful adult daughter greeting happy surprised senior mother in garden

Until the 18th of March, Venus is in the sector of your chart that governs communication and your local networks, including the people around you, so you may have been enjoying lots of company or visits lately.

Your mind might have been stimulated more, with many ideas and things to process. News, gossip, learning and connecting are all 3rd house areas of life you might enjoy now.

After Venus movies into Taurus, her home sign, you might be happiest at home for a while, enjoying a bit more relaxation and a break from all the comings and goings of late.

You might even be planning some changes at home, to make your abode more stylish or update the décor.

A square to Pluto suggests this is something you might have been putting off for a long time. Saturn supports you to work hard, so you know the results will be worth it.

Venus’ connection with the North Node on the 21st will lead you to the perfect solution to make your home life like the pages of an interior design magazine.

You might be filled with inspiration and a sense of knowing what it is you want. Something just feels right, so go with it.

At the very end of March, you may receive confirmation that your hunches were all correct when Venus meets Uranus.

You might decide to go for it today and revamp some area of your home or foundation to fit in with the new you.

Aries Season Brings a Lot to Deal With

The Sun and Mercury move into the sign of Aries on the 20th, moving your focus squarely onto your home life, your property and your family.

You may be dealing with many changes or feel that some changes can benefit the balance at home.

A sextile to Pluto has you determined to get out of your own way and to jump on into tackling those jobs around the house.

Your plans made be grand, or small, but you are determined to carry them out, and you will feel energized and supported at home in March.

Home is where the heart is for you, and you will enjoy making time to relax and unwind more, surrounded by those you love most.

Mercury conjunct Chiron and then Jupiter at the end of the month brings conversations that clear up lots of things and get everyone on the same page.

New home regimes, a fresh outlook and some cooperation, can go a long way now. You feel content with progress.

The New Moon on the 21st in Aries has you even more ready to get the home life you want.

You might have some breakthroughs or begin to see results from all your hard work that let you know you took the right actions.

Saturn and Pluto Change Signs Bringing Epic Changes

Saturn moves into Pisces early in the month, on the 8th, shifting your sense of responsibility away from yourself and your own development, and onto your finances, resources and self-worth.

Over the next two years, you will work hard to secure your financial position and make your money work for you. You might be saving more, moving your investments around or looking for ways to boost your earning power.

Pluto’s move into Aquarius at the end of March brings you relief from all the introspection and self-work the last few years have brought.

In the coming years, you will present these changes to the world, with a growing sense of identity and personal strength and stronger boundaries that will serve you well.

You are about to become very powerful, Aquarius.

Mars Moves into Cancer

Relaxing in the bath with a book

Mars has been in Gemini for a long time, putting your focus, passion and motivation onto your 5th house and how you unwind, let go of stress and enjoy yourself.

Circumstances may have compelled you to look at what makes you truly happy and find ways to do more of it.

Balance is important in life, between work and play, and now that you have achieved this, Mars is moving on to give you a burst of inspiration to work on your health and wellbeing more.

You may find you are more motivated to exercise, get more sleep and eat better.

A trine from Mars to Saturn helps you solidify these plans and commit properly to your self-improvement goals.

You will see the results right away, Aquarius!