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April 2023 Monthly Horoscope: What You Need to Know

April 2023 Monthly Horoscope: What You Need to Know

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April is a quieter month than March, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t have its share of planetary action!

We still have Mercury slowing down and turning retrograde, ending a long period with no retrograde planets.

There’s also a New Moon Eclipse heralding the start of Eclipse Season 2023 and Venus moving into Gemini.

We begin April with the Sun in Aries and the Moon in Virgo, so we feel fresh, bold, and ready for planning and hard work. No hanging at the back!

We are also enjoying the fresh new energy of Spring. Let’s see what else is happening in April.

Dates for Your Diaries

Dates in AprilEvent
3rdMercury moves into Taurus, square Pluto, and sextile Saturn and Mars
5thSun conjunct Chiron in Aries
6thFull Moon in Libra
7thMercury conjunct North Node, sextile Mars, Venus sextile Neptune
11thVenus into Gemini, trine Pluto, Sun conjunct Jupiter in Aries
19thSaturn in Pisces sextile North Node in Taurus
20thNew Moon Eclipse at 29 Aries
21stMercury stationary retrograde in Taurus, sextile to Mars in Cancer, Sun moves into Taurus
24thSun conjunct North Node, sextile Saturn
29thMars in Cancer sextile Uranus in Taurus

Mercury Slows Down While Picking Fights with Pluto

Mercury moves into Taurus and squares Pluto on the 3rd, which can bring tense or harsh words, but perhaps a point needs to be made.

Choose your words carefully, and always remember to be kind.

People might want their own way today.

Mercury sextile Saturn a day or two later brings some wisdom and clarity. Let the dust settle, and Saturn will help everyone be more mature and responsible.

Mars sextile the North Node on the 5th, so we can see what we need to do now.

Sun is conjunct Chiron, so our pain could be obvious to ourselves or others.

Things could be getting brought to light, and there could be closure, apologies, goodbyes, or just healing energy that helps us all feel clearer.

Be gentle with yourself and others today, especially as we are nearly at Full Moon, heightening emotions and bringing them up for release.

Hidden tension can erupt, even out of nowhere, if we have kept our feelings pent up or suppressed.

Libra Full Moon Says Check Yourself

Woman making heart shape with her hands over full moon

Full Moon in Libra on the 6th brings relationships into focus. Are they balanced, or is one side giving more than taking?

The universe doesn’t like imbalance, so it’s time to look at and adjust our relationships.

An opposition to Jupiter says some might even have taken their partner for granted or over-relying on them.

Check yourself at Full Moon. Things should be equal and fair. Make adjustments.

Mercury is conjunct the North Node at Full Moon, helping us find the right words.

Perhaps honesty is being called for. For others, new opportunities might be presented in love or business.

These are fated and meant to be, so feel free to explore them further.

The North Node shows our destiny, so you might feel drawn towards that which fills you with inspiration and passion.

Stop and Smell the Roses

woman with easel, palette and brush painting at studio
Ground Picture/

Venus sextile Neptune on the 7th is a dreamy aspect, good for writers, poets, artists, and romantics.

Creative and intuitive gifts can be stimulated, leading to a burst of inspiration and even works of art or genius.

A great day for daydreaming, journalling, enjoying music, dance, or being around water.

Do whatever soothes your soul, fills you with wonder, and helps you appreciate the moment.

Keep Your Balance in April

The Scorpio Moon on the 7th might make us feel like we have been through the mill in the last few days. We may feel transformed or see where we need to transform.

Some might even feel tender and in need of a hug.

Mercury makes a first sextile to Mars, an aspect he will form again later in the month once he turns retrograde.

People will state their views and want to talk, but those views may change later.

Keep things flexible and open-ended where you can, including your own opinions.

All this Taurus energy can be stubborn, but you don’t have to be. You can appreciate that things are always in a state of flux, and new energy can arrive that changes everything all at once.

The only constant is change. So, keep your balance at Full Moon during the first week of April, and you will be in great shape.

The Universe Says Yes

Venus trine Pluto on the 11th can be steamy and passionate or make us want something really bad. Like, we just have to get it.

However, with Sun conjunct Jupiter, it looks like it IS something pretty good and worth having. So, it’s a yes from the universe.

Go after what you want today. It might be yours.

Venus also moves into Gemini on the 11th, so we feel fun, flirty, and flighty. Life feels like a smorgasbord of options; we want to taste it all.

The 11th looks like a day of endless possibilities, some very interesting. Feel free to explore and sample new experiences. Life is for living today.

Now Get Back to Work

Venus square Saturn on the 14th is a bit of a damp squib on our fun and frivolity.

Have we done our chores? Is the work piling up somewhere while we are off gallivanting? Who is standing in for us?

Time to get back to work, folks. Or perhaps to tie our crazy ideas into some kind of structure or action plan.

Saturn says it can’t be haphazard anymore. Our dreams need a firm base to build on.

Saturn’s sextile to the North Node on the 19th is important for getting these long-term plans rooted in reality. It’s time to make those dreams tangible.

Take the first step towards your biggest goal this month.

New Moon Eclipse is Last Chance Saloon

Phase of the blue moon

On the 20th, we have the Hybrid New Moon Eclipse at 29 degrees of Aries.

The second New Moon this month in the same sign is called a Blue Moon, and it gives us a second chance to get it right or to perfect our game so we are successful.

This could feel like our last chance, too, as it takes place on the 29th degree, which gives it a sense of urgency or completion.

An eclipse heightens the energy and makes it more potent, so important new beginnings are taking place right now. We cannot avoid them.

The New Moon is square Pluto, now in his strange new home Aquarius, where he is rearranging the furniture to try and make it comfortable.

We may also have some adjustments to make to our plans and projects, so they work better.

Mercury is stationing retrograde at New Moon, so we may have to hold back a while longer while finer details are confirmed.

Aries hates delays and hold-ups, so take it all in your stride.

Things happen in perfect timing, so be at peace, especially toward the end of the month when Mercury stops and stays still.

Let your sense of urgency be still, too. All is well.

Mercury’s sextile to Mars replays for a second time on the 24th, bringing that sense of urgency back, but it really is safe to ignore.

Do what you can and let go, as there is no benefit to getting tense or bickering with others who are struggling.

Time to Meet Your Destiny

The Sun passes the North Node on the 24th, so there is lots of inspiration and ideas to be had today.

You could even get a new offer or a golden opportunity to move towards something you have long dreamed of.

It’s a great time to plan your future and consider how it might look. This is a rare chance to align with your destiny.

A sextile to Saturn says it can work out long term, and if you put the work in, you can have it all.

Rewards are now on offer for those willing to commit to the journey.

Don’t over-promise or sell yourself short. Make your best offer, and be patient and confident. There is lots going on behind the scenes.

Venus sextile Chiron on the 26th is lovely energy for healing conversations, taking care of ourselves and others, and letting go of past hurts to start over.

A square to Mars in Cancer warns us to put ego aside. Mars is weak in Cancer anyway, so ignore any ego issues altogether.

Just agree to disagree, apologize, smile, and start a new page.

As we end April, Mars in Cancer is sextile Uranus in Taurus, perhaps bringing surprising news about finance or resources.

In our lives, we should learn of something that can help us feel more secure or more abundant, and we may get a burst of potent inspiration that helps us build something new.

Have a great April!