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Angel Number 707 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 707?

Angel Number 707 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 707?

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What do you think it is like to see the Angel Number 707?

Imagine a morning something like this. You wake up early on a Saturday morning, looking over at the clock you see that it is 7:07am. You decide to get a start on the day with a run. As you near the end of your route you look at your tracker and see that you have run 7.07km. As you head back home you stop for a coffee and a newspaper, your total comes to $7.07.

Why is this number cropping up everywhere you look? It is a sign from the universe?

Angel Number 707 Meaning

Angel Number 707 centers on the digit 0, which represents both everything and nothing, all possible outcomes and the void. For us it usually means that we are at the complete start of something, or that we are in a position when all possibilities are open to us.

In the Tarot, it is linked with The Fool, a man at the start of a journey who does not yet know where he is going.

This 0 is surrounded by 7s, which is the number of learning, knowledge, and of the spiritual and the esoteric. For us, it often suggests that the path we are on at the moment is supposed to teach us something. With its link to hidden knowledge, it can also be indicative of secrets and lies.

In the Tarot it is linked to The Chariot, a symbol of the willpower, determination, and strength that we get from knowing who we are.

The 707 Angel Number also culminates in the number 5, as 7+0+7=14, which further reduces to 1+4=5. The number 5 represents independence, personal freedom and the spirit of adventure. But it also reminds us that these things come at a cost.

In the Tarot it is linked with The Hierophant, who is all about making your own choices based on your own knowledge and beliefs, as well as accepting the consequences of those decisions.

Angel Number 707 suggests that we are at the start of a journey that will teach us an important lesson about ourselves, and only when we learn that lesson will we be able to make the important choices that will put us on the right path.

Reasons you might be seeing Angel Number 707

1. No one knows what you are capable of, not even you

It is scary to think about how often each of us are told that we can’t do something. Society has set rules designed to keep us all in our ‘lane’, and designed to hold us back when we try and break out. While we talk about living in societies where a person can do anything if they have the talent and the will, there are still a limited number of ‘approved’ paths to this success.

Angel Number 707, similar in meaning to the number 2233, can appear to remind us that these rules are not real, and the only true things holding us back are our own self-limiting beliefs. We believe that we are a certain type of person, capable of certain things. But few of us can imagine what we are actually capable of when it is called for.

Know that you have more inside of you than you realize, and try. Don’t be afraid to fail, you only really fail when you stop trying.

2. Remember that you have the ability to learn until the end

Someone once said that if you aren’t learning, you’re dead. But many of us do not take this attitude into our daily lives. We get firm ideas in our heads about the world, and don’t let even the things that we see with our own eyes change these hard formed, and now rigid, beliefs.

Similar in meaning to the number 808, the 707 Angel Number can show up when we have a lesson to learn. While we shouldn’t be fickle in our fundamental beliefs, we should not hold on to them so rigidly that we reject the lessons that the universe has for us. As we gain new information, we can refine our beliefs. Pay attention to the lessons that the universe is trying to teach you.

3. Find the hidden truth of a situation to move forward

Even when we consider ourselves assertive, sometimes we can struggle to make decisions. Often this problem emerges when we don’t really understand or see a situation fully, and therefore instinctively know that we don’t have all the information that we need to make a good decision.

Angel Number 707 can appear when we are facing one of these situations, but may not know it consciously. It suggests that we dig deeper and use our intuition to discover some hidden truth or hidden agenda behind a situation. Only when this becomes clear will we be able to make a decision that we feel confident about.

4. Your opinion is as valid as any

Often, we feel that our own opinion on a subject is not as valid as someone else’s. Surely an expert or an elder has a more valid opinion that we do? While it is true that the more information and experience that we have, the better we should be able to interpret the world, our measuring stick of who is an expert has become very skewed.

Having a platform to share your opinion does not make your opinion more valid than someone else’s. Scratch the surface and you will see that most people are making it up as they go along.

Similar to Angel Number 000, angel number 707 suggests that for a certain situation we pay less attention to the chatter, and more attention to what we feel in our hearts to be true. You may not get it right every time, but you can know that your decisions came from a good place, from within you. If you have to take responsibility for a decision, make sure that it is indeed yours.

5. When you have certainty inside, you will find strength outside

I am often blown away by what people manage to achieve and overcome, and question where they find the fortitude to do what needs to be done, when I can struggle to meet some of the simple promises that I make to myself.

Angel Number 707 reminds us that it is knowing who we are and not being afraid to embrace that whole-heartedly that gives us the strength to achieve the seemingly impossible. Like the number 200, it suggests that we dedicate time to discovering and accepting who you really are to find the strength you may feel like you lack.

What does Angel Number 707 mean for love?

When it comes to love, Angel Number 707 suggests that something that was said that we let go of is still casting a shadow over our relationship.

When we agree to forgive something or put it in the past, we need to leave it there, and not bring it back to the surface as a weapon every time that we are hurt. Scorpio with their sharp tongue and unforgiving nature need to look out for this.

Truly forgiving takes great personal strength, but you have just as much to gain, and to lose, as the other person by forgiving.

707 Keywords

  • Choices
  • Discovery
  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • Inner-Strength
  • Learning
  • Possibilities
  • Self-Discovery
  • Unknown

What to do when you see Angel Number 707

When you see any Angel Number, always take a few minutes to exercise some gratitude. It is a sign that the Angels are supporting you and that you are probably on the right path. It also means that you have reached a state of enlightenment that allows you to notice these numbers. You are ready to hear their message.

To understand what the number’s message relates to, take note of what you were doing or thinking when the number was brought to your attention. Angel will always nudge us to notice their signs within a context of the challenge we are facing.

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