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Angel Number 39 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 39?

Do you feel like you are seeing the number 39 everywhere you look? Maybe the spiritual powers are using this number to send you a sign.

The meaning of Angel Number 39 suggests that you are about to close one chapter in your life and open a new one. This is an exciting and scary time.

It also warns you that you will need to take steps to embrace the new you, outside and in.

You need to make sure that both you, and the people around you, see the change in you.

If you are being repeatedly shown the number 39, you will know in your heart whether this is a coincidence or something more.

Your instincts will guide you.

What Does Angel Number 39 Mean?

The Angel Number 39 promises you that you are about to achieve an important goal.

While this is something wonderful, it is also challenging, as it will set you down at a new beginning.

The most challenging part of the period of transition for you will be accepting the change.

It will be challenging for you and the people close to you to see you in a new light.

So, you need to work on embodying the new you with every fiber of your being.

Believe it within yourself. And be clear with the people who doubt you that you have changed.

The number 39 brings together the digits 3 and 9.

The number 3 represents communication, how we express ourselves, and how we perceive the world around us.

It reminds us how powerful a tool good communication is.

The number 9 represents endings, which are, of course, also beginnings.

It always suggests that you are at this point of transformation.

It drives you to let go of things from the past that no longer serve you in order to make space for the things that the future you needs.

3 Reasons you might see the Angel Number 39

There are a wide variety of reasons why you might keep seeing the Angel Number 39, but here are three of the most common;

1. Recognize where you have changed

The Angel Number 39 reassures you that you have, or you are about to, reach an important goal.

But perhaps you are struggling to accept this.

When we have been working towards something for a long time, when we reach it, we can feel a little empty.

Who are we without this goal? What will we do now? What will drive us now.

The number 39 reassures you that you will find your new driving force.

But it will be different to what has driven you until now, because you are different.

Reaching this point in your life has transformed you. Your priorities have shifted.

When thinking about the future, make sure you recognize this.

Make decisions based on the person that you are today and who you want to be tomorrow. Not who you were yesterday.

Change your expectations.

2. Celebrate your transformation

The biggest changes in our lives are often subtle.

This is because they are not things that you can see on the surface.

Rather, they are changes in the way you think and what you believe.

But when they are intangible like this, they can be difficult for both you and others to accept.

The Angel Number 39 suggests that you make your change a bit more tangible by celebrating it in some way.

Mark this moment of transformation with some kind of ritual.

This may just be a party for one where you let yourself celebrate before embarking on your next challenge.

It could be changing your hair or your wardrobe to mark a moment from when you are the “new you”.

It might be sitting down with the people that are important to you and explaining what has happened, so that they can celebrate with you.

3. Take some risks

The Angel Number 39 can suggest that as you enter a new chapter in your life, it is time to take some risks.

While you don’t want to gamble everything that you have worked for, you have never been in a batter position to do something daring.

Your success has shown you just what you are capable of, so bet on yourself.

One of the most important ingredients when it comes to success if believing that you can.

Use the confidence boost that you have recently received, and dream a little bigger.

What Does Angel Number 39 Mean in Love?

The appearance of the Angel Number 39 can suggest that you have outgrown something in your love life.

It could be that you no longer really enjoy nights out on the town trying to meet new people, any people, and that you would rather try and connect with people that you have more in common with.

It may be that a certain relationship that you enjoyed for a while is no longer fulfilling you.

Maybe something about your relationship, such as separate apartments or Friday date nights, feel old and you are ready for a new challenge.

Recognize that you have changed and that you need different things. Then go out and get exactly what it is that you need.

What Does the Angel Number 39 Mean Spiritually?

When it comes to spirituality, the Angel Number 29 can appear when you have just achieved a significant milestone, but you feel like you are back at square one.

However, the number 39 reassures you that you are not at square one.

You are on an entirely new path on an entirely different level.

While it can feel disconcerting to go from expert to novice, it can also be liberating.

You have so much more freedom to experiment when you acknowledge that you are learning and that it is OK to be wrong.

So, don’t think of yourself as at square one.

Think of yourself as about to embark on an adventure.

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What to do After Seeing the Angel Number 39

Seeing the Angel Number 39 should be reassuring, as it means that you have, or you are about to, realize an important goal.

But it can warn you that you might feel a bit deflated in the aftermath of losing something that has driven you for so long.

But don’t worry, if you embrace this period of change, you will find an even more rewarding future ahead of you.

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Saturday 3rd of September 2022

I can't thank you enough,today I woke up feeling empty & agitated, not knowing what is wrong with me..I have tried to maintain positivity to the point of it all felt as if it was a pointless exercise...for once reading one of these angel numbers makes sense and is right on point, all felt like just nonsense written to lead us all on !!!!! Now, I have a better understanding and could cry reading your words. Thank you & may God always bless you..