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Angel Number 31 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 31?

When you repeatedly see the number 31 on various occasions throughout the day, it could be a spiritual sign.

The meaning of Angel Number 31 reminds us that we create our own lives, and that it is up to us to make things happen.

It suggests that we use our ability to communicate as our main tool to start moving things in the direction that we want.

Start speaking up for yourself, and do the courtesy of really listening to the people in your life.

Your intuition will tell you whether seeing the number 31 repeatedly is a coincidence or a sign.

The same forces that draw your attention to the number let you know subconsciously to pay attention.

What Does Angel Number 31 Mean?

The Angel Number 31 reminds us that we have the power to construct our own lives, and how effective communication can have a transformational effect.

It is a combination of the numbers 3 and 1.

The number 3 is the number of communication.

It refers to both our ability to clearly express ourselves, and to truly understand the world around us, using all of our senses.

The number 1 is the number of creativity, and represents our ability to shape our lives through our actions, decisions, attitudes, words, and thoughts.

Together, the number 31 can suggest that we have not been careful enough in our communications.

Something isn’t being understood in the way we imagine.

Unblocking this problem may allow us to make some transformational progress.

3 Reason you might see the Angel Number 31

There are a wide variety of reasons why you might keep seeing the Angel Number 31, but here are three of the most common;

1. You need to speak up for yourself

The Angel Number 31 may appear when you need to speak up for yourself.

It may be that someone is using you or taking you in a direction that you don’t want, because you aren’t being clear with them that what you actually want is something else.

Or you may just be missing out on important opportunities because you are too scared or timid to put your hand up and say pick me, I’m ready.

Whatever your situation, the Angel Number 31 tells you that it is time to start speaking up for yourself.

Tell people what you want, and what you can’t accept.

And don’t let people ignore you. If you aren’t used to speaking up, people aren’t always used to listening.

But you need to stand your ground and be firm.

Plus, if you can keep your emotions in check when you are communicating, things tend to go better.

2. Someone is trying to tell you something important

While many of us aren’t good at speaking up for ourselves, many of us are also very bad at listening.

We tend to be so wrapped up in our own lives that we don’t always pay enough attention when someone is trying to tell us something important.

We often fall into the trap of assuming that we know what someone will say, so we don’t really listen, because we think we already know.

But the Angel Number 31 reminds us that we are not the only person who wants to be listened to.

It also promises us that we will find ourselves having better relationships in general when we truly listen, and choose to be present in conversations.

Remember that they are exchanges. It is not just you who has something important to say.

Really listen, to the other person’s words, body language, and everything else.

The Angel Number 31 is often telling you that someone has something important to tell you.

3. Be careful with your words

The Vikings believed that words had power. That is why they believed that the runes, their alphabet, could not only describe the world, but when used properly, could change it.

Remember that your words have power.

They dictate how others perceive you and what they know about you.

They can be used to lift someone else up and give them a confidence boost, or they can be used to tear them down.

Perhaps you haven’t been careful with your word of late.

The Angel Number 31 will often appear to remind you of the power of the word.

What Does Angel Number 31 Mean in Love?

When it comes to love, the Angel Number 31 suggests that if you want to fix something or make something happen, use your words.

Tell someone how you feel. Whether it is getting together or breaking up, something will need to be articulated to make it happen.

If you are holding onto resentment in a relationship, air your concerns. You will be surprised how talking about the issue will make you feel better.

If you want something from someone, tell them.

Remember that most people aren’t mind readers. If you expect them to guess, they will probably get it wrong.

What Does the Angel Number 31 Mean Spiritually?

When it comes to spirituality, the Angel Number 31 might appear when you are waiting for something to happen.

We often think of spirituality as something that just happens. But that is not the case.

It is something that we need to construct, just like everything else in our lives.

So, start building, and start at the base by talking to people.

Sharing ideas with other people and hearing them helps you expand and solidify your perspective.

So, step outside of your introverted spiritual box and start making your spiritual journey a shared one.

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What to do After Seeing the Angel Number 31

The Angel Number 31 often appears as a reminder that we are responsible for creating our existence.

Life doesn’t just happen, we need to make the life that we want.

The number 31 also assures us that we have the tools to build the life that we want, and that one of the most important tools at our disposal is our ability to communicate.

But, wield this powerful tool carefully.

Say what you mean, listen to others, and remember that your words can lift someone up, but can also be weapons that tear someone down.

So, be careful with your word, when you are speaking to others, and when you are speaking to yourself.

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