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Angel Number 177 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 177?

When you start to see the Angel Number 177, it is a time for action. The number tells us to stop waiting around. The only way that we are going to get what we want in life is to make it happen ourselves. We each of us make our own luck.

The 177 Angel Number will often show up when the reason we aren’t acting is fear and doubt. Perhaps we fear failure, or doubt that we truly have the ability to achieve something. It could even be that we don’t really think we deserve the things that we want.

The number 177 tells us that these are just symptoms of low self-esteem, and that we need to work on loving ourselves.

The Angel Number 177 also points to our intuition, and its power to help guide us through life. It is also our intuition that will let us know whether seeing the number 177 is a sign from the Angels. The same nudge that causes us to notice the number will prick our intuition and let us know that there is something special about this number.

Meaning of Angel Number 177

Angels will often use numbers to communicate with us. It is very difficult for Angels to communicate with us directly as most of us are not sufficiently spiritually aware to sense them directly. Angels can nudge us to notice signs in the world around us. While these signs can take any form, numbers are a favorite.

This is partly because numbers are everywhere in our lives. This means that they are always available at the right moment to bring to our attention. And Angels will always nudge us to notice signs in a moment when our challenge is in front of us, so that we know what their message relates to.

Angels also use numbers before they can deliver specific messages. One of the reasons that numbers are ubiquitous in our lives is that they are fundamental building blocks of the universe. As such, like human DNA, each individual number carries unique information about the universe. This is information that we are able to decipher.

How we should apply the specific message of an Angel Number to our lives depends on our situation and the challenges that we are facing. For example, the Angel Number 177 could be telling us…

1. Eliminate your fear of change

The Angel Number 177 is always a call to action. It will often show up when we are in a state of indecision or fear which is stopping us from doing the things that we need to do. The number often shows up to help us overcome our fear of moving forward.

The 177 Angel Number reminds us that even when we are doing nothing, we are not standing still, as everything around us is moving, changing our relative position. This means that the main difference between action and inaction, is that when we act, we choose our destination, while when we stay in one place, our destination is chosen for us by other forces.

There the number 177, like many Angel Numbers that include the number 1, such as 1212, says that now is the time to act. It is the best way to control your destiny.

2. Don’t hide from the people closest to you

The 177 Angel Number can also show up when we aren’t being authentic with the people around us. It can appear when we are hiding elements of who we really are, or playing a character, in order to find acceptance.

The Angel Number 177 tells us to stop playing games with the people who are important to us and be ourselves. Those who are meant to be in our lives will accept and love us for who we are. Virgo often needs this reminder to drop their defenses.

This is not to say that we need to be the same with everyone. We all wear different hats at different moments. Your professional persona may be different to how you are with your closest friends. But always speak your mind and stand by what you believe.

3. Start with small steps

Often, we choose not to act as the task in front of us just seems too big. Or maybe we aren’t really clear on what we want, and therefore it is difficult to make a plan to get there.

Angel Number 177, closely related to the number 0404, can show up to say that we shouldn’t get thrown off by the big picture. Don’t focus on the destination, focus on the immediate steps that you need to take. Even if you don’t know your destination, you know some of the immediate steps that you can take to improve your life.

Embrace these small steps as part of the process, and learn to love the process. Track your commitment, track your progress and celebrate your wins. You will find that this boosts your self-esteem and your belief in what you can achieve. Before you know it, what seemed like a giant leap, will just be another small step.

4. Trust your intuition when making decisions

The 177 Angel Number can show up when we are struggling to make important decisions. Perhaps there are just too many options on the table, making it difficult to choose. But more likely, we know which option we want, but we don’t think that we can choose it for some reason. We don’t feel like we deserve it, of we don’t have the talent to see it through.

The number 177, much like its sister number 717, tells us to follow our hearts and our intuition. We know where we want to go. Deep down we also know what we are capable of, and it is usually more than we are willing to admit, even to ourselves.

A Deeper Look at Angel Number 177

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The Number 177 in Numerology

The number 177 starts with the number 1, which is the number of action, and represents our ability to control and shape our own lives with our actions, choices and attitudes. It is linked with ambition and determination. It refers to new opportunities, but the type that we make ourselves.

This is followed by a pair of 7s. The number 7 is linked with the spiritual and the esoteric. It refers to hidden knowledge, and the things that we intuit. It can also refer to lies and dishonesty.

The number 177 also culminated in the number 6, as 1+7+7=15, which further reduces to 1+5=6.

A complex number, on one side it represents that elements of ourselves that represent our place in the world, such as our relationships or profession. At the same time, it is also strongly linked with our relationship with ourselves. It points towards our self-esteem.

The number 6 highlights the important relationship between the two. We struggle to succeed professionally and form strong relationships when we do not love ourselves. But success in these other aspects of life can help boost our self-esteem. This is why it is linked with The Lovers card in the Tarot deck, which carries strong messages of self-love.

Together the number 177 is a call to action. It will likely show up when we are feeling low and have lost confidence. The number suggests that we take active steps to improve elements of our lives that are within our control.

As we take control of these elements, and see that we are capable of doing more than we imagined, this will feed our self-esteem and help us rebuild our confidence.

What does Angel Number 177 mean for Love?

When it comes to love, the Angel Number 177 can indicate that not everything in a relationship is what it seems. It can bring our attention to secrets or dishonesty.

These secrets are not always the kinds of scandalous revelations that we see in soap operas. It is more likely that someone is afraid to share something important with the other for fear of being rejected.

The 177 Angel Number calls on us to be confident to have difficult conversations with our partner, and to talk about what we both really want in life. Strong relationships are built on the authentic needs of both parties. If it is meant to be, we will find a way to compromise and offer shared support.

What does Angel Number 177 mean for Spirituality?

In the case of spirituality, the 177 Angel Number can suggest that we are actually already on the path to our next phase of spiritual enlightenment. We have already taken our first steps. But if we want to reach our destination more rapidly, we need to invest in the spiritual elements of our lives.

Make time in your busy schedule to focus on yourself and your journey. Also, remember that there is no blueprint. Every person’s path is different. Trust your intuition to find your own.

What to do when you see Angel Number 177

The number 177 is always a call to action. It is never a sign to be patient and see how things unfold.

177 is a reminder that it is up to you to go after what you want in life. You may be feeling scared, or like you are not good enough. The Angels know that these are difficult feelings to overcome. However, they suggest that the best strategy is to take action.

When we start achieving the things we set our minds to, we will find that we start believing in ourselves more. So, start with the smallest things that will improve our lives. Track our commitment and celebrate when we reach our goals. The confidence boosts that we get from these small achievements will soon give us the boost that we need to start tackling the big things.

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