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Angel Number 1155 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 1155?

Angel Number 1155 Meanings – Why Are You Seeing 1155?

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Do you feel like there is something up? Like the Angel Number 1155 is trying to tell you something?

At work your stomach starts to grumble, you glance at the time and it is 11:55am. You pop out to get a sandwich and a coffee. The prices at your favorite café have changed, so you are surprised that your usual order comes to $11.55. Back at your desk, you receive an interesting phone call, and notice that the caller’s number ends in 1155. That evening you fall asleep on the couch, jolting awake at 11:55pm.

What is the meaning of these same digits popping up everywhere you go? Most likely, Angels are using this number sequence to send you a message.

Meaning of Angel Number 1155

Angel Number 1155 begins with the number 1, which is itself a number of new beginnings and new opportunities. It is also linked with the creational forces of the universe. These, however, are not some remote force, but something that we contribute to with all of our actions. Thus the number 1 is a reminder that we are in command of our own existence.

Two 1s together form the Master Number 11, which is strongly linked to our intuition, and our ability to understand the world around us, even when we are unsure how we understand it.

The number 1 leads into the number 5, the strength of which is doubled. This is the number of freedom, independence, and our spirit of adventure. Like number 1, number 5 references our need to take responsibility for our lives.

Angel Number 1155 carries a strong message that you are responsible for your own existence and to take charge of your life. Do not let others lead you astray, and do not blame others for your own failings.

Reasons why you might be seeing Angel Number 1155

Reasons you might be seeing the Angel Number 1155

1. Stop blaming others for your current situation

Sometimes when things aren’t going our way, we are tempted to blame the actions of others and situations beyond our control. While these factors may have contributed to where we are now, Angel Number 1155 is a message to stop blaming and look at what we have done, or what we haven’t done, that has gotten us to where we are.

Have we really been giving 100 percent effort towards our goal? Have we made the necessary sacrifices and had the right mindset? Are the external roadblocks that we perceive real, or just a redirection. Stop blaming and start trying to identify what you can actively do to get things back on track.

The Angel Number 622 is also often used as a warning that we misplacing blame and should focus on what we can do to change a situation.

2. You are ready for this opportunity

Opportunity comes knocking more often than many of us think, but we don’t answer because we think that we aren’t ready, or we will never succeed.

Angel Number 1155 can appear to tell you that you are ready for a certain opportunity, and that you have all the experience and skills that you need. Your intuition is probably telling you that this opportunity is for you, listen to it. You can do it, and you can do it alone.

The 1115 Angel Number will also often appear to push you to take advantage of an opportunity that you are ready for.

3. Follow your own unique path

At times we feel like we are being swept along by life, and before we know it, we are somewhere that we never planned to be. While it is useful to be flexible and to go with the flow sometimes, when it comes to steering your life direction, you need to be the captain.

The 1155 Angel Number can arrive to suggest that if you are not happy with the road you are walking, then it is time to pave a new one. It is time to stop rolling with the punches and start actively shaping your future.

Decide what you want and plan what it will take to get there. Don’t stay in a situation that is not right for you, just because you worked hard to get there.

Also, look out for the 424 Angel Number as a reminder to set a path. It calls on you to choose who you are and then do it on purpose.

4. Check your controlling tendencies

Many of us have controlling tendencies and like to have things our own way. It is a good thing to know what you want, and stick to it. But Angel Number 1155 can be a reminder that just as you are the architect of your own existence, so is everyone, and to check that you are giving the people in your life the freedom to choose.

Chances are you are curtailing someone from doing something that they need to do, either overtly or inadvertently. Don’t try and control the people close to you and make them fit into your life or do what you would do, support them to walk their own path.

5. It is time for an adventure

You have been working hard, been responsible, you have been keeping the promises that you have made to yourself and fulfilling your obligations to others. Angel Number 1155 might appear to tell you that all your hard work will not fall apart if you loosen your grasp a little.

Trust in the foundations that you have built and take some time out for an adventure. You will come back with renewed energy and focus, and with new ideas and inspiration.

It is often Earth signs such as Taurus and Virgo that see this numeric message, as they are always on task and do not always know when it is time to unwind.

What does Angel Number 1155 mean for love?

When it comes to love, Angel Number 1155 often means that you will go through a period alone. If you are with a partner, this does not mean breaking up, but it does mean a period of distance, either geographically or emotionally.

The 1155 Angel Number calls you to embrace this period of isolation, as it is an opportunity to get back to yourself and who you are at your core without the pull of someone you love. When the period ends you will be stronger, and will be able to have stronger, better, healthier relationships as a result.

You might also see the Hermit card in a Tarot reading when you need to take some time out to focus on yourself.

1155 Keywords

  • Ambition
  • Beginnings
  • Control
  • Freedom
  • Independence
  • Isolation
  • Power

What to do if you see Angel Number 1155

The first thing to do whenever you see any angel number, is to feel grateful. It means that the Angels are with you and want to help you on your path.

In order to decipher the specific message they have for you with their chosen numbers, take note of what you were doing or thinking in the moments when the numbers appeared. Angels will reveal their numbers within a context that allows you to know what they relate to. Once you have deciphered their message, take the time to consider their counsel.

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