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Who is Aries’ Soulmate? Compatibility Percentages with Every Zodiac Sign

Who is Aries’ Soulmate? Compatibility Percentages with Every Zodiac Sign

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Everyone is on a journey to find someone else who can speak to their soul. This is something everyone wants. Finding someone who fits just right isn’t always easy.

Some people only have one true soulmate and others have multiple.

A soulmate is a special person with who you have a deep and meaningful connection.

Someone you hate being apart from. Someone who gets your essence like no one else can.

A soulmate is someone who is usually quite influential in your life.

Someone who is here to help transform you into the person you are meant to be because they support you through the growing pains of life.

It isn’t always easy for an Aries to find a soulmate because their journey is one of independence and freedom. They are always on their own mission being groundbreaking.

This sign isn’t the best at sharing or working in collaboration with someone else.

Which sign can tame the wildness in an Aries and be considered their soulmate?

The most likely Aries soulmates are Leo, Sagittarius, Aquarius, Gemini, and Libra.

These signs are compatible because they love the same things like being social, expressive, outgoing, and simply enjoying life.

An Aries desires someone who is open-minded, passionate, and adventurous and gives them enough space to explore without any judgment.

1. Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Overall Compatibility96%

An Aries and Sagittarius soulmate relationship is totally dreamy and perfect, these two fire signs are attracted to each other’s passion and exuberance.

They instinctively know that they belong as soulmates and that this relationship is meant to be.

This relationship works well because both of them want adventure, independence, and freedom. As soulmates, they can be themselves.

Both Aries, as well as Sagittarius, are Fire signs.

Fire signs in Astrology are known for being highly passionate and creative people.

They follow their instincts and understand the importance of chasing their dreams.

This gives them mutual understanding, as Aries and Sagittarius see where the other person is coming from.

The Fire and Fire sign makes quite the killer combination as it means that they are both free to express themselves creatively and are amazing at communicating with one another.

This relationship has the potential to grow in a supportive manner because each person has enough space and independence to be free in this soulmate union.

2. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Overall Compatibility93%

An Aries and Libra soulmate relationship is full-on. These two are attracted to one another on a deep level. They simply can’t be apart.

Their soulmate foundation is built on understanding, fun, adventure and excitement.

Being in a soulmate relationship means they hate being apart. They are total opposites but this is what makes this soulmate relationship so interesting.

Aries and Libra are both Cardinal signs who love to initiate and start exciting projects.

This similarity makes it so easy for them to get along and understand one another.

Their similarities make things flow easily and effortlessly, but their differences make the relationship interesting.

Aries is ruled by the planet Mars, while Libra is ruled by Venus. This gives the soulmate relationship a healthy dose of friction.

Mars is the planet of passion, energy and drive, while Venus is the planet of love, beauty, and art.

This makes their interests quite different from each other, but this also keeps things interesting in the relationship because there is a bit of friction between them.

There is a lot of passion in this union which makes sparks fly.

These two signs have a lot they can learn from each other because of their differences.

This relationship is extremely stimulating to them both because they really enjoy being social and adventurous together.

3. Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Overall Compatibility91%

An Aries and Leo soulmate union is utter perfection.

They are well matched on all levels, but especially with the passion they both bring to the relationship. They can both be quite dramatic!

These two signs love exploring the world side by side on their adventures.

The love they share is bottomless and neverending.

They can have so much fun together. An Aries and Leo have some of the best chemistry around.

Both of them are Fire signs which means that there is a natural chemistry between them that is quite exciting.

There is an energy of excitement in the relationship, which is very important as both these signs need to be stimulated to feel satisfied and interested in the relationship.

Aries is a Cardinal sign which means they like to initiate things.

Leo is a Fixed sign, which means that they like to stay put and dislike change quite a bit.

A Leo can teach Aries the importance of sticking in one place and how good commitment can be.

While Aries can show Leo that sometimes it is necessary to be more flexible and live in the spur of the moment.

4. Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Overall Compatibility89%

An Aries and Aquarius relationship is almost perfect when it comes to soulmates. These two are inexplicably drawn to one another.

They click on so many levels, but especially when it comes to adventure which is so important for them both.

This soulmate union is easy, effortless and a lot of fun. These two can’t be apart for too long.

The connection between an Aries and an Aquarius works so well because they both happen to have a love for freedom and independence.

Sparks fly in this soulmate connection because these signs just understand one another on such a deep level.

Aries and Aquarius require a lot of space in their romantic relationships to keep things interesting. They hate feeling owned by someone else.

These two signs can get bored very easily and this is why they prefer to be with fun and exciting people. They need this stimulation.

These two signs aren’t really built for relationships as they like to be independent and free, so they understand this about one another.

It makes it a lot easier for them to come together and be happy because they never have to feel caged in or trapped in this relationship.

They just love discovering the world together on their adventures.

5. Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Overall Compatibility88%

An Aries and Aries couple has amazing chemistry as soulmates, these two signs simply belong together.

These two soulmates share the same enthusiasm and excitement for life that makes fireworks go off. The passion is definitely there.

This is a relationship of authenticity because they can be themselves and fully embrace the fun and exuberant energy they create together.

The sign of Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion and drive. This means this relationship is full of energy.

When these two signs get together, they can truly create magic as they both come up with all kinds of fun and interesting ideas.

Aries is a Cardinal sign, which means they both know like initiate and try out new things. There might be some conflict when both of them want to be the decision maker.

They work well together in a team, but definitely know how to have fun and keep the relationship exciting.

Boredom is super rare in this relationship as they always have plans to do something exciting.

This relationship is high energy and is quite fulfilling for them both.

6. Gemini (May 21 – June 21)

Overall Compatibility84%

An Aries and Gemini soulmate relationship can be really amazing, this relationship has a lot of energy to go around!

These two understand each other on quite a deep level. There is so much excitement and amazing communication between this pair.

They feel loved and accepted by each other which make them perfect soulmates.

Gemini is an Air sign that thrives on communication and intellect. While Aries is a Fire sign with a lot of passion and creativity.

These two individuals love life and going on adventures together. They need the same kind of stimulation to be fulfilled in their relationship.

When an Aries and Gemini come together, things move fast as they usually just jump into their relationships when they feel a really strong connection.

These two might struggle to sit still and be grounded in their relationship as they are always looking for excitement and stimulation to save them from boredom.

They both need a lot of stimulation, and with so much going on in this relationship it would definitely keep them both on their toes.

But this also means that they can quickly get bored of each other because they are quite restless. This means that they have no problem moving on to someone different without warning.

7. Capricorn (December 22 – January 20)

Overall Compatibility79%

An Aries and Capricorn soulmate connection is rather dynamic and full of energy. These two have very similar energy and this is why they get along so well as soulmates.

They are different but also share many interesting similarities.

There may be challenges in their soulmate relationship, but for the most part, the friction keeps things interesting between them.

Both Aries and Capricorn are cardinal signs, meaning they are amazing at initiating and starting projects. This means they really get each other.

Cardinal signs usually work quite well together, but there may be quite a few arguments in their relationship because of their ruling planets.

Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of passion, creativity, and aggression. It is quite an intense planet.

Capricorn is ruled by Saturn, which significance lies in the fact that it represents things like responsibility, duties, and karma.

Both these planets are known as Malefics which means that they can both cause quite a bit of conflict.

This can cause quite a complicated dynamic between this couple, but the passion should keep things interesting.

They’re both incredibly ambitious, so if they can learn to work together they can have an incredibly productive relationship.

8. Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Overall Compatibility75%

An Aries and Cancer soulmate relationship is usually unexpected because these two signs are incredibly different.

They barely have anything in common, but they manage to somehow understand one another.

It is possible for this relationship to flourish as soulmates if they work on it. They can make this soulmate relationship work, but it may take a lot of compromises.

One wouldn’t think it, but Aries and Cancer are a lot more similar than they might first appear.

They can both be incredibly emotional and have a hard time hiding their emotions from the world.

Aries is a Cardinal sign which means that they are good at initiating and starting projects.

And Cancer is also a Cardinal sign and is ruled by the Moon and the Moon makes Cancer ebb and flows with the tides.

They definitely understand each other’s moods and desire for change and excitement.

Aries is a doer and doesn’t sit around waiting for life to happen, however, they can be put off by Cancer’s very emotional way of seeing the world.

Where Aries is extroverted, Cancer is introverted which can make for a complicated soulmate relationship.

And Cancer might find Aries a bit harsh, direct, and insensitive from time to time. They have to figure out their communication styles if they want a much better soulmate connection.

9. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Overall Compatibility71%

An Aries and Scorpio soulmate relationship can be tricky as these two signs are almost too much alike to get along well.

Their similarities can be alluring in a soulmate connection, but this also causes so much friction because both of them want to be the boss.

This soulmate union needs compromise for it to work.

An Aries and Scorpio have quite a lot of similarities.

Both these signs are ruled by Mars, the planet of aggression, passion, creativity, and drive.

Both Aries and Scorpio are incredibly ambitious which can cause a bit of friction in the relationship.

An Aries is a Cardinal sign which means that they are quite pioneering and like to initiate things, while a Scorpio is a Fixed sign, and likes things to stay exactly as they are.

If these two can figure out how to compromise and work together, they can truly show the world how strong a soulmate relationship can be.

But sometimes there is just too much friction in this relationship to make it easy for them to relate to one another.

10. Taurus (April 20 – May 21)

Overall Compatibility66%

An Aries and Taurus soulmate relationship can be very difficult as these two signs are nothing alike.

A soulmate is someone who has a deep understanding of who you are and accepts you just as you are. However this is not the case with these two signs.

A soulmate connection is extremely difficult for a Taurus and Aries.

These signs are just so different that it makes it difficult to see what their attraction might be.

An Aries is a Cardinal sign which makes gives them a pioneer who likes to create anything new and cutting edge while a Taurus is a Fixed sign, and prefers a life of dependability and security.

They have very little in common fundamentally thus, it can be quite difficult for these two signs to see eye-to-eye.

The reason for this is because Aries is a Fire sign and Taurus being an Earth sign.

Fire signs are all about creating and following their instincts out in the world, while Earth signs are a lot more practical and introverted.

Their different ways of life can cause conflict in the relationship. Aries might see Taurus as too dull and boring, while Taurus might feel quite anxious because of Aries unpredictability and penchant for drama.

There is a possibility for this relationship to work out, but it will take work and compromise to create peace in the relationship for it to flow.

This relationship will end up in disaster if these two don’t learn to compromse.

11. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Overall Compatibility59%

An Aries and Pisces soulmate relationship can be a unique experience. They might be soulmates, but there are differences between them that are challenging.

Aries can learn a whole lot from a Pisces about emotions and compassion.

Pisces will learn how to be bolder and trust themselves through their Aries. This soulmate relationship needs understanding to flourish.

Aries is a Cardinal Fire sign which means that they are extremely passionate, creative, bold, and act on their impulses.

Whereas, Pisces is a Water sign, which means that they see the world through their emotions and sensitivity.

These two are very different from each other.

This difference in perspective can cause quite a bit of friction between these two as they may struggle to find a way to relate to one another.

They can either learn to look beyond their differences or make this the reason why this relationship fails.

There is much an Aries and Pisces can learn through being in a soulmate connection with one another, it just depends on how they handle this conflict.

12. Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Overall Compatibility50%

An Aries and Virgo soulmate relationship is extremely complicated. There is barely anything these two have in common.

When an Aries and a Virgo have a relationship they can struggle to recognize that they are soulmates because of how differently they see the world.

The love doesn’t flow too easily between them.

An Aries and Virgo have very little in common.

Astrologically they barely make any connections which makes it difficult for energy to flow between them. There is no real synatry between them.

An Aries is a Fire sign, they are passionate, bold, and follow their instinct.

While a Virgo is an Earth sign and a lot more practical and logical than an Aries.

The different ways these two show up in life can really irk one another in their soulmate connection.

The foundation of their relationship is quite rocky as there is very little these two have to discuss with one another.

They are really different people and the things that interest them are often quite different.

However, there is a lot this couple can learn from each other, but they also need to be prepared to work through the friction that might come up for them in their relationship.