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Virgo Woman

Virgo Woman

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Virgo women are a mix of confidence and insecurity that is always pushing them forward…

  • Dates: August 23-September 22
  • Ruling Planet: Mercury
  • Symbol: The Maiden
  • Element: Earth
  • Quality: Mutable

Virgo Woman Personality, Traits & Characteristics

Earthy Virgo women are highly self-aware. They know just how smart, talented and hardworking they are, which gives them the confidence to pursue their dreams. However, they are also very aware of their failings. Also, perfectionists, even the tiniest problem is an enormous failing in their eyes. But Virgo doesn’t let this hold her back. Instead, it is fuel for the fire and encourages her to work even harder.

Virgo women are highly independent, and follow their own moral compass and instincts, without worrying about what everyone else is up to. What she is really looking for is a person in life. She is not satisfied with just living, she always needs a goal to pursue or a higher purpose to give her meaning. She doesn’t like to be idle or waste time. If you want something to do, give it to a Virgo woman. She has a deep sense of responsibility and when she gives her word she keeps it.

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Personality Traits:

  • Self-Aware
  • Self-Critical
  • Motivated
  • Goal-Oriented
  • Perfectionist

Likes & Dislikes

Virgo women like to have their lives highly organized, and like to have a place where they record everything. They also don’t like to clutter their life with things that they don’t need. She definitely has the mentality that everything needs a purpose and a place. They can be ruthless when it comes to editing their lives, and sometimes regret it later.

Virgo women prefer small gatherings where they can have deep conversation with good friends. They can struggle when it comes to big groups. While they take criticism on the nose and don’t really let it affect them, they can have issues receiving praise. They really think that it should be so obvious how good they are that nobody needs to say anything.


  • Organization
  • Minimalism
  • Good conversation


  • Clutter
  • Big group
  • Praise

Home Life & Family

Virgo women like to keep their homes immaculate, and prefer only to have the things that they need, or that bring them joy. They are also very particular in their tastes and almost impossible to buy for. They always lead very busy lives, and so need to keep organized.

Virgo is the type of person who is happy to get up at 5 am in order to fit everything in. They can find it difficult to share their space, as they like to be in control of it, but they seem to find a way. Virgo often seems like she has iron armor and no one can hurt her with their words. But her siblings probably push her buttons without even realizing.

Career & Money

Virgo women are ambitious and hardworking, and often build successful careers because they are always reliable and responsible, but they also aren’t afraid to speak up and share their opinion, especially if they are the expert in the subject. She often works better in independent roles, as she can feel frustrated when others don’t keep pace with her and hold her up.

Virgo women are goal-oriented, and often have savings goals, whether it is for a new car or their next holiday. They are good at making small sacrifices to help them get to where they need to be faster.

Virgo Woman in Love & Relationships

Virgo women often seem calm and collected on the outside, but on the inside, they are hopeless romantics. They believe in true love, and that is what they are looking for, someone who sets them alight, and will share their lives in an “us against the world” way.

Her quiet confidence means that she has no shortage of admirers, and serves her well in the dating sphere. Once in a relationship, her insecurities can kick in, and she can start questioning things. She needs constant reassurances of both her partner’s affections, and the genuineness of her own feelings.

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Sexuality & in Bed

Virgo women can be a little reserved in the bedroom, but they just need a little bit of help opening up. The right partner, that makes her feel safe and secure, can also bring out her adventurous side.

Attracting a Virgo Man

Virgo women want a partner that they can respect, and will often be attracted to people that they admire in some way. Beyond that, she is looking for good conversation. She can’t stand sitting at a table in silence.


Virgo women are most compatible with Pisces and Capricorn. She can be very attracted to Pisces’ outgoing nature, as this can be something she feels like she lacks in herself, and Pisces can help her relax and open up a bit. Capricorn shares Virgo’s ambition and work ethic, and they will support one another as they pursue their individual goals and dreams.

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Famous Virgo Women

Virgo women are often quiet achievers, but their high standards and great ambition mean that they often chine despite their modesty.

  • Elizabeth I, former Queen of England
  • Beyonce Knowles, American singer and actress known for Dream Girls
  • Blake Lively, American actress known for Gossip Girl
  • Emmy Rossum, American actress known for Shameless
  • Michelle Williams, American Actress known for Dawson’s Creek