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Virgo Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Appearance & Compatibility

Virgo Moon Sign Meaning: Personality Traits, Appearance & Compatibility

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If your Moon sign is Virgo, you tend to be very self-aware when it comes to your emotions. This doesn’t make your emotions any less intense, just that you castigate yourself for not keeping your emotions under control.

Your moon sign is determined by what constellation the moon was in at the time of your birth. This tends to change every few days, so you will need to know your specific time and location of birth to determine yours.

Your moon sign tells you about your emotional landscape, your natural intuition, and how your nurturing side tends to manifest.

Let’s take a closer look at what it means if your moon sign is Virgo.

Virgo Moon Emotional Landscape

When your moon sign is Virgo, you have a great level of self-awareness when it comes to your emotions. You tend to know what triggers you and why. Since you are highly self-reflective, you have identified the past hurts that you still carry around with you today.

But just because you know where your emotions come from doesn’t mean that you are good at controlling them. They tend to hit you very hard. Though you are also good at covering them up as you don’t like other people to see.

Virgo moons are the type to take a “stiff upper lip” approach in public, but will often give in to small emotional breakdowns behind closed doors.

When you do give in to your emotions, you feel terrible because you tend to know that you have overreacted to the current situation as a result of your baggage. You will beat yourself up about this. You are very likely to castigate yourself for a long time afterward, even though you know that this is another overreaction.

Virgo Moon Intuition & Appearance

If Virgo is your moon sign, you are highly observant and you are good at spotting the little things that help make the bigger picture make more sense. In this way, you differ from other people whose gut tells them things that they don’t understand. You know exactly why your gut is responding in a certain way.

You like to think that you approach everything in life with a level head. But you can’t deny what the heart wants, and so sometimes take big leaps into the unknown.

As a Virgo moon sign, you tend to have a youthful look and most people will think that you are much younger than you are. They might also assume that you are very innocent, and don’t always pick up on your depth of knowledge and experience.

Virgo Moon Nurturing

Virgo moon signs care deeply about other people and you are highly empathetic, but you don’t always have an easy time showing someone the way that you feel.

If you are a Virgo moon, you tend to feel embarrassed when you need help, and assume that others feel the same way. So, you don’t tend to offer help that isn’t asked for. Or if you do, you do it in a very low-key way.

You can often see to the heart of problems and provide something that allows people to see things from a different perspective. You are very careful and sensitive with your words when you do take the time to help someone through their troubles.

4 Virgo Moon Personality Traits

Virgo moon sign personalities are very self-aware and they know themselves well. Virgo can tell you that they are highly independent, and also highly critical of everything, and difficult to please. There is no stopping a Virgo moon once they put their mind to something.

1. Self-Aware

When your moon sign is Virgo, you tend to be very aware of what is happening in the world around you, and also very self-aware.

You know what makes you tick, and you know your strengths and your weaknesses. You also have a pretty good idea of what others think of you and where you fit in the world.

This can make navigating life a little bit easier, and you are working with a pretty good map rather than going in blind.

2. Independent

People born under the moon in Virgo are highly independent. You believe that you should be able to tackle all of life’s challenges on your own without any help. You hate asking for help.

For a similar reason, you don’t necessarily like the idea of taking on responsibility for other people. You can handle yourself, but you don’t want to be burdened with someone else’s shortcomings.

This means that you aren’t always a team player, and you often prefer to spend time on your own. You would rather think through your problems than talk them through with most people.

3. Critical

If your moon sign is Virgo, you have very high standards in terms of what you expect from yourself, and what you expect from life in general.

This means that you put a lot of pressure on yourself to do more and be better. You often zone in on your faults and obsess about them.

While you are kinder to other people, you are notoriously difficult to impress. You want so much of everything that there is usually a small twinge of disappointment, no matter how good something is.

4. Determined

When you are a Virgo moon, you are naturally determined. When you set your mind to something, you aren’t likely to give up on it.

You are the type of person who can show up and give all of yourself every day to something that you care about, without becoming unduly discouraged or tired.

Of course, when you reach a goal you are rarely satisfied, and you immediately turn your eye to bigger and better things.

Virgo Moon Love and Compatibility

When it comes to love, Virgo moons tend to have a lot of admirers. You are also good at telling when someone is interested in you or not, so you rarely find yourself in embarrassing situations where you put yourself out there and don’t get what you want.

Your independence means that you remain highly confident and self-sufficient in relationships. But your high standards also mean that you are constantly questioning. You ask whether this really is the right relationship for you, and whether the love that you share is truly genuine.

Virgo moon signs are often attracted to gregarious and friendly Pisces. You see things that you lack in the easy and giving nature of Pisces and find them very attractive. Though it is fair to say that the relationship can push you to face some of your flaws.

Virgo moons are also compatible with Capricorn. The two appreciate one another’s independence, dedication, and approach to life and let one another get on with it. You both tend to maintain your own worlds and select where your lives touch.

Virgo Moon Sign Man

Virgo moon men tend to be understated overachievers. You do well in life, but the things that you choose to focus on are rarely glamorous or attention-grabbing. As a Virgo moon man, you are the quiet runner coming around the outside lane and overtaking everyone without them noticing.

You look for a partner that is independent and does their own thing, and who appreciates you. It is important for you to find someone that is at least your equal.

In the bedroom, Virgo men are very considerate and always want to know that their partner is comfortable and happy. They can be a bit timid, at least until they get into their flow.

Virgo Moon Sign Woman

Virgo moon women are often quietly impressive. You are the one making waves, but without the need to strut. People will often be surprised by your intelligence and candor, and make you their go-to person for problem-solving and tricky tasks.

Virgo women need a partner who is motivated and ambitious. You struggle to respect someone who doesn’t match you in terms of your dreams and dedication.

In the bedroom, you need to feel safe and secure before you can let yourself go and really enjoy yourself. But this means that the sex only gets better with time.

Do you know your Moon Sign?

Your moon sign is the sign that the moon is in when you are born. Unlike the sun, which stays in the same sign for about a month at a time and appears in the same sign each year, the moon changes signs around every two and half days, so it is a little more complicated to determine.

You can easily discover your moon sign by using this free natal chart calculator.