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Virgo Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

Virgo Man Texting Style: 7 Signs He Likes You Through Text

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Are you aware that the Virgo man’s personality type can show up in his texting style?

Out of all the earth signs, Virgo men tend to be the wittiest and cleverest, which you’ll soon pick up on when you start texting each other!

This is a very entertaining sign, and his mind (and therefore his texting style) will be one of the things you are most attracted to!

The “love language’ of the Virgo guy is often verbal affirmation, which translates to letting you know how he feels with his words, his texts, and his messages.

A Virgo man feels at ease in the world of instant messaging!

Sure, he can be a little anxious and overthink, but you’d never pick that up in his polished and perfect texts!

He really thinks before he sends a message!

7 Signs a Virgo Man Likes You Through Text

Typically, a Virgo man will show that he likes you via text by quickly establishing a routine with you, such as a “good morning, gorgeous” message at a particular time in the morning, a goodnight message, and maybe even a mid-day check in!

He also tends to reply quickly when he’s into you, as well as have perfectly spelled and grammatically correct wording – sometimes even a bit of an essay!

The Virgo man will also try and make you laugh – and he is very witty! You won’t be able to help yourself!

As an earth sign, Virgo men also have a sensual, naughty side to them.

Though they seem shy at first, you’ll soon see that shyness drop away!

A Virgo man will also show that he’s into you by checking in on you and offering to solve your problems. This way, he feels useful, which he loves to feel!

1. He Replies Promptly

Virgo men have a great sense of timing. They are usually very much on time and like to be respectful of others’ time.

If he likes you a lot, you’ll find that he replies shortly, never leaving it too late (nor too early).

He checks his phone often, especially when he has a girl around that he is investing in!

It’s a great relief to have a guy who is conscientious and good about trying, right? Right!

2. His Texts Have Perfect Grammar And Spelling

Virgo men have very high standards when it comes to good spelling and grammar, and pride themselves on never using abbreviations – or at least only sometimes!

When he wants to impress you, his spelling and grammar will be particularly neat and tidy, and his words carefully chosen.

He makes a real effort with the people he likes, which is hopefully yours truly!

Be aware, that you’ll have to do the same. Make sure that spellcheck is turned on (to the right country!), and you’re not shortening too many words!

3. He Goes Out Of His Way To Make You Laugh

Many Virgo men are excellent comedians! Although shy, they tend to shine in a social situation, and when they like someone, their texts will usually be absolutely hilarious!

This can take the form of jokes, witticism, innuendos, excerpts from books, and very clever memes.

Really, there are no limits when it comes to his humor, and some of it may be a bit tough to keep up with!

4. He Establishes A Texting Routine

One of the most important signs that a Virgo man likes you is when he establishes some kind of routine with you when texting.

Whether it’s a good-morning word or a check-in to see how your day has gone, he’s all about routine!

This is especially true when he likes you and sees you in his future – you can even establish a routine with him if you like – he will love that!

5. His Texts Are Clever And Intelligent

The fifth sign that a Virgo man likes you via texts is when his texts are extra-clever and smart! Sometimes too smart for most of us, in all honesty!

Being a hyper-rational sign, Virgo men like to analyze things, and his texts may reflect that when he has feelings for you.

He enjoys discussions, and it doesn’t matter if it’s texting or face-to-face! In fact, the Virgo man can be quite chatty!

6. He Offers You Advice And Problem Solving Via Text

Virgo men just love having a problem to solve! Sometimes he will even create a problem in order to solve it!

If you find that his texts are often focused on fixing an issue (or finding one), this does mean he is opening up to you and wants you to be in his life.

He loves feeling helpful and useful, and so his advice-giving, although sometimes unsolicited, is usually wise, grounded, and actually, really nice to have at hand!

You can reach out to him with any problem over text, and he will hop right on board and solve it!

7. His Texts Get Sexy

Although this is a very analytical sign, Virgo men are also very sensual and sexy, being an earth sign.

There’s a saying about him “shy in the streets, wild in the sheets!” and it’s completely true.

When he’s into you, the texts he sends will be naughty and there will often be pictures and all kinds of sexy innuendos.

What If A Virgo Man Stops Texting You?

What If A Virgo Man Stops Texting You
GaudiLab /

What about when a Virgo man stops texting you? Should you be worried? Is he still into you?

Well, the truth is that if he does stop texting, it doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you anymore, but it can mean something’s going on.

Often, the Virgo man can get quite paralyzed by anxiety and overthinking, which can cause a delay when texting.

Luckily, he’s the type of guy you can check in on, and see if he’s doing okay.

He’s not generally the type to run away from commitment or be a player unless he’s in an unusual phase of his life!

Give him some time and space, and after a day or two, let him know you care.

The chances are quite good that he’ll open up to you and let you know what’s going on, and even appreciate the care you’re showing towards him!

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