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Virgo Man in Love: 8 Clear Signs How to Tell

What are some of the signs of a Virgo man in love? Is it always easy to tell?

Virgo men are known to be reserved, shy and timid, and it can be hard for them to open up when they’re interested in you.

Falling in love is scary for anyone, especially for the overthinking Virgo man!

This man often chooses his head over his heart, which can be why falling head over heels in love can seem difficult for him.

However, once he’s interested, a Virgo man can be as persistent as any other earth sign out there – and just as dedicated!

When he feels comfortable with you, this man is as sensual as they come!

How a Virgo Man Acts When He’s Secretly in Love?

A Virgo man’s “love language” is acts of service, so any way he can be of service to you, shows his love.

When he acts like he wants to do something for you, you can be almost one hundred percent sure of his secret feelings for you!

It could be a work project, an errand or a sticky problem that needs solving.

Some Virgo men show their love by tangible things, such as buying you a new set of fancy pens, or a pretty notebook (he’s a stationary nerd!).

And last, he may show his love by writing to you in some way, via text or an old-fashioned letter.

And, if you really get to know this sign well, you’ll soon see that his reserved behaviour is only for those who don’t know him!

8 Clear Signs a Virgo Man Is in Love with You

1. He Thinks You’re Perfect

When a Virgo man really, really loves you, he thinks the absolute world of you! There’s nothing you can do wrong, and he will put you on a pedestal!

In fact, he could think you’re perfect, which is always nice to hear, right?

Sure, he can be critical – at times – so you’ll have to remind him from time to time that no one is perfect!

2. He Wants to Do Things for You

The clearest sign of a Virgo man in love is when he is doing practical, tangible things for you.

Maybe he’s picking up your dry cleaning, offering to drop you off somewhere, help you take a test or study for an exam. He may take over your financial planning for you, or do a healthy meal plan for you.

He wants to show you he cares by acting – this is how he says “I love you”. His acts of service may be in small – or very large – ways.

3. He Makes Sacrifices for You

Virgo, by nature, is a very sacrificial sign. This means that he really likes to go out of his way to put you first.

He won’t mind sacrificing his time, money or goals so that you can achieve yours, and he’s willing to work as a team.

For many Virgo men, love means sacrifice on every level.

He’s very, very humble indeed.

4. He’s Insecure Around You

One thing you will get to learn about the Virgo man is that he’s an overthinker.

He tends to analyze every little editing, and he can be guilty of picking apart himself and others in the search of perfection.

He often doesn’t think himself good enough or worthy of the people he’s with, and he may try and “fix” himself to be with you.

This may result in him acting in an insecure way around you, so if you notice this, you know he has very serious feelings for you.

If he wants to improve himself this much, he thinks of you as a long-term partner!

5. He’s Kind Towards You

Despite some of his shortcomings, the Virgo man has a heart of pure gold.

When he cares about you, he will show that heart very clearly. His kindness is equal to the love he has for you.

He’ll not only care for you but he’ll care for your family, your pets and your friends.

His kindness means sharing his time and energy, and giving you advice and help whenever you need it.

He loves being able to help, in fact, and the more you ask him, the greater his love becomes.

6. He Remembers All the Little Details About You

When a Virgo man is really in love, he will remember the smallest details about you and your life.

He’ll remember the names of your aunties, the date you first met, what you love wearing and the food you hate.

This only happens when he’s fully invested in you – he may remember a few details about other people, but with his inner circle, he makes it his business to care!

7. He’s Sensual with You

As an earth sign, Virgo is extremely sensual.

What does that mean, exactly? Well, he loves to touch, taste, smell and hear you. He loves your voice, he loves to feel you, and he loves kissing you!

You know for sure if a Virgo man is in love by the way that he behaves after he’s gotten to know you.

His sensual, primal side comes out, and he can turn out to be much more confident than you ever imagined, especially physically!

8. He Looks After You

The last way that you know a Virgo man loves you is when he starts taking care of you in financial ways.

He may take over the bills, allowing you to find more spare time in the relationship, or he may be the one to applicate responsibly for other things.

In other words, the Virgo man in love is a provider, through and through. He doesn’t mind that masculine role, but he also doesn’t mind if you are an equal contributor, too.

When A Virgo Man Says “I Love You”

So, does a Virgo man mean it when he says “I love you”? You can bet your bottom dollar he means it!

Firstly, these men are so outwardly shy, that they won’t say it without properly feeling it.

Plus, you can trust that he has overanalyzed his feelings to a point where he’s one hundred percent sure he feels love!

He won’t actually say it too often, mind you. He’ll show love through his actions, rather. So, when he does say the words, treasure them!

When he shows it, whisper to yourself this is how he says it.

Some Virgo men may say it by text, a letter or an email. He does prefer saying it when he doesn’t always have to be face to face!

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The Virgo man in love is a doer – his main love language is showing it in tangible ways.

He’s often funny, sensual and very physical, and he can be a wonderful provider and protector.

This is a man who is committed, and won’t say he loves you without really meaning it.

He may act in ways that seem insecure, especially if he is overanalyzing the relationship and himself. He wants security from a relationship, and he loves to look after you.

He may seem very shy and timid at first, or in public, but in private he’s a different person!

The Virgo man has his faults, but he wants to be the very best he can be for you.

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