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Dealing With a Virgo Man Break-Up

Dealing With a Virgo Man Break-Up

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Virgo men are ruled by Mercury, and can be highly anxious at times. They’re hard workers and perfectionists, concerned with health and doing things right.

If they’re breaking up with you, it’s not an easy decision for them.

It takes a Virgo man a long time to trust other people with his feelings, as he can be very sensitive at times, and doesn’t like getting hurt.

He will only break up with you if he completely loses interest, or feels you have broken his trust.

During a break-up you won’t hear much from your Virgo ex, as he’ll immerse himself in either cleaning the house, or doing a lot of work.

Read on, and find out all you need to know about Virgo men and break-ups!

How Do Virgo Break Up?

Virgo men find it hard to break up, as they don’t want to hurt your feelings, or create a confrontational and awkward scene. They often may just disappear, as they think this is sparing your feelings the most.

Your Virgo man may eventually call, and tell you that it’s not working out for him and finds it best if the two of you part.

Another way he may break up with you is simply by text. This way, all communication can be easier for him.

How to Know When a Virgo Man is Done with You

If a Virgo man is done with you, he’ll start to really hone into his introverted nature.

He’ll stop calling you and making arrangements to see you, and will want to be on his own. He will want to keep a large space between both of you.

This Earth sign will also start spending many hours in the office to keep his thoughts occupied.

When you’re together he’ll be very distant and cold, and will stop wanting to get physical with you. He may even ask you to do chores – clean the house, and tidy things up.

Ruled by Mercury, communication is key! When this starts waning, you’ll know that something is up, and he’s not so interested in the relationship anymore!

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Will a Virgo Man Come Back?

If a Virgo man was deeply in love with his ex, there is a chance he may come back to her.

It won’t be straight away, but after a lot of thought has gone into the decision – Virgos don’t do things on a whim, and they don’t play with others’ feelings.

Often, a Virgo man will not go back to his ex for fear of rejection, and the fact that he doesn’t want to stick his feet in something that hurt him in the past. He likes to move forward and not get his thoughts tangled with misery and hurt.

Virgo men can be very passive. If you want to get back with your Virgo man, give him time.

After 3 weeks have passed, you can send him messages like, “Hey, I hope you’re doing well!” or even “Miss your sweet touch.”

Just make the messages as short and sweet as possible, and never chase him! 

Do Virgo Miss Their Ex?

Virgo men will miss their ex if they loved them. They can be so nervous and anxious at times, and probably didn’t even think to tell their ex how much their hugs and kisses meant to them.

These men will start feeling lonely without someone there to hold them.

Virgo men may also spy on their ex – secretly checking out their Facebook profiles to see what they’re up to.

If they see that their exes are having fun, and have moved on, they will feel extremely lonely.

How Do Virgo Men Deal with Break-Ups?

Virgo men don’t deal with break-ups well. They can be extremely neurotic, and may blame themselves completely for the break-up. Their natural OCD behavior (that all Virgos have) may kick in, and he will start cleaning his home environment over and over again.

He will also work a little too hard, and will spend hours at the gym because it feels good. He may get a little depressed and cry when no one is looking. Sadly, he will feel very lonely, and will definitely miss you.

Since the two of you are not doing workouts together, having picnics in the park and walking through nature trails on the weekend, he will:

1. Work

Virgo men are under the Zodiac Sign of service. They work, and they work hard. In fact, nobody works harder than a Virgo.

In order to get over a break-up fast, they will really pour themselves into their work, often working overtime.

2. Clean

Virgo men often suffer from OCD. It really bothers them if things are not neat, tidy, and in their place.

They will spend hours cleaning and polishing things because it is within their natures to do so. Virgo men will find this extremely cathartic, and very therapeutic.

They will also go through everything within their homes that remind them of you.

If it was a very special relationship, they may put certain things that belonged to the both of you in a box, labelled (and it will be labelled) “sentimental ex-girlfriend things”.

However, if the relationship was not very solid, best to get to his place as soon as possible and get your stuff, otherwise it may be thrown away!  

3. Get Depressed

Virgos do not get depressed the way Pisces do, and drown their sorrows away in liquor, but will internalize and overthink things.

All the overthinking may cause a blanket of sadness to spread over them, and they may even cry for days.

4. Exercise

Virgo men are very aware of fitness and health. (Aries men workout to be athletic and strong, and people with Mars in Virgo will work out more than anyone else in the gym).

Virgos need to be healthy and strong, and they know that working out is good for their minds too!

5. Buy Healthy Groceries

Again, Virgos are very centered around health, and they may find shopping for healthy groceries, and learning new and healthy recipes, very therapeutic while you’re gone.

They’ll most probably prepare dishes just for themselves, and deal with things by nourishing their bodies in the healthiest way possible.

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You may have had a special relationship with your Virgo man, and may miss him terribly. If you get together again, that’s great.

However, if you don’t, just remember that there’s a ton of new, and loving, relationships for you on the horizon!

What’s really important is not to let a break-up tear you down. Learn to look into your mirror and say “I’m proud of myself, I am enough.”

Then, start doing all the things that make you really happy. Join clubs, meet new people, take on new hobbies, and even go traveling.

Make your life as full as possible, and a new love will come in no time at all!