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Virgo Full Moon March 2023 Horoscope: How to Make the Most of It

Virgo Full Moon March 2023 Horoscope: How to Make the Most of It

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The Virgo Moon opposes the Pisces Sun at 16 degrees on Tuesday 7th, March 2023, at 07:40 am EST, giving us the final Full Moon of the winter.

Known as the ‘Worm’ Moon, as earthworms are leaving their slumber in the frozen winter soil for the first time, the Virgo Full Moon, like any other, is a time when our emotions rise, nostalgia grows, and our feelings are more intense.

It is a time of endings, culminations, and closing out cycles, especially with the Sun in Pisces, the 12th zodiac house of letting go, surrender and release.

This Full Moon ends a six-month cycle we began on 27th August 2022 with the New Moon in Virgo.

We may be reflecting on the outcome of our choices back then, and perhaps realizing some have not worked out as we hoped.

It’s time to hone and streamline our ideas, focus on what is right for us, and create space for it to enter.

Pisces rules our intuition and dreams, and Virgo rules practicality and organization. It’s time to take decisive action to make those dreams come true.

Virgo is the Sign of Perfection

The Full Moon in Virgo may help us all to become more health-conscious, focused and practical. Virgo is associated with health, harvest, daily routines, organization and service to others.

We may feel tired at Full Moon, drained and need extra care. It is a good time to listen to your body and decipher its needs.

Virgo Full Moon can highlight if we need more rest, water, nutrition, or exercise, and we can commit to these goals now if we are alert to the messages.

It is also a good time to cut out bad habits, unhealthy additions and even negative thinking patterns. Especially when we tell ourselves we are not good enough, educated enough, or lacking in some other way.

Use the Full Moon to end all lack mindsets, whether it’s about your abilities, your abundance, or the love in your life.

6 Ways to Make the Most of the Virgo Full Moon

Full Moon on a Daybreak

1. Get Out of Your Own Way

Virgo is also associated with purity and innocence and is ruled by Mercury, the messenger of the Gods.

Mercury is in Pisces, a sign of its fall and detriment, so this Full Moon is perhaps linked to a risk of overthinking, worry or stress, or getting in our own way.

If we do not unhook ourselves from negative thought patterns and allow our inner Goddess to rise and trust, we may feel overwhelmed or anxious, or even block our own progress.

Virgo can be critical of ourselves and others, so avoid negative self-talk now and forgive yourself for your past mistakes.

Do not hold back your wisdom in fear you are not good enough. Permit yourself to shine.

Use your wisdom to guide and help others, even the wisdom from your mistakes. We all make them, so allow them to be part of your route to success.

2. Virgo is the Sign that Rules Cleanliness, Hygiene and Order

Virgo Full Moon is the perfect time to slough away the final dredges of winter, open the curtains and begin the big spring clean.

The next lunar event in two weeks heralds the arrival of Spring, and Aries season, so the energy is changing all through March, and we can feel it.

Virgo loves to clean, organize, de-clutter, plan and take on practical jobs that make life easier.

Where in your home can you make changes that help everything run more smoothly? There is plenty of inspiration with the links to Uranus, so it will be easy to find a project that fires your imagination.

Perhaps there is stuff that needs fixing, odd jobs you have been putting off, or cupboards that need a good tidying.

Use this Full Moon to get stuck in and transform your environment, so it runs more smoothly on a day-to-day basis.

3. Nurture your Inner Goddess

Virgo Full Moon is a perfect time to empower your inner Goddess and allow her light to shine.

Virgo is the sign of the Goddess, pure and innocent, so find time to tune into your divine Goddess energy and practice some self-care or healing that recalibrates your vision.

Do not be tempted to underplay your achievements this Full Moon or allow self-doubt to silence your voice.

You may feel insecure about your talents, but celebrating your inner Goddess can banish those thoughts for good.

Man Wearing Black Cap With Eyes Closed Under Cloudy Sky

Pampering, self-care, inner healing and meditation can all help you keep your vibration high through Full Moon, and avoid worry, anxiety and doubt.

4. Expect the Unexpected at Virgo Full Moon

The Sun and Moon’s harmonious links to Uranus during the Full Moon suggest there could be surprising developments or unforeseen events that change things up.

We might see new sources of income or receive validation about our self-worth.

Uranus rules innovation and rebellion. We can break free of restraints or bad habits, especially connected to unhealthy eating or things we indulge in to feel better.

There could be plot twists, divine detours and chances to leap into the unknown. Restlessness could exist as we close out the past and prepare for the new season.

Be gentle with yourself and others and take time for yourself if you need it.

5. Healing Is in the Air

With Jupiter and Chiron growing close, potent healing energy is around at the Virgo Full Moon.

This rare conjunction is helping us all heal our inner warrior and feel much better about ourselves than we have for some time.

The more we can let go of the past at Full Moon, the more the powerful historic energies of March will benefit us and help us usher in a new era of peace and personal prosperity.

Let the Virgo Full Moon bring you healing medicine in your life, and tune into the energy of an elixir or tonic that boosts you for the coming Spring season.

Get out into nature, cleanse your system of toxins, get more fresh air, improve your nutrition and enjoy some sunshine if you can.

6. Looking After Ourselves as Well as Others

Couple Standing Near Body of Water

We might be called to improve the physical health of our vessels during Virgo Full Moon.

We may also feel called to care for others, as Virgo rules service to others, and helping where we can.

Virgo is a sign that is always ready to lend a hand when it’s needed, and they are kind, humble and giving. You might even feel pulled in several directions as you try to help here and there.

Virgo Full Moon is ideal for looking over the various elements of your life and routine and adjusting your habits, work-life balance, duties, or lifestyle to make things flow better.

You might have to let go of some routines, commitments, or tasks blocking your flow. You may want to find ways to better care of yourself; mind, body and spirit.

Priorities Shift at Virgo Full Moon

Woman in Red Floral Shirt Lying on Grass Field

As well as the Full Moon, the 7th is the day of Saturn’s shift into Pisces.

This will flavor the energy of the Full Moon, perhaps with a shift in priorities, focus, or even circumstances we are dealing with.

Saturn in Pisces will help us all get more serious about our dreams, our spiritual growth and our inner self-development.

We might be doing shadow work and rooting out the tendencies and behaviors that hold us back.

It is a time of letting go and trusting and allowing your inner light to shine. Accept yourself and your situation and know that you are good enough, just as you are.

Shift to the energy of abundance and release fear, doubt and worry. Forgive yourself and others and let your light shine.

Have a great Full Moon in Virgo!

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