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Venus Sextile Mars Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

Venus sextile Mars in synastry is a favorable aspect, particularly when it comes to romantic relationships.

In a birth chart, Venus is the main signifactor of relationships, and thus, this planet plays an important role in synastry.

Venus also shows what we like and what we find attractive.

Although Mars is associated with conflict, it is the second most important planet in synastry.

Mars shows how we go about getting what we want. It can also bring sexual chemistry.

A sextile is a pleasant aspect. The keyword for this aspect is "alliance."

Venus Sextile Mars in Synastry

When Venus is sextile Mars in synastry, there is a lot of energy and excitement in the relationship.

The two people enjoy being together, and they are able to find a lot to do together.

On the other hand, they do not necessarily share common interests at first.

Instead, the person whose Mars is involved will try new things to please the other person and discover enjoyment in them.

This enjoyment may only extend to doing these things with the person whose Venus is involved, but that is enough to nurture the bond between the two of them.

This aspect will generate sexual chemistry in a romantic relationship.

It will not be overwhelming, though, so ordinary friendship will be possible as well.

In a romantic relationship, intimacy will be easy, playful, and fun.

The nature of the impact of this aspect will depend on the houses that these planets occupy in each other's charts.

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Man's Venus Sextile Woman's Mars Relationship

In synastry, a sextile between a man's Venus and a woman's Mars produces both chemistry and balance.

She will be drawn to his softer side, and he will find her strength attractive.

On the other hand, this aspect will not generally create a role reversal between them, unless that is indicated by other factors in their birth charts.

Instead, this aspect helps both of them to understand each other and reduces gender-related miscommunication.

She can understand and relate to his masculinity, and he can appreciate her femininity.

This couple will not only love each other, but they will like each other as well.

They will be friends as well as lovers.

Woman's Venus Sextile Man's Mars Relationship

In synastry, a woman's Venus sextile a man's Mars will create a lovely bond between them.

He will naturally bring out her femininity, and she, in turn, will bring out his masculinity.

This generates a playful, flirty relationship, with gentle physical chemistry between them.

This relationship will not have the same element of friendship as there will be when the genders are reversed.

They will still like each other, but they will both want to spend time with their same-gendered friends as well.

This aspect by itself will not do much to aid in any gender-related miscommunication.

On the other hand, if there are also nice Mercury aspects between them, this aspect will add to their willingness to work things through.

Even if they do occasionally have misunderstandings, though, this aspect will give both of them an incentive to work through them.

Venus Sextile Mars in Friendship

Like all Venus-Mars combos in synastry, Venus sextile Mars lends itself more to a romantic relationship than a friendship.

On the other hand, this aspect will still enhance friendships.

Unlike the other Venus-Mars aspects, the sextile will not blur the lines between friendship and romance.

For this reason, it is possible for two opposite-gender friends to have this aspect without ruining their friendship.

This creates a relaxed and playful friendship. These friends will enjoy being together.

This friendship will also help both of them try new things, and they will be surprised by the activities that they enjoy doing together.

This friendship could become close enough that it could cause some friction with either or both of their romantic partners.

On the other hand, the friction will stem from the amount of time they spend together rather than any real jealousy from either of their partners.

The friend whose Venus is involved will be a soothing influence on the other.

The friend whose Mars is involved will encourage the other to develop their courage.

How to Tell if Venus is Sextile Mars in Synastry

Signs that are sextile are two signs apart.

Below is an image that shows all of the signs and their sextiles:

Fire, Earth, Air and Water Sextiles by Zodiac Sign in Synastry

A sextile by sign will have some impact, but it will not be full strength unless it is within orb.

The orb for aspects between Venus and Mars is 7 degrees.

The closer the aspect is by degree, the stronger it will be.

It is possible for Venus and Mars to be within orb of a sextile even if they are not in the proper signs.

This can happen when one planet is at the end of a sign and the other is at the beginning.

This is known as a "cross-sign" aspect. These aspects are much weaker than ones that occur in the proper signs.

In the case of a cross-sign sextile between Venus and Mars, there will be an attraction that is surprising.

Neither would anticipate liking the other, but for some reason, they do.


Venus sextile Mars in synastry produces chemistry and good-feeling between people.

This aspect is more common in romantic relationships, but it will also be helpful in friendships.

No matter what else the synastry analysis shows, this aspect will help bring two people together.

They will enjoy each other's company.