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Venus Conjunct Mars Synastry: Relationships and Friendships Explained

When it comes to relationships, all Venus-Mars combinations are extremely powerful. Venus conjunct Mars in synastry will generate chemistry that seems almost electric.

One of the main roles of Venus in a birth chart is to govern our relationships. This planet also shows what we like and the type of person we are attracted to.

Mars governs conflict, but it also shows how we go after what we want.

The conjunction is an aspect that represents combination or fusion.

Venus Conjunct Mars in Synastry

In romantic relationships, Venus conjunct Mars in synastry creates a strong attraction between the two.

These are the primary relationship planets, and traditionally, Venus represents the feminine principle and Mars represents the masculine one.

In romantic relationships, Mars is the chaser, and Venus is the chasee.

When Venus and Mars meet in the charts of two people, Venus wants to be caught.

This aspect is the most positive when it occurs in romantic relationships.

If it occurs in friendships and other non-romantic relationships, it can produce tension and can blur the boundaries of the relationship.

This aspect can be stressful, with the potential for healing, if it occurs in one of the signs that Venus rules, Taurus or Libra, or that Mars rules, Aries or Scorpio.

This is because Mars is in detriment in Venus' signs, and Venus is in detriment in Mars' signs.

One person will by necessity experience this aspect from a position of strength and the other from a position of weakness and vulnerability.

You can look to the house position of these planets in each other's birth charts for more information on how this aspect will impact both of them.


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Man's Venus Conjunct Woman's Mars Relationship

In synastry, if a man's Venus is conjunct a woman's Mars, there will almost always be a role reversal between them on some level.

On the surface, it will seem like she is taking the lead in the relationship.

On the other hand, she will want to please him and will often go to great efforts to do so.

There is a natural symbiosis between Venus and Mars when they are conjunct in synastry.

What seems like a power play between the couple is really a dance that both are enjoying.

Gender expectations can spoil the natural rhythm of this dance when a woman's Mars is conjunct a man's Venus.

She may want him to be more assertive, and he may want her to be more yielding.

This can lead to unnecessary conflict and awkwardness between them.

In this case, if they got what they think that they wanted, they would both be unhappy. It would ruin the dance.

It is best for them to enjoy their relationship as is without overthinking it or allowing gender expectations to get in the way.

Woman's Venus Conjunct Man's Mars Relationship

A woman's Venus conjunct a man's Mars in synastry will produce a very traditional, and perhaps even stereotypical, relationship.

The man will take the initiative, and the woman will want to attract and seduce her man.

He may seem like he is in charge of the relationship, but he will do almost anything that she wants him to.

The dance between them will work best if he is allowed to lead.

When they are intimate, he needs to assert his masculinity and she needs to express her femininity.

This does not have to have any bearing on their day-to-day division of labor.

This aspect is about romance and fantasy, not practicalities.

Depending on the background and beliefs of this couple, they may have trouble relaxing into stereotypical gendered roles.

They need to remember that the dance is between them, and them alone.

Just as it is not about practicalities, it is not about philosophy or politics.

A woman whose Venus is conjunct a man's Mars has the potential to have a fairy tale romance with her.

It is best for them to both enjoy it.

Venus Conjunct Mars in Friendship

In synastry, Venus conjunct Mars has a natural feel of a romantic relationship. In a friendship, it can be confusing and can blur boundaries.

This aspect can be uncomfortable for both of them as they will have feelings that cannot resolve themselves in the way they can in a romantic relationship.

Regardless of their gender or sexual orientation, at times, one or both of them may think that they have a crush on the other.

In general, this will not be a friendship of equals.

The friend whose Mars is involved will generally be dominant in the relationship.

The exception to this is if this aspect occurs in Taurus or Libra. In this case, the friend whose Venus is involved will spend a lot of time giving advice to the other.

This friendship can get sticky if the friend whose Venus is involved gets into a romantic relationship with someone else.

There will almost certainly be jealousy and rivalry between their partner and their friend.

Even though this friendship has the potential to be awkward, it can also be very close.

Venus and Mars form a natural bond with each other when they are together.

The friend whose Venus is involved will be a soothing and calming influence.

The friend whose Mars is involved will help give the other courage.

How to Tell if Venus is Conjunct Mars in Synastry

The conjunction is the easiest aspect to spot.

On a basic level, if one person's Venus is in the same sign as another's Mars, then the influence of this aspect will be present.

The closer the aspect is by degree, the stronger it is.

There is an orb of 7 degrees in aspects between Venus and Mars, so if these planets are within 7 degrees of each other in the same sign, the conjunction is at full strength.

It is possible that Venus can be conjunct Mars from adjacent signs if they are within seven degrees of each other.

An example would be Venus in 28 degrees of Taurus and Mars in 2 degrees of Gemini.

This is known as a cross-sign aspect and is very weak.

In synastry, it would signify a connection and chemistry that was surprising to both people.


Venus conjunct Mars in synastry is an aspect that signifies powerful attraction and chemistry.

It creates a dance in which Mars leads and Venus follows, but Mars will do anything to please Venus.

This aspect is great for a romantic relationship, but has the potential to be awkward between friends.